Significance Of Haridra Ganapati


According to “Mudgala Purana”, an ancient text on Lord Ganesha, thirty two forms of Ganesha are believed to occur. Haridra Ganesha is one of them. The word Haridra means “Turmeric”. Haridra Ganpati is made out of “Turmeric roots” and considered very lucky and auspicious.

He is described as having three eyes. He sits on a golden throne. He is yellow-complexioned like turmeric and also wears yellow clothes. He has four arms and carries a pasha (noose), an ankusha (elephant goad), a modaka (sweet) and the danta (his own broken tusk) in his four hands. He draws his devotees closer by the noose, while goads them in the right direction by the ankusha.
The Dakshinamnaya mentions that Haridra Ganapati has six arms and sits on a jewelled throne, in addition to his yellow colour and yellow vestments. His three right hands hold the ankusha and display the krodha-mudra (the gesture of anger) and abhayamudra (the gesture of protection). His left hands carry the pasha, a parashu (battle-axe) and displays the varadamudra (gesture of boon-giving).

Other references to the deity describe his face to be ointed with turmeric; him wearing a yellow yagnopavita (“sacred thread”) besides his turmeric complexion and clothes. He is described holding a pasha, an ankusha and a staff.

Legend of Haridra Ganesha:

As per Vedic Texts, Maa Peetambara was once so pleased that she blessed Ganesha with a golden aura and complexion. He was clad in peetambar (yellow cloth), he ate golden laddoos and Riddhi (Wealth) & Siddhi (Skill) both clad in yellow clothes and amazing gold ornaments; were seated next to him. Third energy Buddhi (Intellect) also came to him and attached herself with Ganesha permanently.

Shri Maa Bagalamukhi obliged and she told Shri Haridra Ganesha that “Whoever worships you ritually will obtain whatever they ask for – and that too very quickly. Those whose golden phase of life is about to begin, will start to worship Shri Haridra Ganesha…….” Worship and MantraThis form of Ganesha is prayed for good luck and success in desires. When a certain person is trying to harm you, a man who is an adept in the science of mantra can stop him from doing any harm by meditations on the turmeric-colored form of Ganesha with the below said Haridra mantra sending that energy on that person to stop him from doing any harm.

The one who do upasane & puja of Haridra ganapati idol is blessed with success in his work, business, undertaking & desires.Rosary of bulbs of turmeric should be used for Mantra meditation. Yellow clothes and yellow colour asana should be used. 108 repetitions. “Om Haridra GaNapatye Namah” & “Om Hum Gum Glaum”(We will send Haridra Ganesha energised and blessed as per the Vedic Rituals and Ganesha Puraan). Haridra Ganapati is worshipped for wealth and well-being

Haridra Ganapati is the patron of the Haridra Ganapatya sect, one of the six major schools of the Ganapatya sect, which regards Ganesha as the Supreme Being. The Haridra Ganapati followers consider him as leader of all deities including Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Indra; the guru of the sage Bhrigu, the guru of gods – Brihaspati, the serpent Shesha etc.; the one which the greatest knowledge and the one is worshipped by the deities who create the universe. Worshipping Haridra Ganapati is believed to grant moksha (emancipation). These sectarians used to brand by iron the head of Ganesha and his tusk on their palms.

Haridra Ganapati is a Tantric form of Ganesha. Special mantras and yantras are used in his worship. Rituals involving his worship generally are performed to fulfill material objectives, especially gaining boons related to sexuality. He is also associated with six rituals of abhichara (uses of spells for malevolent purposes) by which the adept can cause the target to suffer delusions, be overcome with irresistible attraction or envy, or to be enslaved, paralysed or killed.

Significance of Haridra Ganpati:

Haridra Ganesha may be kept in cash box, place of business transactions, almirah, locker or place of worship etc for wealth, luck and enhancing business prospects.

As per Vedic Astrology, Haridra Ganesha enhances the effect of Mercury, Jupiter and Budhaaditya Yoga, Neech Bhang Raj Yoga formed in one’s birth chart.

Haridra Ganpati also nullifies the doshas (or negativity) caused by malefic or weak Mercury / Jupiter in a native’s birth chart.

Haridra Ganesha is used during the worship of Goddess Baglamukhi for protection from enemies, rivals or competitors.

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