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Munnawar Rana

Munawwar Rana is an esteemed Urdu poet, born in the year 1952. He is originally from Rae Bareli, situated in Uttar Pradesh, but he spent most of his life in Kolkata. The remarkable feature of his poetry is that he used ghazal to eulogize his mother.

“Yeh aisa karz hai jo mai adaa nahi kar sakta,
Mai jab tak ghar na loutoon meri maa sajde me rehti hai”

These beautiful lines were written by famous modern poet Munawwar Rana. He is an eminent Hindi and Urdu poet and use to write poems and ghazals. Originally he was from Rae Bareli but most of his life was spent in Kolkata. Other than poetry, he is also known for writing prose and couplets.

Munawwar rana

He is famous for his couplets comprising Hindi and Awadhi words which are the reason he is very much famous in his followers. His writing style is unique and so simple that anyone can understand the inherent feel of that poetry. His poetries are basically praising around Mother which is the feeling everyone attached to.

He is extremely talented in his field which gave him fame not only in India but also outside India. His talent gave him a better edge than other poets of same genre. This is the reason once public started comparing between him and Bashir Badr which duly turned into big argument.

It is always thought that Urdu poetry is all about flowery words and usually for lovers feel. But Rana failed it by his notable feature of capturing concept of Mother in his unique couplets.He took shayaris and ghazals to a new level. His performances are always wonderful and gather many followers around.

Today we will see few of his top shayaris which shook his fans heart in the air.

Shayari by Munnawar Rana

The most famous poetry of him is “MAA”

“Labo pe uske kabhi baddua nahi hoti, ek maa hi hai jo kabhi khafa nahi hoti,
Is tarah mere gunaho ko wo dho deti hai, Ma bahut gusse me hoti hai to ro deti hai”

These beautiful lines of this poem show how a mother is dedicated to her child. She can cover all faults of her child by her love. In this poem a child is describing how her mother covers all his faults and gives only love to him. He always wants himself to a child who can hide in the lap of his mother.

“Bulandi der tak kis Shakhs ke hisse mein rehti hai,
Bahut Unchi imaarat hamesha khatre mein rehti hai”

In this poem the poet is saying, you can never pay off the debt of your mother. Her love is indefinite and so wide which makes a child happy in every condition. This poem also reciprocate that money can buy anything but not mother’s love.

“Sab ke kehne se Irada nahi badla jata, Har saheli se dupatta nahi badla jata,
Ham to shayar hain siyasat nahi aati hamko, humse muh dekh ke lahza nahi badla jata”

Poet is saying that today person changes like season but for me it is not possible to change myself for different people. I always want to be what I originally am.

“Mohabbat karne walon me ye jhagda daal deti hai,
Siyasat dosti ki jad me mathha daal deti hai”

This poem depicts how natural politics is unhealthy for any relation. It ruins close friendship, deep love and even long term relations. So avoid politics in relations, else you have to pay hard.

“Ghar me rehte huye gairon ki tarah hoti hain,
Betiyaan dhaan ke paudhon ki tarah hoti hai”

In India, daughters are always treated as outsider. Poet compares them with rice plant which was transplanted as ripen. The home where they are born & grown up, it is not there actual home. They were transplanted to other house when they got married.

“Jab bhi kashti meri sailab me aa jati hai,
Maa dua karti hui khwaab me aa jati hai”

A mother loves her child so much that even they are far away; she still makes them feel that she is around. When a child is in pain he always remembers his mother first.

Munnawar Rana Shayari

“Koi chehra kisi ko umra bhar achha nahi lagta,
Haseen hai chaand bhi, shab bhar achha nahi lagta”

Poet is asking her love why he does not trust her. Is he bored of her? She says if you distrust me then I will be broken and go far away.

“Ham saya dar ped zamaane ke kaam aaye,
Jab sukhne lage to jalane ke kaam aaye”

No object in this world is useless. Everything has a value at every point of time. When a tree is green it gives shade to people and the same tree when gets old, can be used for lighting fire. Don’t ever think that you can not use a thing when it is old, you can even re-use it in new way.

Muhajirnama is a collection of 504 couplets which ultimately becomes a ghazal. Few heart touching lines from this are:

“akidat se kalai par jo ek bachhi ne bandhi thi, wo rakhi chhor aye hain wo rishte chhor aaye hain”
“paka kar rakhti thi maa jisme salike se, nikalte waqt wo roti ki daliya chhor aaye hain”

“Har ek awaz urdu ko fariyadi batati hai, ye pagli fir bhi khud ko shezadi batati hai
Jahan pichle kai barso se kale naag rahte hai, waha ek ghosla chidiyo ka tha dadi batati hai”

This poem describes how a corrupted political environment changes the situation. Once where lives a happy neighbourhood, it has now become so secluded.

“Mujhko har haal me bakhshega ujala apna, chaand rishte me to lagta nahi mama apna,
Maine rote huye ponche the kisi din aansu, muddaton maa ne nahi dhoya dupatta apna”

When situation is worst even your own people leave you alone. Only mother is the one who always stands with you in any condition.

“Kisi bhi mod par tumse wafadaari nahi hogi,
Hame maloom hai tumko ye bimari nahi hogi”

Poet is asking his dis-loyal friends not to show him fake loyalty because he knows that it’s not their cup of tea.

Lastly on coming mother’s day we would like to add some famous shayaris of Rana in which he beautiful describes a mother’s love.

Abhi zinda hai maa meri mujhe kuch bhi nahi hoga
Mai jab ghar se nikalta hoon dua bhi sath chalti hai”

Kisi ko Ghar mila hisse mein ya koi dukan aayi’
Main ghar mein sab se chhota tha mere hisse mein Maa aayi”

Haadson ki gard se khud ko bachane ke liye,
Maa! Ham apne sath bas teri dua le jayenge”

“Khud ko is bheed me tanha nahi hone denge,
Maa tujhe ham abhi budha nahi hone denge”

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