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Jaage Hain Der Tak Guru

Jaage Hain Der Tak (जागे हैं देर तक) lyrics from the movie, Guru 2007. This song is sung by K.S.Chithra & A. R. Rahman. Music composition by A. R. Rahman with lyrics inscribed by Gulzar. This is a beautiful song from Guru movie which inspire us to work hard till we achieve our dreams.

Jaage Hain Der Tak in Hindi – जागे हैं देर तक

जागे हैं देर तक हमें, कुछ देर सोने दो
थोडी सी रात और है, सुबह तो होने दो
आधे अधूरे ख्वाब जो, पूरे न हो सके
एक बार फिर से नींद में, वो ख्वाब बोने दो – (4)

Jaage Hain Der Tak English Lyrics

Age Hain Der Tak, Hamen Kuchh Der Sone Do
Thodee See Rat Aur Hai, Subah Toh Hone Do
Aadhe Adhure Khwab Jo Pure Naa Ho Sake
Ek Bar Phir Se Nind Me Woh Khwab Bone Do – (4)

Jaage Hai Derr Tak

Jaage Hain Der Tak Translation

I was awake till late, Let me sleep for some more time
A little bit of night is still left, Let the morning come by
Those half complete dreams, That could not be completed
Once again in my sleep, Let me plant those dreams – (4)

Best Encouraging  Song is sung by Chithra K S, Madras Chorale Group and A R Rahman from the movie “ Guru – 2007”. Lyrics of the song is penned by Gulzar. It stars Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan in leading roles.

Song Title: Jaage Hain Der Tak
Music :
A R Rahman
Lyrics :
Singers :
Chithra K S, Madras Chorale Group, A R Rahman
Guru (2007)
Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Mithun Chakraborty

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