What Happens When Indian Gods Bump Into Digital Technology


Indian mythology rules prime time of Indian television. This clearly stamps the authority of mythology and strong content it holds even after hundreds of years of its creations. One of the advantages of our broadcast technology offers is that it connects the bridge between Holy Scriptures and young generation, who is always hooked to ultra-modern gadgets.

This is just a one-way connection, where our young blood comes face to face with our Gods. But how can our Gods get acquainted with modern technology? Imagine this: Lord Ganesha, who is an avid foodie, exploring hundreds of restaurant options on Zomato.

Scroll Droll has created some funny hypothetical situations, where our Gods and Goddesses interact with smart technology, gadgets and apps. You can also squeeze your nerves and think of something in this line.

Ganesha Searching Modak Using Zomato

 Bal Ganesh Searching for Modak in Zomato

Lord Krishna Shopping Sarees online for Draupadi on Myntra.com

Shri Krishna Online Shopping on Myntra

Abhimanyu Using Quora to Get Out of Chakravyuh

Abhimanyu on Quora

Narad Books flight Tickets on Yatra.Com

Narad Booking Flights

Hanuman Searches Tattoo Artists on Justdial

Hanuman Ji on Justdial

Lord Vishnu Image Gallery

Vishnu ji Image Gallery

Kumbhkarna’s Whatsapp

Kumbhkaran Whatsapp

Sita on Buzzfeed

Sita reading on Buzzfeed

Bajrang Bali Updating His Selfie on Instagram

Bajrang Bali Selfie on Instagram

Bheem Searching for 8 Pack abs Workout Video on Youtube

Bheem on Youtube

Surpankha Finding Plastic Surgeon on Google

Surpnakha Googling

Vibhishan Tweeting His Latest Political Allegiance

Vibhishan Tweets on Twitter

Nal & Neel on Wikihow

Nal Neel on WikiHow

Shravan’s Story Goes Viral online

Shravan story going viral online

Karna writing Open Letter to all Kshatriyas

Karna Open Letter

Live Streaming of Ocean Churning by Deities

Live streaming of Sagar Manthan

Citizens of Ayodhya Online Petition on change.org 

Ayodhyavasis Online Petition on Change.org

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