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Shirgaon Fort Maharashtra

Shirgaon Fort / Shirgao Fort (शिरगाव किल्ला) is a fort located 6.5km from Palghar, in Palghar district, of Maharashtra. Located about 13 km away from Palghar station and near the Shirgaon Beach stand the majestic structure of Shirgaon Fort. The Fort is surrounded by the lush green farms that give it a natural attractive look. The structure is laden with historical significance and exquisite locations. The twin towers standing at the entrance of the fort gives a panoramic view of the entire structure and neighborhood. The Fort comparatively smaller than others but is well mentioned. Numerous maze-like caves hidden in the walls of the fort lead to altogether other caves, setting you on a quest to unearth some cryptic secret. The two staircases set on the walls of the fort give one the overview of the entire fort. The portrait like scenery and clean environment of the fort attract many tourists and historians alike. The palm with six to seven branches is the most eye-catching feature; as such a case is a rarity.

Shirgaon Fort

The history states that the fort was won over by the Maratha rulers along the forts of Tarapur, Kelve and Dahanu in the year 1739. Before the Maratha dominance, the historical structure was under the rule of the Portuguese. Legends state that the fort acted as the check post for the Maratha ruler Shivaji to have a look at the progress on the opponent lines. The fort was rebuilt by the Portuguese, they kept the authenticity of the structure by keep the red and brick construct intact. The fort was later on seized by the British Empire in the year 1818 from the Marathas. The north-western area of the sanctuary still houses the five-foot cannon that speaks the gory of the bloodshed took place in the fortress. The fort is located in the village of Shirgaon that houses communities like Adivasi, Vadval, Mali, Bhandari, Muslim, and Koli. Shirgaon beach is considered as the safest beaches located in the western region of Maharashtra. One can enjoy the serenity of nature, silence, the splendor of the fort and high-quality fish based cuisine at places nearby the Shirgaon Fort.  

Shirgaon Fort Palghar

Shirgaon Fort Timings And Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit the Shirgaon Fort is between November and March when the lush green surrounding usually is in full bloom. The cold air of the winter passing by refreshes your soul and mind. There are no fixed timings for visiting the fort but one must make it a point to visit it during the daytime as one may not get a public transport from the village to return home. One takes about one to two hours for sightseeing and requires no ticket to enter the premises.

Hotel & Accommodation Facility

Shirgaon Fort

Usually, one takes 2-3 hours for the sightseeing of the fort and do not require accommodation. If one is will to stay at Palghar, the nearby city then various hotels like Hotel Silver Avenue, Tandel Resort, Royal Hills etc. provide one with standard accommodation with all the facilities one require.

Ways To Reach

If one lives in Mumbai or nearby places, then one can plan a day trip to Shirgaon Fort with friends and family. The place is located a few km away from Kelva beach, the roads till the fort is nicely maintained and filled with scenic beauty. The entrance to the fort is not visible due to its location in the center of the villages, car parking area is not available near the premises but one can always opt for two wheeler.  If one is traveling from far off places then Virar is the last station of the Western Railway, one requires to take a public transport or hire cars to reach the Palghar Station. From Palghar one takes about 1 to reach the Masjid stop via public transport like bus, auto-rickshaw, and one has to walk a little for about 10 minutes to reach the base of the Fort.

Places To Visit In Palghar

Palghar situated in Thane has an exceptionally long beach called Kelva beach and Satpati. Palghar offers various significant destinations for a tourist visit, one can stop by at Ram, Sheetla Devi temple to experience the serenity and spiritual epiphany or delve into the eccentric beauty of the historical structure of the Kelva Fort. Perhaps one can enjoy a dip in the Kelva beach with family and friends or enjoy the photogenic untouched beauty of Manor.


The Shirgaon Fort is a perfect weekend get where one can enjoy the loveliness of nature and ethnicity of history. The place is best suited for photography and sightseeing. Mahim Sea is situated just about 5 km; a visit to the fort is complete without a dip in the sea that. The residents of villages nearby welcome the visitors with open hearts; one should make sure to enjoy the local delicacies in the eateries near the historical structure.

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