Tadoba National Park

Tadoba Inheritance

Tadoba National park, a rich Tiger and other wildlife habitat is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. A few tracts of this National Park along with some regions of Wildlife Sanctuary from the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary earned the status of National Park in 1955. Since there is rich Tiger life in this National Park, it was included in the 47 Project Tiger Reserves list. The nomenclature “Tadoba” has its roots in “Tadoba” or “Taru” who is a local deity and worshipped by Tribals. According to one of the legend Tadoba who used to rule this forest, fought a tiger with fortitude and died. Therefore in remembrance of Him a temple was constructed near to the park. Tadoba National Park is located 45km away from Chandrapur district and 150km away from Nagpur City. This park stretches across a vast area of 626 sq.km.

Tadoba National Park

A major portion of the Tadoba National Park is of hilly terrain. Tadoba National Park is mainly confined to Chimur hills. The vegetation of this National Park can be identified with Tropical dry deciduous Forest with thick vegetation through the forest. The vast number of water bodies in this national Park like Kosla Lake, Junaria Lake, Tadoba Lake, Erai Dam, and Andari River and many small rivulets and streams provides a conducive and sustainable atmosphere for the wildlife. This region receives an annual rainfall of 127cm. The temperature in this region is tropical on where the summer temperature rises up to 43° C.


What to See?

  1. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary – This Sanctuary is a abode to many wildlife species. It is located 199km away from Tadoba National Park. This Green Oasis houses many wild animals like Tiger, Sloth Bear, barking Deer, and Chital.
  2. Tadoba Lake– It is located in the midst of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. It is a heaven to Bird watchers and a true treat to weary wandering souls. Nearly 200 Bird species can be spotted around this lake.
  3. Mahakali Temple- It is located at a distance of 32 km from Tadoba National Park and 1 hour drive via DRC road. It is an ancient and famous temple located on banks of a river. Tuesday’s are considered to be the most auspicious for visiting this temple.
  4. Museum at Tadoba.
  5. Vasant Bhandra Waterhole.
  6. Panchadara Waterhole.
  7. Urjanagar Lake.
  8. There are many sacred places near to this region like Ramdegi Temple, Ayyappa Temple, Durga Maa Temple, Jain Temple and St. Michael church.
Tadoba Tiger

Tadoba National Park Safari

Moharli zone, Tadoba and Kolsa zones are the three zones specially designed for Safari in this park. There are multiple entry points for Safari at Tadoba National park. Some of them are-

  1. Kolara Gate– Only 18 Jeeps (Safari) per day are slowed from this gate.
  2. Kuswanda Gate– This is the nearest entry point from Nagpur and 8 Jeeps per day.
  3. Zari Gate– 12 Safari rides are allowed here.
  4. Pangdi Gate– 4 Safari rides are allowed from this gate.
  5. Navegaon Gate– Located at a distance of 140 km from Nagpur and allows Safari rides from this point.
  6. Moharli Gate– This the oldest one among 6 gates and 18 rides were permitted from this point.

Safari Timings

6:00 A.M to 10:00 A.M

3:00 P.M to 6:00 P.M

Dominant Flora

The forests of Tadoba National Park comprises mainly following Flora- Kusum, Dhawada, Char, Bamboo, Ain, Bija, Dhaudab, Haldu, Chichwa, Salai, Semal, Shisham, Kurlu,  Sisoo, Surya, Bel, Hirda, Karaya Gum, Tendu, Sirus, Mahua, Palas, Harra, Bahera, Ber etc.

Dominant Fauna

Wild Boars, Sambar, Spotted deer, Hyenas, Spotted Deer, Barking deer, Gaurs, Indian Pangolins,  Rhesus macaque, Leopard, Rusty spotted cat, Wolf, Jackal, Wild dogs, Fox, Porcupines, Jungle cat, Leopard cat, Sloth bear,  Four horned Antelopes, Blue bulls, Common Languor etc.

Avi-Fauna– Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Golden Oriole, Honey buzzard, Shy jungle fowl, Grey-headed fishing eagle, Paradise flycatcher, Peacock, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Indian Pitta, Black Naped Blue Flycatcher, Plum Headed Parakeet, Gray Jungle Fowl,  Bonelli’s Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, Brown Fish Owl, Mottled Wood Owl, Warblers, Munias, Drongos, Pipits, Larks Indian Scimitar Babbler, Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher, Painted Francolin, etc.

How to Reach Tadoba National Park

By Air– Nagpur Airport is the nearest airport located at a distance of 140 km away from the Tadoba National park.

By Rail– Chandrapur Railway Station is the nearest Railway station located at a distance of 45 km away Tadoba National Park. From here you can reach Tadoba National park by a private cab or government operated Vehicles.

By Road– This Park is well connected to major towns in the region through road network. A good number of government and private travels are operated in the region which will take you to the Tadoba National Park.

Best Time to Visit Tadoba National Park

The period between November to March is the best time to visit this place.

Tadoba National Park Accommodation

There aren’t many good lodging facilities available near to the park. So, it is better to check-in one of the hotels in Nagpur.

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