The Symbolism And Significance Of The Mighty God Brahma

Indian god of Brahma, Art of statue

Based on scriptures, God Brahma is described as someone who has four heads, has a grasp on the Vedas, has a rosary, yagyopavita and a kamandalu. He is clothed in red and has a swan as his vaahanam.

Brahma is not only the creator, but he is also a witness to the happenings of the world and it is his duty to decide which creature should be reincarnated in what form, according to that creature’s karma. Hence, he is said to have four heads to see each and every corner of the world.


Brahma’s white beard:

Brahma’s white beard symbolizes His age and His wisdom. The white beard arouses feelings of respect among people naturally.

Brahma’s vahana:

The white swan is Brahma’s vahana because it has characteristics that none of the other 84 lakh incarnations in this world has. The swan is a bird that is capable of separating milk from water, even if they are mixed together. Similarly, Lord Brahma separates the good from the bad, providing full justice to His creations, no matter how entangled it may be.

Brahma and His vedas:

The Vedas have been around since the beginning of time. Brahma Himself had taken an incarnation to save the Vedas from the great deluge. This signifies that even if everything is destructible, the truth can never be destroyed. The Vedas also help Lord Brahma in recollecting the previous kalpas.

Brahma’s Rosary:

The rosary in Brahma’s hand denotes that we do not exist in this earth just to finish our purpose in life but in that process, we should also remember the Almighty, for our own welfare in this world.

Brahma’s kamandalu:

The Kamandalu i.e. the coconut shell bowl, is held by Brahma to signify water, the primary element that caused creation. This kamandalu represents the continuous creation process.

Brahma’s lotus:

Lord Brahma sits on a lotus flower. The significance of the lotus flower is that it rises from dirty soil and yet manages to stay pure and beautiful. Similarly, no matter where we are from, we should also stay pure and beautiful like the lotus flower, without letting our surroundings affect us.

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