A Rich Dad Took His Son On a Trip


The Richest Boy In The World-A Short Inspirational Story

One day, a rich Dad took his son on a trip to show him how poor people lives. They spent time on the farm of a poor family. On the way to home,Dad asked to his son: How poor they are? What did you learn from this trip?

Son said…..

We have one dog, they have 4 of them.

We have a pool, they have a river.

We’ve got expensive lanterns but they have the stars above their heads at night

We buy food, they grow.

We have the balcony and they have the whole horizon

We have only a small piece of land while they have the endless fields, We buy food but they grow it

We’ve a high fence for protection of our property and they don’t need it as their friends protect them

We have television, they spend time with family and relatives.

The father was stunned by the answer of the boy. He couldn’t utter a word.

Then he added:

Thank You Father For Letting Me See How Poor We Are!

Moral of the Story:

Its not about money, or clothes, or gadgets, or cars, or a big house that matters….its simplicity, love, compassion,friendships, values, family that makes our lives rich.

How you perceive your life? Does money is what all matters to you? Or is it love that inspires you every single moment to be a better human being?

Short Story: A Rich Dad Took His Son On a Trip

It’s not money that makes us rich, it’s simplicity and love that makes our life rich.


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