Social Networking in Our Lives

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In today’s world Internet has become the most powerful source of sharing and to be connected with all and from all over the world, no matter, from where you belong, where you live, or what is your religion or cast. You can simply connect with different people just by a click away. Social Networking is one of them.

What is Social Networking?

Social Networking is a Web net, which spread in all over world, or you can say it is an online platform, which provides its users, several online services like connected with all your contacts or individuals can share your data (group of information), documents, you can chat, or share photos etc. There are many social network sites available on internet, the popular one are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Social Networks in our lives

Besides that thousands of other sites, through you can promote your business, your brand name, like Instagram is one of them.

Social networking has so much impact in our lives, if we say that it is important as we eat or sleep, hence there will be no exaggerating. A study shows that India has the largest users of Social Networking sites. This is the proof that how much we have importance of internet.

Application that boosted Social Networking:

  • Facebook

Facebook boosts you to scheme thousands of social media posts. If you properly use the facebook then you can easily access your posts. It is an app for bloggers and Social Media users.

People are much connected on Facebook and Twitter; post their ideas, their activities and photos. If you post your ideas you can easily connect with many people. Today’s time near about 10 million users of facebook, it means a lot.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite also the most popular and liking social media application on the internet. It helps you to connect with many social media network simultaneously. Only a click and you can enter different kind of work places, you can post, edit your profile, or have them delivered to your profile.

  • Crowd fire

It is a unique tool; through you can effectively manage your account, and increase your twitter followers. Crowd fire also helps you to branding of your product, when you able to connect with your audience it would be easy to connect with them.

  • Instagram

Instagram is a very popular Social Networking application, built for sharing photos, videos and ideas through smartphones, like facebook and twitter, when you create an Instagram account you can upload numbers of photos and videos, and you can also comment on your following members, see their uploading. If you want to promote yourself and your business and your ideas then it is a platform.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a famous Social Networking site which is basically designed for business purpose. Lots of connection and contacts you will find here for your business field. Workers and employers, and bosses all can promote themselves here. Just to create your profile here and connected with world’s largest in growing business site.

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Role of social Networking in our Lives

If we talk about role of Social Network whether it is individual or organizational or into our daily routine then we must say that it is like we breathe, yes very much important. All of the information, and new ideas, what’s happening in all over world, and in politics, what our prime minister given new gifts to nation, you just imagine, or just named the thing you can know by Social Networks. There are mentioning some of areas, through which you can you, understand the role of Social Network better:

  • Individual Role

Our daily life is surrounded and covered by Social Network, even modern era demands for that, that you must connect with these networks, now no need of newspaper, just click on a button, and all of old and latest news appears in front of you. You don’t know how to cook; Social network will help, with thousands of recipes. You are alone in your life not to worry there are many friends waiting for you, just make your profile on facebook or twitter and make friends, have chit chat with them, and share your feelings.Hence we can say that individually we are addicted of social networks, and is an advantage, because where no one listens and help you there social network help you.

  • Organizational Role

Except individual aspect, lots of organizations are connected with Social Network. A research shows that, those organizations were using Social network they can able to easily contact and make communication with different niches people, rather than who were not using Social networks.

  • Role in our Society

Influence and role of Social networks in Society is vulnerable. It is useful for every kind of age person, for students, for housewives, for senior citizens, not only for business purpose but also for entertainment and things you can learn from Social networks, and can gain lots of knowledge.

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Advantages of Social Networking in our Lives

  1. Staying connected with friends and family at the same time.
  2. You can find people with same interest and hobbies.
  3. You can increase your knowledge according to your interest and your field.
  4. You can promote your brand and business to there, where nobody knows you.
  5. It is world wide connectivity so you are never alone.

Disadvantage of Social Networking in our Lives

  1. Sometime through Social networks false information about you can be spread all over, and it can be humiliating.
  2. False relationship occurs between people, which cause emotional and physical harassment.
  3. Children became violent, and result is they do crimes, steal money, for android phones, which is very dangerous for them, and family.
  4. Uploading photos and videos of you can be misused by anyone easily.   

Conclusion about Social Networking in our Lives

Social networking in our lives has dramatically changed our lifestyle, our daily routine, and our way of thinking, but it is also true that sometimes we forgot the moral duties and values of our life. Everything or every new technology comes with advantage and disadvantage, family should aware for their children, what they are doing with their mobiles and laptops. It is in our hands that whether we let the control Social networks to us, or we keep control these networks.

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