Six Seasons of India – Perfectly Balanced Climate

Six seasons of India

Six Seasons of India – According to Hindu calendar there are six various Indian seasons round the year. Seasons of India are more or less similar to any other country in the world. The notable six seasons are Spring, Summer, Rainy, Early Autumn, Late Autumn and Winter. South India being close to equator and tropical has harsh and long summers as is the case with rainy too. In contrast, North India has same seasons as that found in America or North Europe. All the seasons offer varied climatic conditions with different temperatures.

Seasons in India According to Hindu Tradition

Traditionally as far as the names of the 6 seasons in India(also referred to Shat Ruthu) are concerned, it goes like this:

Names of Seasons in India

  1. Vasantha Ruthu – Spring season
  2. Greeshma Ruthu – Summer season
  3. Varsha Ruthu – Rainy/Monsoon season
  4. Sharad Ruthu – Early Autumn
  5. Hemantha Ruthu – Winter season
  6. Sishira Ruthu – Late Autumn
Seasons in India

Indian Seasons Names

1. Vasantha Ruthu – Spring Season In India

Spring season is named as Vasantha Ruthu as per Hindu calendar and is considered as “the King of Seasons” or “Rituraj” as per Vedic astrology. This season is either not so cool or not so hot in many areas of India. Nature offers many gifts during this season. The two Hindu months – Baisakh and Chaitra fall in this season.

In the start of this season, the wind begins to blow in a soft manner and one can sense the refreshing state of mind and body. The village side appears to be embellished with green vegetation and adorned with beautiful flowers. Bees hum in the greenhouse all day long and birds sing. Creepers and trees flanked with charming flowers. Springtime is treated to be the most-liked season by many people.

vasant ritu spring season in India

2, Greeshma Ruthu – Summer Season In India

Summer is also referred as Greeshma Ruthu as per Hindu calendar. During this season the Sun bombards with his scorching and sparkling rays. All pools and streams, wells and tanks dry up in this season. So much of sunlight will be imposed on the human life, flora and fauna as well. This is the season where fruits get ripen rightly. Jackfruit and Mangoes get ripen in big number and many eat in plenty during this season. In general, the standard temperature would be noticed as 30°C, but in some parts of India temperature is recorded as 43°C. And in places like plateau regions, 40°C is observed, in Himalayan regions it would be 20°C.

In this Summertime, the day appears to be longer than the night. And in the afternoon time heat turns out to be burnable and unbearable. It is also observed that during this season animals like dogs and cows look for a shady shelter as the heat would be intolerable by them too. And in mid-summer it sometimes happens that water scarcity problems may arise which wouldn’t be for a longer time.

Grishm ritu summer in india

3. Varsha Ruthu – Rainy/Monsoon Season In India

Rainy season is also known as Varsha Ruthu as per Vedic astrology. Rainy or Monsoon is of 6 seasons in India are considered to be the beautiful season amongst all as it showers water in tons of barrels. In fact, farmers wait eagerly for this season to arrive as it brings lot of joy and happiness to them by wetting their agricultural lands and help in yielding the crops with favourable conditions. Wells and tanks, ponds and pools that were dry during Summer becomes wet and filled with water. All the dry lands become wet during this season making the farmer boostup in his/her cultivation activities, jute and paddy are cultivated in big number.

On the flip side, heavy rains spoil the normalcy of human life such as transportation when roads are covered with flowing rain water, health problems like cold and cough, countryside roads turns out to be slippery and muddy etc. Continuous rainfalls also makes fewer people shift from one place to another, especially those in the huts.

varsha ritu in india

4. Sharad Ruthu – Early Autumn Season In India

Early Autumn is also referred as Sharad Ruthu as per Hindu calendar. This season is treated as “the Season of Flowers” and imports the mellow fruitfulness. During this season, everybody enjoys a joyful mood, sky appears to be fair with patchy clouds that looks pleasant. You feel like the sky is smiling at you with its delightful sunlight.

Rains can be noticed sometimes during this season wherein the water overflows into the rivers and fields. Water storage can be planned out as the water begins to flow at a moderate speed. In night times, a clear vision of the moon on the blue sky with a smile on her face can be viewed. A list of festivals that occur during this season are Diwali, Sri Ram Navami, Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja etc.

sharad ritu autumn India

5. Hemantha Ruthu – Winter Season In India

Winter season is also named as Hemantha Ruthu as per Vedic astrology. This winter is of 6 seasons in India starts at the end of the Late Autumn season. There is a breezy cold that announces the arrival of winter. In contrast to summer, night appears to be longer than day as the north wind impacts over the country. It is observed that the mornings are found to be glacial and 30 minutes of sunlight would give us a level of comfort.

hemant ritu fall winter season in india

6. Sishira Ruthu – Late Autumn Seasons In India

Late Autumn is also called as Sishira Ruthu as per the Vedic astrology. This is also considered as “the Season of Return Monsoon”. During this season, in the night times, new paddy starts gathering water droplets on the shank of grass, fruits start to ripen and vegetables grow in big number. As the rains end up technically, occasional rainfalls and violent storms are noticed because of the cyclones advancing from the Bay of Bengal.

shishir ritu winter in india
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