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Holi Quotes: Holi is an ancient festival of Hindus but is celebrated by non-Hindu people also. Not only in India, but also in countries like Nepal and Srilanka people will celebrate the Holi Festival. Holi is one of the most colorful festivals celebrated in India. Indians who are settled in other countries will also celebrate Holi. Here in this post, we have given the History and significance of Holi festival. Before celebrating the auspicious and joyful occasion of Holi with our friends and family, let us all know the origins and reason behind celebrating this festival. We also collected some Best Happy Holi Quotes so that you can wish your friends, neighbors and Family. All these quotes are Happy Holi quotes in English that you can also send to your NRI friends or Foreign friends.

Why is Holi Celebrated?

The word Holi origins from the name Holika. Holika is the sister of King Hiranyakashipu. Hiranyakashipu has a son and his name was Prahalada. Prahalada believes in Lord Vishnu but his father King Hiranyakashipu is the demon king of the evil world. Holika didn’t like Prahalada from his birth because he believes in Lord Vishnu and is a follower of Lord Vishnu. One day Holika traps Prahalada and takes him into a fire. Holika wears a Magic Cloak which prevents her burning from the fire and will save her thus killing Prahalada. As the fire increased, the cloak which Holika wore falls on Prahalada saving him and Holika burns in fire. By seeing this, King Hiranyakashipu is frustrated and breaks a pillar. From the Pillar, Lord Vishu comes out in the avatar of Lord Narasimha(The fiery avatar of half-lion and half-human). As a remembrance of Holika, all the people in the kingdom of Hiranyakashipu applied ash of her funeral pyre on their foreheads as a sad day in their Kingdom.

But in this story, all the evil plans of Holika were reversed by the good nature and innocence of Prahalada thus making Good win over evil. So, Holi reminds us that Good will always win the battle over evil and this is symbolically celebrated in India by applying powders of different colors on each other’s faces which replicates Happiness and Love where the people of Hiranyakashipu applied the black ash on their foreheads that replicates sadness and evil.

Happy Holi Quotes in English, Holi Quotes for Friends, Family:

holi quotes, happy holi quotes

Holi Quotes, Happy Holi Quotes in English Free

Holi is said and celebrated as the Indian Festival of Colors not only in India, but also in the whole world. In many countries, special party events are held in open grounds on the occasion of Holi Festival in US, UK and many foreign countries and people gather together to celebrate this festival. So, wherever your friends and family/loved ones are, Wish them with these Holi Quotes early in the morning so that you remind them that you care about them.

Holi is a special time of the year for us all to remember those who are close to our hearts with splashing colors of love. Happy Holi dear!

Red 4 luv,
Yellow 4 freshness,
Green 4 prosperity,
Blue 4 depth,
Orange 4 Brightness,
Pink 4 fun

May these colors bring their meaning in ur life
Happy holi wishes!

Celebrating the colors
of our beautiful relationship,
I wish you and your family
all the bright hues of life.
Have a colourful holi.

It’s Holi friends!!
So, drench all your loved ones with water
and the fabulous colours of Holi.
Happy Holi!

Bright colors,
water balloons,
lavish gujiyas and
melodious songs
are the ingredients of perfect Holi.

Wish you a very happy and wonderful Holi.
I just know that i’m thinking
about you and wishing that
my warm wishes ride up to your CHEER!
Happy Holi!

Why did the Sardar watch Rang de Basanti?
Coz he thought it was a movie on Holi
Ha ha ha..
Happy Holi my dear friend!!

Save water happy holi quotes in english

Inspirational Happy Holi Quotes Image for Save Water Campaign

May the almighty God paint you
with all the beautiful colors
of life to spread joy,
happiness and love in your life now and always,
Happy Holi to you and your family.

May this Holi Light up new dreams,
fresh hopes, undiscovered avenues,
different perspectives, everything bright,
beautiful and fill your days.
Happy Holi

May God gift you all the colours of love,
life, joy, happiness, friendship
To make your life as colourful
as the festival of Holi!

Wish holi brings to ur life,
that vibrant colors that
you use on this happy occasion,
Happy Holi to you Love!

Not from my Head,
Not from my Mouth,
Not from my Body,
Not from my Brain,
I am wishing you a Happy Holi from my Heart.

Enjoy every colour of Holi and
you will get every happiness you desire.
God is always with u. Enjoy every moment.
Keep smiling.Happy Holi..

A true and caring relation doesn’t have to speak loud,
a soft sms is just enough to express the heartiest feelings.
Enjoy the festival of Holi with lot of fun.

happy holi quotes on peace and happiness, holi quotes image

Peace and happiness happy holi quotes

A touch of green is what I send to you,
A drop of blue to cool the hue,
A tinge of red for warmth &
Zest for a colorful HOLI!

Happy & colorful Holi
Happy Holi to you and your family.

We wish your health,prosperity and business achievements at this prismatic color eve.
May Allah bless you with all his mercies!

May you have the most blessed Holi festival than you ever had.
May it be full of fun, joy and love.
May you be as colorful as the festival itself or even more.
Lets all have lots of fun.
Happy Holi Wishes my dear friend!

So, these are Best Holi Quotes in English for Free that you can copy and share on your Facebook timeline or send to your friends as a personal message also. So, wish with these Happy Holi Quotesand play safe by saving water and saving yourself too. Also don’t forget to use natural colors for this Holi Festival for the sake of animals and for the safety of all of us.

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