Narada Jayanti : History And Significance Of The Festival

Narada Jayanti

Narada Jayanti is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Devrishi Narada Muni. According to Vedic Puranas and mythologies Devrishi Narada is a universal divine messenger and primary source of information among Gods. Narada Muni has the ability to visit all Teen Loks, Akash or Heaven, Prithvi or Earth and Patal or Netherworld and is believed to be first journalist on the Earth. Narada Muni keeps travelling across the universe to communicate the information. However, most of His timely information creates trouble but that is for the betterment of the Universe. Narada Jayanti – the birth anniversary of Devarshi Narada is observed on the first day of Jyeshtha – Narada Jayanti falls on Krishna Paksha Pratipada of the Vaisakha month.

Who is Devrishi Narada?

Narada – the Deva-Rishi or Devrishi – the sage of the Gods finds fond mention across all Puranas and Kathas of ancient India. Narada Muni was born from the lap of Brahma, the creator of the world. It is said that Narada attained the position of Brahmarshi after hard penance. No story seems complete without Nārada’s narration, and his reputation for mischief and troublemaking seems a playful veneer masking a deeper truth: that the leela of this world is hard to fathom, and that actions which seem inexplicable may be for the universe’s good after all! Yajvan has reminded us in several posts of the Bhāgavatam’s words: that only twelve men fully comprehend the subtle complexities of dharma, and Nārada Muni is one of these.

Narada Muni

Narada’s Devotion to Lord Vishnu

Narada Rishi is a steadfast devotee of Lord Vishnu whose other name is Narayana. Since Lord Vishnu’s Narayana avatar is considered an embodiment of the truth, Narada inadvertently lets the truth (however bitter or dicey) to slip by when he utters “Narayan, Narayan”.

Narada’s devotion to Lord Narayana is glorious; his own example, as well as his teachings on bhakti, are a guiding light to everyone seeking to grow closer to God through devotion. I read that Nārada Jayanti is honoured via the scheduling of meetings and various intellectual endeavours, but perhaps an equally respected activity on this day would be meditation, and loving service – to God and/or to others, reaching out a helping hand in this world as Nārada himself does so many times.

When is Narada Jayanti?

As per the Hindu calendar, Narada Jayanti takes place in the Vaisakh month during the Krishna Paksha and on the 1st day (Pratipada tithi). According to the Gregorian calendar, the day is observed either in the month of June or May. Usually Narada Jayanti falls next day of Buddha Purnima. Buddha Purnima and Narada Jayanti might fall on same day if Pratipada Tithi is skipped.

How to Celebrate Narada Jayanti?

Devotees celebrate the day of Narada Jayanti with utmost dedication. On this particular day, primarily in the regions of northern India several academic sessions and seminars are organized. Narada Jayanti is also known as Patrakar diwas in some parts of India because Devrishi Narada is considered to be the precursor of journalists and musicians. In Northern states, this day holds many seminars and meetings to celebrate the birthday of Narada Munni.

What are The Rituals of Narada Jayanti?

  • Devotees should take bath in holy water and get ready for puja as early as possible.
  • Idol or picture of Lord Vishnu is worshiped on this day, as Sage Narada himself was a great devotee of the God of the Universe.
  • It is said the puja should be done with pure heart and mind. You can offer tulsi, flowers, insence stick, and lamp to the God, followed by aarti of Lord Vishnu.
  • One should visit Kashi Vishwanath and feed the Brahmans. Feeding Brahmans on this day is considered very auspicious.

Narada Jayanti Significance

Lord Narada was said to be the Manas Putra of Lord Brahma. Puranas consider him to be the son of Sage Kashyapa. He was also regarded an incarnation of saints like Thyagaraj and Purandaradasa. Being an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, he roamed around with a Veena chanting the name of his deity ‘Narayan, Narayan’.  Narada was an important Devrishi who guides departed souls towards Moksha or salvation. He possessed powers which  enabled him to travel through the three Lokas or Worlds mainly Aakash, Pataal and Prithivi.

How Narada Muni was born?

Narada had to do a lot of penance. Narada Muni Gandharva was born in a previous life. Then his name was ‘Upbarana’. Narada Ji once became very proud of his beauty. Once, some nymphs were trying to please Brahma Ji by dancing. Then Upbarna (Narada) came there in disguise of women. It is said that Lord Brahma got very angry with this act of Narada Ji and he cursed him that he will be born in ‘Shudra Yoni’. Due to this curse, Upbaran was born as the son of a Shudra and his mother died when he was five.

It is said that after the death of the mother, the child became a devotee of God and one day when this child was sitting under a tree meditating, then he got a glimpse of God. After this, his desire to know God and see him was awakened. After continuous austerity, one day the God said that in this birth, that child will not see God but in next life, he will get this good fortune. After that in the next life, this child is known the son of Brahma, named Narad Muni.

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