Namdapha National Park : The Last Frontier of the Northeast

Namdapha National Park

North-east is not just about the Himalayan ranges and famous Tibetan cuisine; it has also got the famous National Park, Namdapha National Park at Arunachal Pradesh. Namdapha is truly an amazing forest with an enchanting beauty of lush green, vegetation and a huge area covered with virgin forests.  The jungle covers a huge area and is located at the Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh. Jungle safari is truly an amazing experience for many. People loves to explore the wild and being at Namdapha one can get everything as they desire. Among many tiger reserve in India this is one of the most popular one and is an important place for tourist attraction in Arunachal.  

Arunachal Pradesh’s Namdapha, that lines the northeastern borders of India, is one of the most remote and bio-diverse national parks in the world. But despite its remoteness, it reels under mounting human pressures that might push its wildlife to the brink of survival.

Namdapha Tiger Reserve

Namdapha National Park

Nampadha national park is not only about wild forest and tiger reserve but it has more to offer.  The famous World War II cemetery is at Nampadha.  This has been a new discovery over there.   The land is a grave to thousands of solders mostly Chinese, Indian, British and Americans who died during the Second World War. The cemetery is hidden with thick jungles in the midst of Namchik.

Lake of No return

This is another major attraction which one can witness while going to Nampadha. The lake of no return is in the side of Myanmar and is around 12 km away from Nampong.  The history says that during World War II there were many aircrafts which just got decomposed in this lake.  It was used for emergency landing but unfortunately all got crashed and thereafter no news could be gathered about the aircraft.

There are certain villages around the National park which are also quite attractive for the tourists.  One of the major tourist attractions is Kengkho village.  It is situated at the bank of the river Tirap and is the best place for any visitor to visualize a serene village environment.

Namdapha elephant safari

Best time to visit Namdapha National Park

Seasons plays an important role in jungle safari.  The best time to visit this Namdapha National Park is between November and March. The weather at that point of time is perfect for a tour around the jungle. The period between January and February is also recommended.  The place gets a huge amount of rainfall almost for eight months in a year.

How to reach Namdapha National Park

The destination can be reached easily from various places. There are huge numbers of tourist visiting this place throughout the year.  People can easily avail all the modes of transport to reach Namdapha.

Airways: The nearest airport is Mohan Bari at Dibrugarh.  The Changlang district is just 136 km from the airport. People can hire car from there.

Railways: The nearest railways station is Tinsukia.  It is 96 kilometer from the station.  After getting down at Tinsukia people can get car in reservation to reach this destination. There are also passenger trains available from Margherita railway station at Assam.

Roadways: The roads in the highway are also quite good for a road journey. The road is connected with Changian Township which is around 140 kilometer from Dibrugarh.  The distance is also quite moderate from other places like Tinsukia, Margherita, and Miao.

namdapha national park

Namdapha National Park Accommodation

There are no issues with accommodation at Namdapha. Some decent accommodations like rest houses are available at Miao.  One can also do camping at Haldibari or at Hornbill camp. A weekend trip around the jungle is something for which people crave for. Nampadha has several stay accommodation which are quite good.

Tourism is the only attraction out there. Among several national parks this one stands out due to its outstanding scenic beauty and of course one can be a witness to some endangered species which are found over here.

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