Rang De Basanti- A Generation Awakens


Rang De Basanti :The story of four boys who had no care in the world. Four boys who ended up facing the harsh realities of life and dealing with them like true rebels.

Rang De Basanti Jumping

Rang De Basanti, the movie which gained popularity not only for the story line that depicts both reality and lost patriotism but also for invoking the feeling thereafter. None of the movies in the past had such a large impact on youth and nationalists alike. Such was the charm and charisma of the film in 2006 that it crossed the national boundaries and impacted the global youth. The film is still so relevant and more than perfect in today’s times that it feels new every time I watch it. And I believe that most of us would agree to this statement. The more you watch it, the more you feel attached to it and fall in love with it.

Rang De Basanti Looking Down

With DJ’s witty one liners to the revival of Chandra Shekhar Azad’s and Bhagat Singh’s revolutionary lines, ‘Rang De Basanti’ defined nationalism to Gen Y’s modern cinema perfectly.

Rang De Basanti DJ

Daljit “DJ” Singh / Chandrashekhar Azad . Dee Jay is a cheerful person and leads her friends in the company. Lives one day, pleasing his leadership qualities and self-confidence. In many ways, a showman, in the shower, Dee Jay understands that his local glory is a temporary affair. When his studies are over, he will leave college and become one of many “nobody”. But while he is an inventor of all sorts of tricks, a darling of girls and a great authority for his friends. Not without reason, Sue immediately introduced him in the image of Chandrashekhar Azad – “master of reincarnation, genius of dodgy” and unconditional leader.

Rang De Basanti Aazad

Karan Singhaya / Bhagat Singh . Karan is the son of a wealthy politician, knows that his future is secured, understands that politics is a dirty business, and that there is nothing to be done about it. The apathy of a person without any difficulties is combined with youthful nihilism. He is closed and terse, the only thing that really pleases him is communication and hangouts with friends. External impenetrability and deep internal vulnerability, acute ability to perceive another’s pain – its strength and weakness at the same time.


Aslam Khan / Ashvagullah Khan . Aslam is the only Muslim in the company of his close friends. He is kind and not controversial by nature, but all the time he must fight with the views of his family, who believes that he has no place among Hindus and that he must find friends from his environment. Aslam is happy with his friends, but he does not know the peace of the house, constantly being in an atmosphere of suspicion and intolerance.


Lakhman Pandey / Ramprasad Bismil . Lakhman always keeps apart, his convictions are very strong, we can say that in some ways he is even fanatical – an ardent Hindu who dreams of the prosperity of his homeland, cleansed of the Gentiles. He bowed before the political leaders as the fathers of the people. He hates Muslims, and, accordingly, can not tolerate Aslam, with whom he has to willy-nilly to be near.


Sukhi / Rajguru . Sukhi is a funny, smiling, lost boy against the background of his friends, whom they are constantly teasingly teasing. He does not think his life without friends, especially without Di Jay, who is treated like an older brother – he is ready to go into the fire and into the water, forgetting himself.


With onija / Durgavati Devi . Sonia is a cheerful, responsive and determined girl, strong from the consciousness of her happiness. In some ways, she is more mature than her friends and knows how to deal with them in order to achieve her own and avoid unnecessary conflicts.


Andrzej Ratthod . Authority for all your friends, even for Dee Jay. A military pilot, he deeply believes that the welfare of the country is in the hands of its citizens. Clear and honest, he first of all loves his homeland, then – his loved ones. He is the conscience of friends, even denying all ideals, they can not but admire the self-sufficiency and conviction of Anjaya.

7_1This movie is about ideals, about friendship, about beauty, about laughter, about love, about heroes, about mistakes, about happiness, about life, about the fact that there is a trait behind which people are no longer painful or scared. A bit funny, piercing and very powerful film. Looked for a long time, but does not let go until now.

Rang De Basanti Collage

“Color of Saffron” is considered in India a unique film that had a huge social impact and in fact had the effect of its own slogan – “the awakening of the generation.” And this concerns not only the rising wave of social activity. The most surprising thing is that many people who left India in search of a more comfortable life, returned back, wanting to realize themselves in their homeland.

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