Neora Valley National Park

West Bengal Neora

Neora Valley National Park is a rich Bio-Diversity hotspot located in the district of Kalimpong in West Bengal. This park is named after a river meandering this park with the name Neora. This park has thick green vegetation, where even sunlight cannot penetrate into the forest. Neora Valley National Park was commissioned in the year 1986. This park stretches across a vast area of 88 Sq. km.

Neora Valley National Park

Neora Valley National Park is contiguous with Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary(Sikkim) to the North and Toorsa Strict Biosphere Reserve(Bhutan) to the North-Eastern side. To the southern side of the park, the forests of Jalpaiguri district are located. Neora Valley National Park is an undisturbed forest area in the entire Eastern-Himalayan Region. The most unique feature of this park is its altitudinal variation, where its lowest and highest are 183m and 3200m respectively. The highest point of this park is located in the borders of Sikkim. Due to these altitudinal variations different types of vegetation is found for every few miles intervals. This park serves as home to several endemic Orchids.

Neora Valley Vational Park

Vegetation at Neora Valley National Park

This is rich in vegetation diversity owing to its topography. The vegetation which can be found in this park includes Wet Mixed Forest, Day Mixed Forest, Lauraceous Forest, Bak-Oak Forest, Himalayas Moist Temperate Forest, Coniferous Forest, High Level Oak Forest and Rhododendron Forest.

Neora Valley Trek

Neora Valley National Park us known for its wilderness. Due to inaccessibility factor this park stands almost as unexploited region. Therefore these virgin lands serve as home to a wide number of animal and plant species. The entry point for Neora Valley National Park starts at two places; one is at Lava and other one at Samsing. The entry point from lava Starts at Zero point which is located at distance of 13km from Lava. Lava is quite developed to cater the needs of tourists. There aren’t any specific routes carved for Safari and trekking activities in the national Park. One can explore the park as he wishes. Therefore it is best treat for adventurous who always desires to land at unexplored wild beauties.Trekking in this park is organized by Nature beyond. The Trekking time is usually ranges from 4 to 5 days and it costs some hefty money. Since all the provisions are carried by the organizers themselves. Along with this there are other normal trekking options are also available and they are organized by local guides. Prior permission from park officials is mandatory to enter the park.

Neora Valley Jungle Camp

Nature Interpretation Centre at Neora Valley National Park

Before entering the park visit Nature Interpretation center which is located in Lava. There you can learn about the Terrain, Flora and Fauna of the National Park.

Dominant Flora

There are wide number of Plant species in the park including several medicinal plants like Didymocarpus pedicellate, Aristolochia spp, Swertia Chirata, Rouwolfia Serpentine, Costus Speciosa and Lycopodium spp.

Red Panda

Dominant Fauna

Neora Valley national park houses many animal species including the most endangered Red Panda. Animals which can be spotted in the park include- Leopard Cat, Malayan Giant Squirrel, Clouded Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, marbled Cat, Chinese marorata Pangolin, Elephant, Leopard, Fishing Cat, Serow, Tiger, Gaur, Goral, Barking Deer, Himalayan Tahr and Sambar.

Maroon backed Accentor


Bay Woodpecker, Satyr Tragopan, Hodgson’s Hawk Cuckoo, Dark-Throated Thrush, Striated Bulbul, Scaly-breasted Wren babbler, Black headed Shrike babbler, Mountain Imperial Pigeon, Yellow-browed tit, Frown Wood Owl, Crimson-Breasted Woodpecker, Fire-breasted Flower pecker, Streak-Breasted scimitar Babbler, Darjeeling Wood Pecker, maroon backed Accento and Fire tailed Sunbird.

How to reach Neora Valley National Park


Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport located at a distance of 100 km away from the Neora Valley National park.


Darjeeling Railway station is the nearest Railway station. From here you can reach park by a private cab or government operated bus.


This Park is well connected to major towns in the region through road network. A good number of government and private travels are available in the region which will take you to the National Park.

Neora Valley National Park Accomodation

Decent lodging facilities were available at Lava. The famous tourist options in the region are Neora Valley Jungle camps and Red Panda Eco Huts at Kolakham.

Best Time to Visit Neora Valley National Park

The best time to visit this park is during the period of October to April. Neora Valley National Park will be closed for 3 months during Monsoon season.

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