The Seven Agnis & How to Develop Them


1. Jatharagni – Digestive Fire

• Right balance of food eaten and feces eliminated through right digestion and absorption.
• Right diet according to constitution with sattvic food, proper oil like ghee in the diet to support agni. Regular eating habits with seasonal and stage-of-life variations.
• Right spices like ginger, cardamom, turmeric, cayenne and black pepper.
• Fasting to enkindle the digestive fire.
• Physical calm and release of tension through asana and right exercise.
• Regulation of body temperature and developing resistance to cold and temperature changes.

2. Pranagni – Fire of Prana

• Breathing of good quality air, rich in prana.
• Right balance of breath inhaled and breath exhaled through right absorption of oxygen and proper functioning of the lungs.
• Regular pranayama, nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing), emphasizing the right nostril breath, heating forms of pranayama like bhastriha and ujjayi breathing.
• Control of the motor organs, avoiding excess activity, particularly control of the speech and sexual organs.

3. Manasika Agni – Agni of the Mind

• Balancing the mental agni: right balance of impressions taken in and expressions given out through proper absorption of impressions.
• Pratyahara practices including fasting from impressions and holding to uniform impressions.
• Visualization to control the senses from within.
• Subtle sensory tools of color, sound and music.
• Concentrating on the inner sounds and inner light.

4. Bauddhika Agni – Agni of the Intelligence

• Balancing the agni of intelligence: balanced judgment and reason through ability to discern between truth and falsehood.
• Study of spiritual teachings and philosophies.
• Cultivating right values and right judgments.
• Developing discrimination between the eternal and the transient.
• Equanimity and balanced judgment.
• Contemplation and meditation.

5. Anandagni – Agni of Bliss

• Balancing the Agni of experience: love, devotion and compassion.
• Right association and proper relationship.
• Worship of God, the FatherlMother and Creator of all.
• Respect for the guru, teachers and parents.
• Solitude (fasting from relationship).
• Steady remembrance of one’s true nature.
• Samadhi and union with divine.

6. Chidagni – Agni of Consciousness

• Offering all experience in the fire of awareness.
• Observation, witnessing, silence of mind.
• Holding to the awareness of the immortal and immutable Self within the heart.
• Self-abidance and Self-realization.

7. Brahmagni – Divine Agni

• Seeing the unity of Being in all things.
• Offering all things to the One .
• Living in the Absolute.

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