Steve Jobs Latest Wallpapers


Steve Jobs Latest Wallpapers

Steve Jobs passed just after seeing the iPhone 4s revealed the day prior. On Friday, Tim Cook sent an internal email to Apple employees encouraging them to keep Steve on their minds today, each in his or her own way. Regardless of your opinion about Apple products, it is clear Steve Jobs changed the way we interact on a daily basis, create content, and share our discoveries or creations.

Popular businessman Steve Jobs with apple laptop

Steve Jobs is one of the most popular, successful American businessman who created buzz on the mobile world. He was the co-founder of most popular mobile phone i.e Apple iPhone. He passed away in 2011 however we all have special place in our heart as he is the one who given us such a tremendous mobile phone to use. We have some exclusive wallpapers of Steve Jobs that can be downloaded from below gallery. We had taken good amount of time and effort to collect desktop backgrounds in high quality resolution. The fans of Steve Jobs can find the HD wallpapers in widescreen. We provided wide range of wallpapers in 1024×768 to 1920×1020 resolutions. Enjoy the latest wallpapers collection in this photo gallery.

Most popular Entrepreneur Steve Jobs image

Steve Jobs image in 2560x1920 resolution

Lovely closeup picture of Steve Jobs for desktop background

Awesome quotes poster with Steve Jobs picture

Steve Jobs indicating at some one while talking

Steve Jobs awesome wallpapers in HD

Widescreen image of Steve Jobs for desktop

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