Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

love vs arrange

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage – “Marriages are made in heaven“, These words hold the truth in today’s world. Marriage is a joyful and splendid event that binds two souls for rest of their lives. No matter what happens, mostly people after marriage try to stick with their partners. This resembles their dedication towards the vow, which they took on their marriage day.

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

Every individual goes through this phase in their life, where all of a sudden a complete stranger enters his/her life. It will consume nearly a lot of time for both of them to know each other well and to adjust to a new atmosphere. They will hold each other’s hand during hardships and shares every moment of their happy life with their partners till they reach their grave.

Love marriage: The partners know each other so well and hence will have a comprehensive understanding of the other person.
Arranged marriage: In most arranged marriages, the partners know little about the other person. Hence they might find it difficult to get along with each other after the marriage at least for some time.

Ancient Marriage System

The social institution of Marriage in India is as old as Vedic ages. In Hindu religion, marriages are mostly performed by Brahmanical class. During those times women enjoyed considerable freedom and they were free to choose the bride groom of their own wish. The evil practice of child marriages is non-existent during this period. A marriage between two individuals was usually determined by their Jatakams.

History throws light on the existence of Love marriages in those days, which is usually referred to as “Gandharva Vivah”. Dushyanta and Shakuntala wedding was Gandharva Vivah, where they exchanged vows in the presence of mother nature.

Advantages Of Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriages can be compared to an ancient form of “Prajapatya Marriage”. It involves the parents of bride and bride groom to search for their Son-in-law and Daughter-in-law respectively. The primary advantage of arranged marriage is that the couple learns to adjust to rough situations and move on their life. Inter-family relations will be conducive, since it is socially acceptable. Grandparents take care of their grandchildren and show much affection and love toward them. In unforeseen circumstances family will stand behind them, they support them morally and in monetary terms. Even stats testify the fact that Arranged Marriages sustains longer that Love Marriages.

Marriage Decide

Disadvantages Of Arranged Marriage

While choosing a match parents usually tend to look for a guy of their own religion, caste and his financial background. Very last importance was rendered to the character of a person and moreover, bride or bride groom won’t have any options left, if their parents endorsed particular person. Newly wedded couple finds it hard to know each other well. Women were the worst victims of Arranged marriages. In most of the cases they were tortured by their spouses for extra dowry, in such instances, a woman doesn’t have any choice except death. Parents of bride groom have to carry on the extra burden in the name of dowry and in form of gifts even after marriage.

Why People Lean Towards Love Marriage

There are two categories of people who infer Love in two different ways. One group realizes the importance of true love; they knew the truth that love is not a mere emotion rather a beautiful feeling which needs to be cherished for long. Such people likely opt to Love Marriage, because they want to spend some time with their partner with whom they might live for their rest of their life. They want to know whether they can sail the ocean by overcoming every tide in the way. It is justifiable because their bonding will be built upon trust and only such relationships will last longer.

love vs arrange

While another set of people think about love as a game, which they want to play for time-pass. Such relationships won’t last forever; sooner or later they are prone to collapse. During tender ages people misinterprets love for infatuation, they walk down the wrong path and ultimately end up doomed.

Pros And Cons Of Love Marriage

Firstly a couple will better understanding on each other. Those find their true love won’t have any regrets and leads their life happily. An individual will have many options before him in the case of Love marriage.

Now coming to drawbacks of Love marriage, in many instances Love marriage fails due to ego and lack of confidence in each other. They won’t receive any financial or moral assistance from their family and relatives. They will dearly miss their parents and love and affection.

Differences Between Love Marriage And Arranged Marriage

In Love marriages, a couple will know each other very well that the people do in Arranged marriage.

There won’t be any lack of moral and financial assistance from family in Arranged marriage. Whereas its deficit is more profound in Love marriage.

Married couple won’t give up on their partners so easily in the case of arranged marriage. While love marriages fail so quickly.

Love married couple won’t have any regrets on anyone because they followed their heart. But in many arranged marriages people will feel bad for their past mistakes.


Love marriage or arranged marriage prospect of happiness rests with mutual love, confidence and belief in each other. If any of them were disturbed then whole building will fall on the Earth. Therefore it is imperative for anyone to make wise choices before coming to any conclusion.

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