Lakshmi’s 5 Rules Of Success

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Lakshmi has long been revered as an important aspect of the Hindu faith. For countless generations, her likeness adorned temples and homes in the hopes that she would bless her followers with prosperity. Even the gods held Lakshmi in great respect, because without her they realized that they couldn’t beat back the darkness. The lack of her presence was a direct threat to their lives.

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This story has led many in Hinduism to call her the goddess of wealth and success, and to this day many Hindus often invoked her before undertaking any important business or financial decisions. But with the decision to invoke her presence, there is an even more important need to follow her practical rules for achieving success in life:

1. Meditate

Meditation is integral to finding success, and was practiced by all the gods, including Lakshmi.

Grounding your mind, clearing your thoughts, and allowing yourself to truly relax can give you the opportunity to make better decisions.

2. Live Consciously

Lakshmi led a simplistic and relaxed life with Vishnu.

Living simplistically is one of the greatest ways to produce a clear mind. Not only that, but it also implies being clear with your choices; that is, leading a life you actually want to live, not what others want you to live.

3. Passion

Passion is important for finding success. Passion can be anything that works for you: owning a business, exploring your artistic side, building or making things, or just working hard (yes, that is a passion for many people). The key is to infuse your being into it.

4. Strength

Often, Lakshmi would give gifts of weapons to her followers that allowed them to fight back asuras, or demons, so that they could overcome obstacles to peace.

When you set a course to pursue your passion, sometimes it’s not easy. You have to be prepared to fight the challenges set before you, because they’re bound to come; but when you fight and push through, the end of that struggle is that much more rewarding.

5. Courage

Lakshmi would often take the form of the “Dhairya Lakshmi” in order to help her devotees get the courage to defeat evil. Sometimes, she would remove it all together.

It takes a certain level of fearlessness to find success; you must actively let go of things that don’t serve your inner core desires, or even push yourself into a situation that you’re scared of jumping into.

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