Shri Ravidas Ji Ki Aarti : श्री रविदास जी की आरती


guru ravidas ji

Ravidassia (Punjabi: ਰਬਿਦਾਸੀ or ਆਦ ਧਰਮ ) is a tradition based on the teachings of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji, who is considered the Satguru.
Ravidassia tradition itself is not a part of Sikhism but are part of the larger Sikh ethnic group[citation needed], other teachings of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji are part of the holy Sikh scriptures, the Guru Granth Sahib.

Shri Ravidas Ji Ki Aarti : श्री रविदास जी की आरती

Shri Ravidas Ji Ki Aarti : श्री रविदास जी की आरती

नामु तेरो आरती भजनु मुरारे |
हरि के नाम बिनु झूठे सगल पसारे || रहउ०

नाम तेरा आसानी नाम तेरा उरसा,
नाम तेरा केसरो ले छिटकारे |

नाम तेरा अंभुला नाम तेरा चंदनोघसि,
जपे नाम ले तुझहि कउ चारे |

नाम तेरा दीवा नाम तेरो बाती,
नाम तेरो तेल ले माहि पसारे |

नाम तेरे की जोति जलाई,
भइओ उजिआरो भवन समलारे |

नाम तेरो तागा नाम फूल माला,
भार अठारह सगल जुठारे |

तेरो किया तुझही किया अरपउ,
नामु तेरा तुही चंवर ढोलारे |

दस अठा अठसठे चार खाणी,
इहै वरतणि है संगल संसारे |

कहै रविदास नाम तेरो आरती,
सतिनाम है हरि भोग तुम्हारे |

Shri Ravidas Ji Ki Aarti : श्री रविदास जी की आरती

Naam Tero Aarti Majan Muraray
Har Ke Naam bin Jhuthey Sagal Pasarey

Naam Tero Aasno – Naam Tero Ursa
Naam Tero Kesro Le Chhat Karey

Naam Tero Ambhula, Naam Tero Chandno
Ghas Japey Naam Ley Tujhey Kou Charey

Naam Tera Deewa – Naam Tero Baati
Naam Tero Tail le Mahen Pasarey

Naam Tere Ki Jot Lagayi
Bhaio Ujiaaro Bhawan Saglarey

Naam Tero Taaga – Naam Phool Mala
Bhar Aatharah Sagal Jhutharey

Tero Kiya Tujheh Kiya Arpou
Naam Tera Tuhi Chawar Dholarey

Das Atha Ath – Sathey Charey Khani
Eh Wartan hai Sagal Sansarey

Keh Ravidas – Naam Tero Aarti
Sat Naam Hai Har Bhog Tuharey.

Shri Ravidas Ji Ki Aarti Translation Meaning in English

Thy Name Is My Aarti And Ablution, O Lord.
Without God’s Name All Religious Paraphernalia Are False.

Thy Name Is My Prayer-Mat,  Thy Name My Saffron-Grater,
And Thy Name Is The Saffron, Which I Sprinkle On Thee.

Thy Name Is The Water, Thy Name The Sandal-Wood,
And The Repetition Of The Name Is The Rubbing Thereof; This Is The Sandal Paste, Which I Take To Anoint Thee.

Thy Name Is The Lamp, Thy Name The Wick,
Thy Name Is The Oil, Which I Pour Therein.

With Thy Name I Have Kindled The Light,
With It’s Illumination My Entire Home Is Bright.

Thy Name Is The String, Thy Name The Garland Of Flowers,
Defiled Are All The Eighteen Loads Of Leaves, Offerings Of Ours.

Why Should I Offer Thee What Thou Thyself Has Created?
Thy Name Is The Whisk (Chawar) Which I Wave Over Thee.

The Whole World Is Involved In The Eighteen Puranas, And The Sixty-Eight Places Of Pilgrimage,
It Rotates Within The Four Forms Of Species.

Thy Name Is The Aarti, Says Ravidass
And Thy True Name Itself Is Offered, O Lord, As The Ceremonial Food To Thee.

Shri Guru Ravidas Ji

In 14th century India, Shri Guru Ravidass Ji, a Dalit by birth, taught spirituality and tried to bring forward the equality message of Guru Nanak Dev based on emancipation from the oppression of the Indian caste system. He was born in an oppressed community known as Chamars, who were considered “untouchable”.

The Ravidassi religious symbol is known as the Nishaan, distinct from the Sikh Nishan Sahib. Strictly speaking “Nishaan” means “symbol” and is used in Ravidasi context to mean their mantras passed down by their Sants. There is some discussion going on among some Ravidassias that the symbol should be Sohang or Har.

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