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Lord Hanuman is the divine Hindu deity worshiped all places for his might, strength and wisdom. He loved his devotion to Lord Rama, and this selfless service of Hanuman Ji, which is the most cherished and worshiped quality.

Sometimes we find that people are divided in their opinions about the origin of Lord Hanuman. Some say that the Bajrang Bali was the son of the Queen and King of monkeys. But most people believe that the Lord Maruti was born to Anjana, the apsara and Lord Vayu, who are the wind God. Hanumanji thus also referred to as Pawanputra. It is believed that Vayuputra gained the ability to fly from his father Vayu, the wind of God.

Lord Hanuman blessed with immortality, and is also known as Chiranjeevi. But one of the most prolific episodes from the life of Lord Hanuman, when he flew down to the Himalayas to find the herb that cured Lakshman from severe wounds he received during the war against Ravana. As Hanumanji could not find herb, he bought the entire mountain of Lanka.

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