Incredible India Essay

Incredible India

INDIA, the most beautiful country in the world! It is not just a saying, but most of us believe that too. It is a country of high mountains, large oceans, land full of forests and its awesome people. It is unique country carrying the most diversity in it. India is incredible in the way it is actually. It is known for its diversity in religion, region, language, food, clothes, festivals and everything. Every place has a story and a beauty of heritage. Every people have a story of their own.

Incredible India Essay

INDIA stands for Inheritage, Nationalism, Diversity, Incompatibility and Assert. It is a country full of life. There is an essence in every road and corner that can’t be missed by anyone. No matter where you are from, there are many things which every on experience in their lifetime.

Incredible Tajmahal

Incredible India – Religion

India being a democratic country specifies the colors of different religions. You can find people from every religion in India. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christianity, Parsi, Jainism, Buddhists and many more, the list is quite long. Every region has a different culture. The colors of cultures make India different from any other country in the world.

Incredible India – Fashion

As there are different religions, so as the fashion. The northern Indians prefer to wear salwar kameez by women and kurta pajamas by men. Punjabi persons wear turbans which is quite unique in the whole world. When we move towards South, there the fashion is quite changed. Women wear long skirts with blouse and men wear lungi. Western region of India is quite modern. There people usually wear shirt pants, and women wear many fashionable dresses like suit saree, jeans skirts etc. Bengalis like to wear dhoti kurta and sarees, whereas Christians prefer Suiting and modern dresses. So these differentiation are according to religion but we all are same by heart.

festivals of india

Incredible India – Festivals

The incredibility of India can be seen in the festivals celebrated in the country. Each state has a different culture so as the festivals. Like, In Bengal, the liveliest festival is Durga pooja. The big decorative stages, variety of markets, availability of different food, the beautiful idol of goddess Durga attract every person to absorb the beauty. During Durga puja, Gujrat gives a different color of celebration. They usually celebrated Navratri with a bang of Dandiya and Raas Leela. Similarly in Punjab, Lohri is a big festival. Every state celebrates their festivals in unique way.

But there are few festivals which are celebrated all over India like a family function. It is our major festivals like Holi and Diwali. In Holi, the whole country is doused in different colors. Everywhere you can see is only colors. These are not only colors but this symbolizes that each person having different nature but they are similar as human. At the time of Diwali, the country is illuminated with the lights of small diyas (lamps). In Diwali night, the whole country is blinking with small lamps everywhere. This makes the view Incredible!

Incredible India – Languages

India is abundantly rich in dialects and languages also. There are 23 major languages in India but Hindi is our official language. People differentiate their mother tongue via different languages like Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bihari, Malayalam, Telugu and more. But we are Indian by heart. These differences of languages are just a diversified beauty of India. We can even find 15 different languages over the currency notes but still the value of currency remains same for every Indian.

Incredibility lies in the nature of India also. The Northern and Eastern India gives us a paradise of natural beauty. This beauty comprises of High and snowy mountains in one hand and, on the other hand, the beautiful farms and valleys. The Sacred Ganga flows from different regions of India but its purity remains equal for everyone. Our protector, The High Himalayan range, comprises of eternal beauty in itself. Kashmir is the real paradise. The southern ghats of India are always full of pilgrims.

In reality, Incredible India is all about the freshness of our country through its nature, through its diversity, through its beautiful peoples. Whosoever comes to India, can never ignore its essence filled in every nook and cranny. One can be lost in the beauty of the country and never want to leave. This is the reason that India is having highest tourism rate in the world. That is the reason WE LOVE OUR INDIA.

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