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Lakshmana (लक्ष्मण), also spelled as Laxmana, is the younger brother of Rama and his loyalist in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Lakshman is the younger brother of Lord Rama, and twin brother of Shatrughna according to Hindu mythology. Lakshman himself is regarded as the incarnation of Adisesha, the serpent couch of Vishnu and also as the one-fourth manifestation of Lord Rama.

Of the four sons born to King Dasaratha, Lakshman and Rama were said to be the closest. Lakshman serves as Rama’s aide in Ramayana, particularly when he becomes distressed at the loss of Sita. He bears the epithets of Saumitra (सौमित्र i.e. ’son of Sumitra’) and Ramanuja (रामानुज i.e.  ’younger brother of Rama’). He is the twin of Shatrughna. Lakshman is of the meaning ‘bearing good omen’.

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Lord Lakshman Names

Maharishi Vashistha described him, one who is born with auspicious symbols (lakshna), thus he named him Lakshman. Name Lakshman means ‘the fortunate one’.

Sumitranandan, one who brought the joy in the life of Sumitra. As he was the first child of once-childless Sumitra, he was mentioned in Ramayana as Sumitranandan.

The name Soumitri simply translates as the son of Sumitra. Along with his twin brother, Shatrughana, he is known as Soumitri.

Dashrathatmaja, a popular sobriquet given to Lakshman, along with his brothers, Rama, Bharat and Shatrughana. The Sanskrit word atmaja means a part of the soul, defining the name as the part of Dashratha’s soul.

Bharatanuja is another byname given to Lakshman. The name Bharatanuja simply translates as the younger brother of Bharat. As he was younger to Bharat, he became Bharatanuja.

Sleepless Lakshman
God NameMeaningभगवान के नामअर्थ
Himaksh Him Aksh (Lord Shiva)हिमक्ष भगवान शिव
Lakshmani Belonging to Lakshmanलक्ष्मनी लक्ष्मण से संबंधित
Manuja Human, Born of Manu, Womanमनूजा मानव, महिला
Ramanuj Born after Lord Rama, Younger brother of Ramaरामानुज राम के छोटे भाई
Lakshman The Fortunate onesरामानूजा लक्ष्मण
SaumitraLord Lakshmanसौमित्राभगवान लक्ष्मण

What does Lakshman mean?

Meaning of Lakshman is Auspicious one, Younger Brother of Lord Rama, born to give (brother of Rama). Lakshman is Baby boy name and is of origin indian. Person having name Lakshman are mainly hindu by religion. Rashi of Name Lakshman is mesha and Nakshatra is aswini. More detail about Baby name Lakshman.

Lakshman is considered a hero in Ramayana, embodying characteristics of selflessness, sacrifice and duty towards one’s elder sibling. Lakshman’s devotion to his brother is made particularly clear when he follows Rama into exile, without question or hesitation. Throughout this time, he reverently protects and serves both Rama and his wife Sita.

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