How to Stop Corruption in India

Stop Corruption

How to stop corruption in India, Corruption a most common word which we are listening regularly now-a-days. Corruption is an act which is done illegally or unethically for any personal benefits. As the definition says it is unethical but still it is the most adoptable process of working.

You find corruption everywhere. In government offices or in private, in schools or in colleges, no place is hidden from corruption. Everyone finds in necessary to stop corruption in India, but it is more necessary to find out how.

India Against Corruption

How to Stop Corruption in India

First of all, we have to find out the reasons of increasing corruption in India. Prevention and eradication only works when we actually know the reason. Medicine can only be subscribed when we know the disease correctly. So first we will try to find out the reasons:

  • Low pay scale
  • Less job opportunities
  • Lack of strict punishments
  • Lack of unity in public
  • Lack of transparency
  • Unhealthy competition being encouraged
  • Lack of powerful jurisdiction

So, above mentioned points clarifies the basic reasons of increasing corruption level in India. Now we should also know the most affected departments of India, where corruption is practiced at a high level.

Basically, we can find most of the corruption in every government department. The accounts departments, revenue department, medical sector, police department and making it worst, it’s the department of judiciary.

It is really very scary to know the main departments where people search for justice is the most corrupted one, then where should we go now. In a particular way, corruption is affecting the fundamental rights of ours.

For e.g., if your rights were violated in any manner where should you complain? Definitely your answer is Police. But as our police department is not serving properly then you fear to go there. If a person has do FIR against any act, they have to face a lot of struggle.

Stop Corruption

How to Stop Corruption in India?

This is a big question. We, collectively, have to think over how to stop corruption in India. We have to take big measures that too quite strict to make people avoid taking any action which comes under the category of corruption. There are few under mentioned steps which are taken into consideration to stop corruption:


Kerala is the most literate state of India. Also, the level of corruption is least there. So this is a very big example how education helps. An educated person is well aware of the working pattern of any department and he will follow the rules accordingly rather than any uneducated one who tries to move fast by using unethical acts. Through education only you can make learn a lesson to corrupted official and they will be warn to go ahead with any illegal activity.

Strict Government process

The government process of handling any crime should be strict enough to make people fear the policy. This will increase the faith level of general public towards any government policy. In today’s scenario, we public don’t trust our policies because we think that all those are for the benefits of them only. But once the policies change and made strict then they come up to raise voice against any wrong act with more confidence.

Better Technology

Technology wise India is quite behind from any developed country. This helps the corrupted persons to raise their heads more. Power-thirsty people don’t let common people to act against them. If the technology helps general public to raise their complaint directly to higher authorities then the mediators will be out of scene. Also, technology used in roads and other places hinders the corrupted traffic persons and corrupt activists to bother general public by misusing their power. Usage of CCTV cameras at every place is the best way to stop corruption in India.

Strict and quick punishments

Once a person is found to be indulged in any dishonest or unethical act, he should be punished immediately and strictly so that he never had the courage to do that again. In India, we follow a long and time taking practice to decide against any crime. But this always results in vague or indefinite punishments. So proper measures to be taken and that too quickly, to make people believe.

Better Salary

The major reason why people move forward for corruption is money. For earning better, people opt for short cuts to earn more in short time, which ultimately results in corruption. If a person start getting salary according to their expertise and also gets periodical increment then they definitely never look for any wrong acts.

Transparency and accountability

If we are honest to ourselves, we can control corruption. Transparency of work helps much in this aspect. If one knows how a work has to be done and how much a person is capable of doing any work, then they communicate accordingly. If an employee is accountable for his work, then others will be saved by looking forward for any corrupted official.

These are the few major measures which can be taken due care to avoid or erase corruption in India. A corruption free India is what we all are dreaming of. Let’s come together to fulfill this biggest dream of ours.

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