Mata Shri Tanot Temple – A Unique Destination That Connects Spirituality & Patriotism


Let’s have a glance upon a unique and amazing temple of Tanot Mata situated in the deserts of Rajasthan, which is actually famous for the waves of fear it has been sending across the spines of the Jihadist Army of Pakistan for decades!!
Tanot is a place located at a distance of 120 Km from Jaisalmer, and it derives its name from a pious and spiritual lady who is said to be incarnation of Goddess Hinglaz now located in Lasvela Distt of Bluchistan, and was further revered as Tanot Mata by the world. Temple is revered by all the generations of Bhati Rajputs and other people living in Jaisalmer and surrounding areas. Later on, the Bhati Rajput rulers shifted their capital to the city of Jaisalmer, but this temple remained at Tanot itself.


Real name of Mata Tanot Rai was Bhagwati Shree Aawd Devi, and she was born on Tuesday 808 Vikram Samvat (752 A.D.) as the first daughter of Mamdiya Ji, a resident of Chelak. According to folklores, right since her early she became famous across distant areas due to the spiritual qualities, ascetic bent of mind and the supernatural powers that Mother Nature had herself bestowed upon her. After she left for the heavenly abode, she came to be known as Nagnechi, Kale Dungar Rai, Bhojasari and Degrai by her devotees. During the 847 Vikram Samvat, the Bhati Rajput ruler Tanurao established his capital at Tanot, and further in the year 888 Vikram Samvat, the foundation stones of both Tanot Fort and Tanot temple were laid simultaneously.


During the Indo-Pakistan war of the year 1965, almost three thousand shells had been dropped by Pakistan within the area surrounding the temple, out of which around 450 shells fell down right inside the temple complex, but not a single shell among them went active and absolutely no damage was inflicted upon it. Goddess Tanot’s blessings were as clear as crystal once again in the year 1971, when the Pakistani Army launched a sudden attack at Longewala in the night of 4th of December; and drawing inspiration, spiritual strength and blessings from Goddess Tanot Mata, a single company of the Punjab regiment along with just one company of the BSF (14 Bn BSF) repulsed their attack valorously, something that is famous as a unique operation carried out in the modern world history of warfare.
Longewala is well known as the graveyard of Pakistani Tanks where their entire Tank regiment was made to bite the dust with the exemplary courage shown by our troops. In the memory of this grand victory attained in the historic battle that took place at the Longewala front, a Victory Memorial has been constructed right at the entrance of the temple, where on the 16th December; a celebration is organized with fervor and gaiety to remember the heroic achievement every year.

Right since then, this temple came into nationwide prominence and its popularity spread across the world. Mata Shree Tanot Rai bears a very special importance for our armed officers and soldiers, villagers and devotees alike. A small museum has been set up inside the temple complex, displaying unexploded shells dropped by Pakistan army during these wars, mentioning miracles of Mata Shree Tanot and featuring photographs from the war field as well. Twice an year, both during the Chaitra and Sharadiya Navrtari, a huge festival is celebrated at Mata Shri Tanot temple where a free langar as well as a free medical camp is organized by the BSF. Thousands of devotees visit this wonderful temple from every nook and corner of the country, to offer their  prayers to Maa.


So the next time you plan to make a tourist visit to the state of Rajasthan, make sure Mata Shri Tanot temple is definitely a part of your itinerary. After all, how many destinations have you get that are able to fill you with pride, valor and spirituality deep inside – all at the same time?

More often than not, the Left-Liberal Intellectual lobbies of our nation are happy to bash almost everything and anything that is remotely related to either the greatness of Sanatan Dharma or the valor and pride attached with nation known Bharat that is India, or at times both.
While on one hand, our patriot and valorous armed forces are repeatedly insulted and humiliated by these Left-Liberal Intellectuals with an assortment of disgusting names such as ‘gang of brutal rapists’, ‘band of barbarians crushing human rights in Kashmir & North East’, or if nothing else, plainly the ‘oppressing hands of the Indian State’. On the other hand, at the same time, our deities, belief systems, faith-related rituals and customs or festivals – all of them are almost invariably painted in a bad and negative hue – to subtly disenchant our young generations from the pride towards their heritage, culture, legacy and most importantly Dharma.

Therefore, if there is something that beautifully connects both our Dharma and our Armed Forces in a miraculous way, nothing can offend and torture and burn these venomous gangs of Left-Liberal Thugs more efficiently.

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