Psychological Facts About Boys

Diffferent Boys

Psychological Facts about Boys – Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in the context. The psychology is a Greek word, psyche meaning “The study of Soul, Breath and Mind”. Every person has a different psychology, when child is born, so he born with his behaviour, body language and wisdom. But if we talk about the Gender difference means girls and boy’s psychology then it has also have so much difference. The fosterage of both has very different especially in traditional areas.

Psychological Facts about Boys

Boys Fact

Types of Boys

According to psychological factor, there is much different kind of boys with different thinking, different behaviour, and different nature and the action-reaction for others. Once someone understand the psychology of boys, it would be easy to understand and identify their personalities.

Active, Energetic and confident Boys

This type of boys is full of sense of humour and positive energy. One can easily notice them in the crowd. They like helping others, and share their feeling and sentiments with others. They are not lazy, and careless, but are active and caring for their friends and family.

Introvert Boys

Introvert boys are very shy and having such a quite personality. They have a rich inner world of own thoughts. They don’t mix up easily with others, and don’t share their feelings easily with others. These types of boys are not sociable and they don’t like parties and gathering, but it doesn’t mean that they are mentally sick or something else, they just like to be quite and calm. The expert says that, the guys who have the introvert psychology are the most loyal and caring persons.

 Extrovert Boys

Total opposite of introvert boys, the Extrovert boys are very friendly. They are also very talkative and like to make new friends and like the social gathering. Girls are attracted much towards these types of guys. Extrovert guys are full of confident and adventurers.

Stubborn Boys

Some boys are very stubborn. These types of boys are never back down and never to heard No from anyone. They are quite angry and aggressive, but they have a special quality that is passion for love and being loyal.

Bad Boys

Bad Boys have some problem with their psychology. They have bad intentions sometimes for family and friends. These types of boys are never being a good partner, so it’s better to stay away from them.

Extrovert vs Introvert

Psychological Facts about Boys Feelings

  • Boys have more attitude than girls or one can say the Man Ego.
  • Some Boys do not share their feelings easily.
  • Boys have much aggression than girls, especially in teenagers.
  • Most of the boys have curiosity in early age to know about girls.
  • Some of the boys have deep feeling for families’ duty and responsibility.
  • Most of the Boys attracts towards those women who have good sense of humour.
  • Having the shy and calm nature in boys, are most of those boys who are an artist like painter or singer.

Facts of Boys Who Like You

If any of boy like somebody or attracts to any girl, then his body language and psychology defines all about him, if anyone can identify then one can know about his feelings.

  • Like girls, boys have also the jealousy factor. If any boy loves a girl, and another guy flirting with that girl, surely he will feel jealousy.
  • If a guy likes you he will always adore you, and will praise you for your achievements.
  • This type of boy always supports you by emotionally and physically.
  • The boy who likes you will like a defender or a bodyguard; nobody can harm you if your guy is there for you.
  • That kind of boy always respects your parents and you siblings.
  • The boy who like you with deep insight will respect your feelings he will listen you and if you are wrong anywhere them he will make you understand with affection and love.
  • The boy will always guide you in right direction and help you for your goal.
  • If in any situation the boy got aggressive then he will surely apologies in front of you.

Psychological Facts About Boys in Relationships

  • In a relationship the boy will always want you to look good.
  • Your guy always wants you to be happy and cheerful.
  • If you flirt with any other boy, it will like a threatened for him.
  • He will never force you for physical relation.
  • He will always motivate you for your career.
  • He will take care of you and your family happiness.

Boys Love To Hear From Loved Ones

  • Boys want to hear the first thing that is “I Love you” from his loved ones.
  • “You are the best boyfriend or husband thank you for being my partner”.
  • “You look awesome” when you wear something like that.
  • “Your friends are so nice”, you are very lucky.
  • “My mom and dad like you so much”.
  • “I feel so comfort and safe with you”.
  • “Can you be with me always like this”?

Psychological Facts About Boys

  1. Boys like women who are more feminine not dominating.
  2. Boys also do backbite, and also like compliments from others.
  3. They love the women who have thick, long and shiny hair.
  4. Boys get more attracted with big buttocks and big eyes of girl.
  5. Mostly boys find the girl, Similar to their mother.
  6. Boys do not like such girls who cry a lot.
  7. Boys love challenges, and the things to do which are difficult.
  8. Boys also cry, but in front of others the show themselves strong.
  9. Boys hate when you flirt with another boy.
  10. Boys hate to see the doctor; they always try to ignore that.
  11. Boys love to hang out with friends and with girlfriends.
  12. Boys have more anger and aggression than girl.
  13. Boys are competitive for loved once.
  14. The boys can cheat if they found that the girl can’t fulfil the physical and emotional needs.
  15. Mostly boys are wants to be like his father.
  16. Boys have deep emotions and feelings but they can’t express it.
  17. When boys have heartbreak effects then it will hurt them more than girls.
  18. Boys like to chase girls; it is like adventure for them.
  19. Boys don’t like one thing repeat again and again.
  20. If boys are emotionally alone, they also demand for support and love.
  21. Boys never like to go to market for domestic things.
  22. They always want to hear positive things from loved ones.
  23. After marriage boys feel like bound.
  24. Boys hate to ask somebody for help.
  25. Boys love to watch the porn sites and videos.
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