Peeli Pokhar – Priya Kund, Barsana

Radha Washing Hands

Peeli pokhar (yellowish pond) is located in Barsana, also called as Priya Kund. Peeli means Yellow color. It is said that once Sri Radharani washed her turmeric paste coated hands in the water of this pond and its colour turned yellow. According to the legend, once Radharani along with other gopis went to Nandgaon. There she met Yashoda, foster mother of Lord Krishna, who was so much influenced by her exquisite beauty and her cultured behavior that she desired Radha to become her daughter-in-law (Krishna’s consort). Deeply lost in her thoughts, Yashoda ji applied some turmeric paste onto the hands of Radharani. According to the rituals, Turmeric paste is usually applied by the mother-in-law to her would-be daughter-in-law. While on the way back to Barsana, when Radharani observed her yellow hands, she was embarrassed and began to think about what the people of Barsana and her family members would say on looking at her yellow hands. Thus, she rushed to the nearby lake and washed of her hands. With the colour of her hands, the water of the lake turned yellow and thus it was named as Peeli Pokhar.

Radha Washing Hands

One more pastime is associated with this place is that Radha Rani washed her yellowish hand drenched in turmeric and thus this place was named as Peeli pokhar (yellowish pond).

Peeli pokhar
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