Lord Krishna Leelas: The Birth of Krishna


Shree Krishna and his Bal Leela are subject of fascination for people of all ages. Such was his divine avatar even Lord SHivacame down to earth in the guise of a sage to get a glimpse of the Lord. As a child, he had everybody wrapped around his finger.

In Hindu faith Krishna has been considered as manifestation of God, an incarnation with all the sixteen sublime qualities. His name, forms, attributes and spectacles are indivisible

Lord Krishna Leelas: The Birth of Krishna

Please find Lord Krishna’s Marvelous Photos. Consider As a complete “Krishna Leela” or “Complete Bhagvad Geeta Sar”. It is so peaceful & loveable.

Aakashvani of Devaki’s Child

It was prophesiedby a voice in the sky that Krishna will take birth from Devaki and kill Kamsa. Hearing this, Kamsa immediately tried to kill Devaki, but her husband Vasudeva intervened.

Krishna’s Birth

Krishna,avatar of Vishnu took birth at Janmashtami at midnight,the darkest hour,to fill our lives with divine light!

Vasudeva Carryinga Balakrishna

Vasudeva taking little Krishna to Nandavanam where Lord Krishna grows till time comes to execute Kamsa.

Krishna Janmastami Celebration

Mother Yashoda bathes Krishna

Yashoda’s Village Welcomes Krishna. Yashoda and her village folk are delighted to see baby Krishna, who appears to be the most beautiful baby one has set their eyes upon. He has a radiance and aura emanating from him. He seems to have brought joy and happiness to Gokul dham

Krishna with Mother Yasodha

Yasodha, who is fortunate enough to raise the Lord (who is eternal and exists everywhere) as a little boy, is the wife of Nanda

Putana – the Witch

When Krishna was 6 days old, the demoness Putana disguised as a beautiful lady, tried to feed Krishna by applying deadly poison on her chest. Demon Putana tried to kill little Sri krishna by breastfeeding him. Do you know giving breastfeeding to him was her desire in previous birth?

Shaktasur: Over turning of Cart

Kansa the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna sent Sakatasura Demon to kill him. Sakatasura took the form of cart with the intention to crush the little baby Krishna. Over turning of Cart by baby Krishna resulting the death of Demon Sakatasura

Trinavarta – the Whirlwind Demon

The demon caught Krishna and tried to kill him inside the whirlwind. But, realizing that the tornado was actually a demon, Krishna concentrated all his strength inside the core of the tornado and pulled it apart with one mighty heave. Trinavarta’s body was torn into two pieces and the demon fell dead on the ground.

Krishna Balram Naamkaran

नन्द के आनंद भयो, जय कन्हैया लाल की “हाथी घोड़ा पालकी, जय कन्हैया |

Universe in Krishna’s mouth

Bal Krishna

All the living beings are friends to Krishna as they are only his form

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