Migratory Birds – The Guests For Whom We Wait

Migratory Birds

Migratory Birds are the most beautiful creature that every person admires around them. Chirping of birds is the most pure sound that one gets to hear in the midst of unstoppable pandemonium.  Either we pet a Bird or desire to have them around our house. They are the most compassionate creatures of Mother Nature.

Migratory birds

The arrival of migratory birds is pretty interesting.  Birds from different countries across the ocean come and live for a couple of month. They make the surrounding worth to look for.  There are thousands of migratory birds that we can see in India.  Some comes from far away land and few from our neighbouring countries.

Migratory Bird

Why Do Birds Migrate?

A very obvious question which many a times strikes our conversation is that why do birds migrate to different countries?  There are several reasons hidden behind migration of a bird.

  • The most primary reason for migration is Food- Every bird migrates to different countries for the search of food.  If birds stay in the same region for one whole year then there can be scarcity of food.  Once a year birds migrate to different land for food.  Again after a certain point of time they return back to their own destination.
  • Migration for family- Just like human beings birds also care about the health and growing up of little ones in their family.  Change in place can help to raise their little ones, enhance their health and keep them in a better condition
  • Climate– This is another crucial factor behind migration. Due to change in climate at frequent interval birds’ travel to various other regions to lead a better life. During winter one can see various birds from the westend cold region travelling to India to get a moderate climate.
Migratory Birds India

Types of Migratory Birds Found in India.

One can get to see different kinds of migratory birds at a time. Some of the common birds that migrate to India during this time of the year that is summer are

  • Asian Koel– These birds belong to the family of cuckoo. They mostly live in Australia, India and even in Salomon Islands.  They migrate to warmer areas during winter.  One can get to see Asian koel at this point of time in India.
  • Comb Duck– It is a very unusual tropical duck found in tropical wetlands of Africa and mostly in Madagascar.  These migrate to quite a long distance for the search of food.
  • Blue – Tailed Bee Eater– These kinds of birds usually dwell in open habitats like freshwater as well as near to the coast.  One can find these birds mostly in the mangrove regions.
World Migratory Birds

Origin of Migratory Birds

Whenever we talk of migrating birds it is essential to know their origin.  Just like Asian koel which has an origin in Australia or comb duck which originates from the African countries.

Seasons When We Find Migratory Birds

Migratory birds travel to India mostly twice during a year once in summer and then at winter. These two are the ideal season for the birds to travel around the world.

Government Schemes

The government provides various kinds of schemes to preserve these migratory birds during their time of stay. Measures are taken to protect these birds from every kind of danger and to serve them with proper food so that every year they can arrive to our country as a delightful guest.

It’s really a wonderful experience to see migratory birds flying up the sky making the scene looks more alluring.

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