Joint Family VS Nuclear Family – Which One is Best?

Joint family VS Nucler family

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family – Do you live in a joint family? Do you really believe that living in a joint family can benefit you? Do you feel that your kids are safe living with their grandparents? If for all the above questions your answer is in yes, then find out something interesting that can bring goosebumps(!).

Well don’t get us wrong, here we are not trying to insist you to live in a nuclear family. There are both advantages and disadvantages to live in a joint family as well as nuclear family.

Joint Family and Nuclear Family

Joint Family VS Nuclear Family

Let’s check out which one suits your best? Before getting started let’s have a brief notion regarding what the joint or nuclear family is.

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family – Meaning

Needless to say, joint family is a family with more and more members, whereas a nuclear family is a small family. Each and every person in a family plays an important role. However, it totally depends how close-knit relation the people have with each other who are residing under the same roof.

Family is the most essential part in an individual’s life. Since our childhood, we were taught by different persons regarding the importance of a family, sometimes by our teachers or sometimes by our own family members. Moving on, it’s time to know about the roles of both the families.

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family – Role

In a country like India, one can easily find Joint family system in many parts. But with the emerging urbanization, these days’ nuclear families are somehow taking over the joint family system. Now, many people believe that relative to joint family, nuclear families are much better to lead life in a good way. According to these kinds of people, they offer more relaxed and peaceful environment as there are fewer quarrels (You know there is no saas-bahu fight!)

One the other hand, in joint families, if there is a world-war between husband and wife, at least someone is there to resolve it before it’s too late. Now it depends on the personalities of different individuals which one they prefer.

Family Type

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family – Your Preference

First Talking about Joint Families

  • As mentioned earlier, joint families are big families and consist of many members in the same one home. In these kinds of families, people can get support from each other in their bad phase of life. This is one of the best and positive aspects of living in a joint family.
  • Joint family provides you safety and social insurance. An elder or a widow can get the help of other people to live his/her life. At least, they can live a better life even in their tough times.
  • Joint family helps in uniting two generations. You can get familiar with your culture and traditions from your elders and pass it on to upcoming generations at your home so that the cycle keep moving on and on.
  • There is better support system in joint families, especially for those who work. For the couple, who go at job, their kids can be taken care of by other members in the joint family.
  • Living in a Joint family offers you more time to enjoy. As you can divide your workings the way that suits you best and get the leisure time to enjoy with your family.
  • In terms of financial needs joint family has less needs compared to nuclear family.

Now Moving to Nuclear Families

  • There is more freedom in nuclear families relative to joint families. Individuals living in nuclear family are not bound to lead their lives under any boundations. There are no worries regarding what other people living in the family would think about them. They can freak out freely and come back at any time to their home as per their wish. Thus, we can say that democracy persists in nuclear families.
  • Pillars of nuclear families or individual families are entirely based on the sibling connection and parents love. Thus, in such kind of families, the relationship mechanism is very straight forward. It is entirely footing on the love between each other and mutual respect.
  • In terms of quarrels or clashes, there is less percentage compared to joint family. Basically, in such families, clashes are between parent and child or husband and wife which can be resolved easily and doesn’t make any difference in the relationship of each other.
  • Considering freedom and restrictions, there are less restrictions. But if parents go to work, the children may feel alone at home and even get bored. This can sometimes lead to create demoralisation or aloneness in a child.

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family – Verdict

In a nutshell, it can be said that these days’ nuclear families are surpassing the joint families in many terms. Here a quote fits best “Small family equals to Happy family”. Rest it’s all up to the circumstances or situations one is facing in both the families while there are pros and cons of both the families whether it is joint or nuclear.

This post covers all about Joint family vs nuclear family. Therefore, don’t forget to shoot your view in the comments section below that which one you would prefer to live in. All in all, if you want to live your life with better support system then go for joint family or if your desire is to choose freedom and less restriction then go for nuclear family.

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