Why we should not stitch clothes at night time?


“We should not touch the needle and we should not stitch the clothes at night time”, An old saying we all were told by our parents and granny’s. But do you know the real scientific reason behind it ? Well , this is post is all about it.
Why we should not stitch clothes at night times and in low lights

We were told not to use the needle or to stitch clothes at night time, These words have been in practice since ancient times. It was said considering the situations of those days. In olden days we don’t have electricity, and during nights, lamps that run on oil were used. In that lighting only they will do works that are essential at that time. Using a needle in that low lighting environment for stitching clothes is a bit difficult. (feel free to try it,if u don’t believe ME. Just turn off all the lights and light a oil lamp and start working ). This also results in eye sight problems.

 To our luck, If we lost the needle in that lighting god knows what, How difficult it is to find it and chances are there that someone might get hurt while walking. Considering all these issues it was told that “ we shouldn’t touch the needle at night times.”

But this is not applicable to present days. We have all the electric light facilities now and it’s almost like we are working in the day time and we also know that many tailors works in the night only. Some people say stitching in the nights is a sin. But now I think after reading the real reason everyone realizes the fact.

This may be because light sources that we have now were Not there Then And it is risky handling sharp things at such times…

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