Speech on Environment – For Students In Simple And Easy Words


Today I am here to give speech on environment. As we all know, that environment is the basic surrounding of our living. In general, we should say, that the natural condition in which we are living our lives is called environment. The environment contains all the natural resources like air, water, sunlight, moonlight, trees, and human beings. We all need a healthy environment for a healthy living. It helps our life for proper growth and development. There is a natural cycle between environment and all the living beings whether humans or animals. Human activities play major role in the cycle of natural environmental conditions.

Nowadays, our modern living is playing an adverse role in the cycle of natural environment.  I am here giving a speech on environment and outside you can see many like me, who are destroying the environment. We are continuously damaging our environment by cutting trees, making concrete jungles, pollution, population and many other modes. Today we will discuss some of major reasons of environmental damages.



The foremost & major reason of environmental damage is extensive cutting of forests and too at a high speed. We are cutting forest to make our homes. But we never think that if we damage our natural resources of cleaning environment. Trees & forests help us by providing fresh air, timely rains and cool surrounding. Today we are complaining regularly about global warming, lack of fresh air and cool sheds, but we never accept our fault of destroying natural resources.



It is also a big problem. As we are increasing in numbers, we all require shelters to protect ourselves. This need converts into making home, making home require land. And again, for land we destroy forests. We are so fast in our lives that we need fast driven vehicles to reach our destinations. These vehicles need space to move fast. We want roads and we started cutting hills. Now you can imagine by yourself, how we are damaging our environment.


It is one of the major effects of both damaging of environment and also global warming. These industries are harming environment by disposing off harmful poisonous chemicals in our rivers, which are the main resources of drinking water. Also, the huge amount of gaseous smoke that they spill in the air is making our inhaling poisonous. You know what, we daily consume a huge amount of poison indirectly through air and water and for this, we should really thank ourselves.


In my speech on environment, I am thinking to discuss some remedies with you which can seriously help us saving our surrounding environment. First and foremost thing we all should do is to start planting trees. All of us should plant at least one or two or as maximum as possible number of trees near our homes, in our gardens, near to streets or wherever possible. Inspire others also to plant trees. These trees clear our air, give us shelter in highly warm sun, and give us cool in any season like what they were giving to our forefathers. Only nature has the power to save our souls.

We should go for using natural resources in factories so that they should not damage our water and air. We should eat fresh vegetables so that our farmers don’t has to use poisonous chemicals for increasing production. We should always use natural products at home that never anyhow damage the environment for example. We should not use plastic bags, try to use earthen crockery,  use your gardens to grow vegetables and make your surrounding clean.

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