Did you know that there is a Temple for foster Mother of Lord Venkateswara?


Vakula Devi, in the life of Lord Venkateswara best exemplifies mother-son relationship and as a symbol of motherly love, a Temple in her name was built about 300 years ago on Perurubanda hillock, with more than 50 acres of land around in scenic Perur village, located within 10 kilometers of Tirumala hills.

Love and affection of mother-son so evident as naivedyam (‘bhog’ in Hindi) first offered to mother and only later, to Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala. The Priests ring the large bells at Vakulamaata temple to indicate naivedyam offered to the mother, later Priests at Tirumala submit offerings to Lord Venkateswara.

As per the legend of Tirumala, it dates back to Dvapara Yuga when Yasoda, the foster mother of Lord Krishna (avatar of Lord Vishnu) complains to him that she couldn’t witness any of his marriages. To this, Lord Krishna replies he would ensure she would get such opportunity later in Kali Yuga

In Kali Yuga, Lord Vishnu adorns the world as Lord Venkateswara and Yasoda reborn as Vakula Devi as foster mother of Lord Venkateswara to arrange marriage with Padmavati the daughter of King Akasa Raja. Thus VakulaDevi fulfill her wish to witness kalyanam (wedding) of Lord Venkateswara


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