Saturday’s Spiritual Significance


Each day of a week is dedicated to a particular god in the Hindu pantheon. Apart from the special Vratas and Upvaas, many Hindus also fast on a particular day in a week. So, if you want to worship all avatras and forms of god in particular, you get one whole day to shower your devotion to the god!  Shani, the deity of the Saturn rules this day. Shani is considered to be a deliverer of karma. Lord Balaji equally worshipped on this day.

Shloka of the day

सचतुर्मुखषण्मुखपंचमुखप्रमुखाखिलदैवतमौलिमणे ।
शरणागतवत्सल सारनिधे परिपालय मां वृषशैलपते ॥

sachathurmukha shaNmukha panchamukha pramukAkhila dhaivatha mouLimaNE !
SaraNAgathavathsala ! SaaranidhE ! ParipAlaya maam VrushasailapathE !


Oh Lord of VrushA hills ! You overlook the deficiencies of those , who
perform SaraNAgathi at Your holy feet and look upon that SaraNAgahti as a vyAjam to come to their rescue and bless them fully. Just as poor people at times of grinding poverty access their savings , we come to You at times of great distress to save us . May You known for such vaibhavam as Saara Nidhi (matchless treasure) and SaraNAgatha Vatsalan protect me.

One can offer any fruits, dry fruits, milk and any cooked food as naivedya to Lord Balaji. Black is the color of the day and people visit Shani shrine or Navagraha shrines. Devotees observing the Shanivar fast usually visit Shani shrines and offer black-colored items like sesame oil, black clothes, and black grams. It is also believed that those who have Lord Hanuman’s blessings are protected from Shani’s wrath. So many people flock to Hanuman temple on Saturday.

So, it is believed that visiting any of the Lord Balaji, Shani Bhagavan or Hanuman Temples on saturdays helps to ward off ill effects, illness and troubles.

|| Om Namo Venkatesaya ||

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