Parakamani Seva

Tirupati Balaji

Parakamani Seva, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) is one of the most premium religious Hindu Institutes who is in charge or the guardian of the most renowned temple of Lord Venkateswara or Lord Balaji. Since the time it was launched, i.e. in the year 1933, TTD has been working diligently towards protecting, fostering and spreading. Hindu Sanatana Dharma.

Such a noble mission is keeping TTD tall in the entire nation for protecting the precious Hindu religion and the convention by organizing religious and clerical activities on a large scale all across the nation.

Parakamani Seva

Apart from the religious activities, TTD has also taken up the responsibility to spread social welfare activities which include providing shelter and free food to the poor, physically challenged, orphans, aged and destitute. It also works towards offering education to the deaf, dumb and poor students. It also works towards offering free medical check up to the pilgrims.  

ttd parakamani seva

The organization TTD came up with the idea of srivari seva known as Parakamani Seva on 7th August 2012. The seva commenced in Srivari temple which is located at Tirumala on 17th August 2012. Initially, this seva only operated in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil but later it also started at Karnataka and Kerala. There is an online registration process where seats are limited up to 50 persons. The opportunity was considered to be a precious one as one could get to see the lord.

What is Parakamani?

Parakamani is the activity whereby the temple authorities keep a check over the offerings that are made to the lord by the people visiting.

The offerings are made in form of precious jewellery, currencies or in coins on a daily basis. The offerings are done in Srivari Temple and the task is carried out by the TTD employees.

Tirupati Balaji TTD

Moto Of The Parakamani seva

TTD, as we know, is a renowned religious institution taking care of the balaji temple since its initiation in 1933. Every year the budget of the organization is nothing less than 2000 Cr.  The revenue mostly comes from the various donations given by people who visit .To make the process faster and accurate at Srivari Temple, TTD made an effort to launch the PARAKAMANI SEVA.

It has invited working or retired employees of State or Central Government, Quasi Government, PSU or any individual from the field of insurance or banking can get involved in this new method of voluntary service.

They have made arrangements for online application for this seva, whereby the interested devotees or pilgrims can take part actively. These people will be called as ‘Parakamani Sevakulu’.

Eligibility Criterion to take part in the Parakamani seva

  • The interested pilgrims or the devotees must hold a job in the government sector be it state or central. Even retired person can be a member.  Quasi government member, insurance companies owned by the government, nationalised bank or any other PSU workers can apply for the seva.
  • Only males can take part in this seva within an age group of 33 years to 65 years and should be a Hindu.
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