Save Water Save Earth

Save Water Save Earth

Save Water Save Earth, Hunger and thirst is the two basic and essential sources for living. One can survive three months without food, but can’t survive more than a week without water. Water is the first necessity for living creatures, whether human or animals, and birds and plants and trees. It is a precious gift of god to human being for surviving on earth. 71% of the surface of Earth covered by water, and 75% our body contains water; you can understand by this the importance of water in life. Only 2.5 % water is useful and used by us, 68.5 % is locked up in glaciers, snow and oceans. Only 1% water of worth for drinking water from 71%. Yes, you can rethink about the data of water; it’s very low, beyond of our thinking.

Save Water Save Earth

Wastage of water

Water wastage counting is the top of most wastage thing in the world, it is weird to hearing, but that is the fact, not only the industries or factories are included in the list of Wasting the water, but also only with domestic uses we waste lot of water, daily and the pity is that we have no idea what we are doing. Causes of water wasting:

Save Water


Just by taking a shower we are wasting 5 to 15 gallons of water every single day. It means 150 to 350 gallons of water in one month has been wasting, it is the story of only 1 house, if we count the whole world, then you can’t even imagine about that.

Poor Agriculture Technique

Agriculture uses lots of fresh water for crops growth, but some of the poor quality crops have so much thrust, it takes much water than others, and we have no technology to improve it.

Industrial uses

Huge industries and factories have huge use of water, the need extra electricity and also for their product’s washing, and making, water is being used, this is also the cause of water wastage.

Domestic uses

Our daily routine causes a lot water through wasting, domestic chores like, washing clothes, flush the toilet, bathing, use of dishwashers, watering the plants etc. now the modern house also have the swimming pools, which takes lots of clean water.


Everywhere, everything is polluted, the water, the air, the food. Our environment pollution causes water pollution, garbage of factories and industries has been thrown to the rivers and oceans, which polluting the clean water.


As the population will increase the fresh water will decrease. People have no understanding and sense, and awareness about population. The world population is near about 7 Billion, each and every day in is increasing, and the water resources are not much for the peoples.

Global warming

The glaciers and snow is melting on the high mountains causes global warming, and freshwater wasting through that, if it will increasing like that, one day there will no ice remain.  

Effects of shortage of water

According to a survey, in upcoming 30 to 40 years there will be no enough water remain for drinking and daily needs so we need to save water save earth.

  • Have you ever imagined, if there is no water how one can survive, life would be over, if we keep on wasting water like this.
  • There will be no plants and trees survive on this earth.
  • Agriculture field would totally destroy without water.
  • If there is no water, no food then how can mankind survive or develop.
  • Human body demand for water, lack of water in the world causes lots of disease, and malnutrition in the children
  • Hygienic issue would be appearing, without water, you can’t clean your clothes, can’t bath, dirty utensils causes unhygienic issues, which means sickness and diseases.  
  • There are many areas who are daily struggling for one drop of water, many of them dies because of water.
  • Draught is the major problem, in Desert areas, the fertile land, turns into barren, so no land remains for agriculture, which causes starvation and malnutrition.
Global Warming Impact

How can we save water?

Small little efforts brings bigger results, save water now became the global issue, it is not for a particular country, and there are some efforts that we can do for save the water as much as possible:

  • Manage the use of water in daily routine for washing, bathing and other uses.
  • Water maintenance is important, especially clean water, where is heavy lack of water, there should made little ponds, so that the raining water can be saved, in the villages.
  • Awareness is must in every single person regarding water, especially in cities.
  • The youth can do much in this stream, through programs, skit and by slogans they can bring awareness.
  • Internet and social media can be the source for awareness, posting videos and photos of drought and starvation in areas like Africa, Rajasthan may help for that.
Save Water
  • People should learn about the technology how to recycle rainwater.
  • Irrigation and agriculture have more misuse the water, there should be any technique or invention for farmers that they can save water, and crops need not much water for growth.   
  • Government must improve sewage system, proper sanitization is necessary for saving the clean water.
  • Education is important basis for that, people who are dealing with water related problems, have the idea about the deepness of the issue.
  • Trees and plants attract the clouds and rain, so grow them as much as possible.


 Saving the water, now become a global issue, person to person must have to understand the seriousness of this critical situation. Water is the thing, which you can’t purchase by money, if we keep on wasting the water like that. If the third world war occurs, then defiantly water would be the reason behind that. Many people are dying because of water, our negligence and unawareness output will be worse, than our thinking. Water is the nectar of life, it is not the ignorant issue, and we all must have to rethink for that.

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