Sri Varahi Dwadasa Namavali: 12 Names of Varahi Devi

Sri Varahi devi

Sri Varahi Dwadasa Namavali is the 12 names of Goddess Varahi Devi. Get Sri Varahi Dwadasa Namavali in English Pdf Lyrics here and chant it for the grace of Goddess Varahi Devi. Varahi Dwadasa Nama Stotram is a powerful stotram, where the 12 names of Varahi Devi are organized in the form of a hymn. Get Sri Varahi Dwadasa Nama Stotram in Telugu Lyrics here and chant with devotion for the grace of goddess Varahi Devi. The Tantric text Varahi Tantra mentions that Varahi has five forms: Svapna Varahi, Canda Varahi, Mahi Varahi (Bhairavi), Krcca Varahi and Matsya Varahi. The Matrikas, as shaktis of gods, are described to resemble those gods in form, jewellery and mount, but Varahi inherits only the boar-face of Varaha.

The twelve names of Sri Varahi are:

  1. Panchami – The fifth Devi, the fifth of the eight matrikas, also She is the power behind Sadashiva as his Anugraha Shakti.
  2. Dandhanatha – Commander in chief of the armed forces of Sri Lalita.
  3. Sangyetha – Secret coded.
  4. Samayeshwari – Goddess of the path where there are rules and restrictions.
  5. Samaya sangyetha or Samayasanketa – Secret code in the Puja path, since She confers on us the understanding the meaning and the philosophy behind every act in the puja .
  6. Varahi – The Divine power behind the Varaha avatar of Sri Vishnu.
  7. Pothrini – Boar-faced. Since boar has an ability to float and swim in waters, she has the ability to keep her devotees afloat and steer them in the world.
  8. Shivaa – Auspicious.
  9. Varthali – Goddess of speech.
  10. Mahasena – Having great army.
  11. Agnachakreshwari – Goddess of the ajna cakra.
  12. Arigni – The remover of the enemies and upholder of rules.

Sri Varahi Dwadasa Namavali – श्री वाराही द्वादशनामावली

ओं पञ्चम्यै नमः ।
ओं दण्डनाथायै नमः ।
ओं सङ्केतायै नमः ।
ओं समयेश्वर्यै नमः ।
ओं समयसङ्केतायै नमः ।
ओं वाराह्यै नमः । ६
ओं पोत्रिण्यै नमः ।
ओं शिवायै नमः ।
ओं वार्ताल्यै नमः ।
ओं महासेनायै नमः ।
ओं आज्ञाचक्रेश्वर्यै नमः ।
ओं अरिघ्न्यै नमः । १२

Varahi devi

Sri Varahi Dwadasa Namavali in English Lyrics

Ōṁ Pañcamyai Namaḥ |
Ōṁ Daṇḍanāthāyai Namaḥ |
Ōṁ Saṅkētāyai Namaḥ |
Ōṁ Samayēśvaryai Namaḥ |
Ōṁ Samayasaṅkētāyai Namaḥ |
Ōṁ Vārāhyai Namaḥ | 6
Ōṁ Pōtriṇyai Namaḥ |
Ōṁ Śivāyai Namaḥ |
Ōṁ Vārtālyai Namaḥ |
Ōṁ Mahāsēnāyai Namaḥ |
Ōṁ Ājñācakrēśvaryai Namaḥ |
Ōṁ Arighnyai Namaḥ | 12

ithi sri śrī vārāhī dvādaśanāmāvalī ||

Meanings of twelve Names of Varahi

A man, who remains protected in the diamond-cage(Vajra-panjaram) composed of these twelve names, shall never become unhappy, even during the most difficult of times. Thus, with these names the celestial s stood in the sky and praised Sri Varahi Devi.

1) Panchami:

The Fifth ,she is the fifth of the eight matruka devis,also she is the power behind sadashiva the fifth karanrsvara as his anugraha sakthi. 

2) Dandhanatha:

Commander in chief of the armed forces of sri Lalitha Devi.And who has stick in her hand.

3) Sanketha:

Secret Coded,Hinted (She will guide you with her hints(she will give you Sanket)) and in army are secret codes. She is symbol of shakti.

4) Samayeshwari:

goddess of the path where there are rules and restrictions. She is the ruler of time/kaal(she is the form of narayani ,Kali),time is in her hand .She will rule the time/Kaal.

5) Samaya sanketha:

Varahi Devi is in the form of Kala(time) swaroopini kali devi.(samayaniki समय का-time ka sanketha-Symbol).Secret code in the puja path.Since pooja is the sadhana and battle personified we have to understand the meaning and the philosophy behind every act in the pooja ,she confers on us this understanding.

6) Varahi:

Varaha shakti swaroopam,Varahi.The divine power behind Varaha avatar of sri Vishnu. female form of varaha skakti. The One who’s face is like varaah swami.

7) Pothrini:

She is worshiping in the form of Varaha shakti. The Name which is Glorifying the power of  Varah. who has Boar faced power.Since boar has an ability to float and swim in waters ,she has the ability to keep her devotees afloat and steer them in the world.

8) Shivaa:

Ever auspicious.Since devi is ever pure awareness she is ever auspicious.She is the Crystal clear,pure and auspicious Lord shiva. She is sakti,who is none other than siva. She is simply the ocean o pure consciousness.

9) Varthali:

Threkaal gyani. She will carry Three times information to us.

10) mahasena:

She is the commander in chief of all the armed forces of sri Lalitha Maha tripura Sundari. She has all the resources at her disposal to ensure the defeat and subjugation of all negative energies(forces) that impact us.She ensures our well being in all aspects physical,material and spiritual.

The body with flesh,bones,blood are her armies so maintaining this body in good condition which is the boon of this devi is indicated here.

11) Agnachakreshwari:

She is the ruler of the third eye pineal gland Ajna chakra(Mid eyebrow) which is the sixth and final among the six chakras(ShadChakras) and is the one that illumines us with the knowledge of the self.This chakra alone can also activate all the below chakras and ensure the proper progress of kundalini. As the overlord of this chakra,she alone can guide and take us to the sahasrara to ensure the rise of the kundalini to its pinnacle(Shiva Shakti aikya)

12) Arigni:

Remover of enemies and upholder of rules.She is the dispeller of all negative forces and enemies.The enemies can be external or internal or both. She dispels all the negative karma and removes enmity in all its forms,with whatever means at her discretion.She will help us rise above material concerns and take us to the timeless and limitless spiritual realms.

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