How Many Deities Are Mentioned In Gayatri Mantra


There are 26 gods in gayatri mantra

tat – ganesh
sa – Narasimha
vi – vishnu
tu – siva
va – krishna
re – radha
Ni – lakshmi
yam – agni
bha – indra
Rga – saraswati
dE – durga
va – hanuman
sya – prithvi
dhee – surya
ma – Sriram
hi – seetha
dhi – chandra
yO – yama
ya – brahma
na – varuna
chO – hayagreeva
da – hamsa
yaat – tulasi

24 are in fact beej mantras in Gayatri mantra which signifies respective God or Goddess. This is very potent mantra. It is cursed also, so that not any evil minded person could access its infinite wisdom, power and prosperity to make use of their evil purpose; what happened in case of Ravana, he made use of all the unprotected mantras only just for his evil purpose. You simply can’t remove its curse by chanting some Utkeelan mantras before it. To remove its curse you need to find a guru at the level of Vasistha and Viswamitra.

If that guru has chanted Gayatri mantra more than 1 crore and 25 lakhs times, and secondly he must not be hungry for money and fame, directly or indirectly. Then he may be worthy to guide you in Gayatri mantra. With that type of guru, the curse with this mantra is automatically removed.

24 beej mantras are in fact energies, when chanted, with their friction, the power hidden in each of them starts increasing, and a Sadhaka fulfills themselves with each of the followings:

Om Bhur Bhuvah Swa = signifies 3 worlds
Tatsavitur = Ta (Ganesh for success); Tsa (Narsimha for prakram); Vi (Vishnu for paalan); Tu (Shiv for shiv shakti); r joins va, see next.
Vareniyam = Rva (Krishna for yog shankti); Re (Radha for love); Ni (Lakshmi for money); Yam (Agni for tej shakti)
Bhargo = Bha (Indra for protection); Rgo (Sarswati for knowledge, intelligence)
Devasya = De (Durga for daman shakti); Va (Hanuman for devotion); Sya (Earth for dharan shakti)
Dheemahi = Dhee (Sun for pran shakti); Ma (Ram for character & values); Hi (Sita for tapa shakti)
Dhiyoyonah = Dhi (Moon for coolness, calmness ); Yo (Yum for kaal shakti ); Yo (Brahma for production ); Nah (Varuna for ras shakti )
Prachodayat = Pra (Narayan for aadarsh shakti ); Cho (Hayagreev for bravery); Da (Hans for Vivek); Yat (Tulsi for seva shakti)

Gayatri mantra is a solution to everything: whether you are suffering from black magic; whether you are lacking money and health; whether you lack love; whether you lack knowledge and shakti; whether you lack discrimination and patience–it removes all the lacks and sufferings.

# Gayatri mantra is not a tantrik mantra, it is a Vedic mantra.
# It demands a worthy guru / guide, having the qualities like of Vasistha and Viswamitra.
# It is the cure for everything; whatever is possible with other mantra, is possible with it — it contains everything in it.
# Other 24 Gayatri mantras (e.g., Ganesh Gayatri, Nirsimha Gayatri … Krishna Gayatri etc.,) which were made later on for respective God or Goddess are not Vedic but considered as Tantric mantras.

Uttaraataara kopitaa | madhyamaalupta taarakaa |
Adhamasooryasahitaa | praataha sandhyaatridhaamata ||

It means, best time for chanting gayatri mantra is when stars are still seen in sky before sunrise, medium time is when stars meet sun, worst time is after stars disappear and only sun remains in sky.

Thats why ancestors practice mantras in ‘braha muhurtam’ around 4am.

Ashtottaram sahasramva ashtottara satam tuva |
Ashtaavimsati revaada gatarrim dasakam japet |

One should chant 1008 times, or 108 time of 28 times or atleast 10 times a day.

Agnirmukham, brahmasirah
Vishnur hridayam, rudrassikha

Gayatri has fire in face, brahma the creator in forehead, vishnu the protector in heart and siva the destroyer on top of head.

So its a combination of all gods.

2. What Is The Best Time To Recite Gayatri Mantra?

Gayathri Manthra should be chanted 3 times a day – 4 to 8 AM, 4 to 8 PM are Sattvik times. 8AM to 4PM is Rajsik. 8PM to 4AM is Tamasik.

The best time to chant Gayathri is around 6AM, 12 Noon and 6PM. Goddess Gaythri confers the boon of Intelligence as Gayathri, Protection as Savithri and Learning as Saraswathi. Gayathri is therefore called Sarvadevata Swarupini.

By chanting at least twice a day – morning and evening – the sin committed unknowingly that day are destroyed and left over Karma is burnt. The person gets closer and closer to Divinity.

Chant the Mantra 3 times when you are having a bath – it will serve the dual purpose of chanting as well as performing Abisheka to the Mantra. Chant 3 times before eating – you would have not only purified the food, but also offered the food to the Mantra. If you do it everyday, you need not chant any other Mantra. It protects you from calamities and confers upon you intelligence, learning and success.

Just as the sun dispels darkness, it drives out the ignorance, indolence and sloth in you. It will aid in developing Prajnana, Sujnana and Vijnana.

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