OMG! It’s Been Ten Years Of Rang De Basanti! And We have Something For You!

10 Year Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti a story of six youngsters who role-played in her foreigner friend’s documentary of freedom fighters of Indian history which lead them to create their own history as fighters.

At first I couldn’t believe that it’s been ten years to RDB! This Awesome movie was released during my college days and I have many memories attached to it.

What Rang De Basanti Taught World!


If you want to learn about friendship,learn it from this movie.This movie reflects what it is like to have true friends with whom you can live and die.


The way of living life is truly defined in this movie,every aspect of life is beautifully portrayed.


Kirron kher has played the role of a typical punjabi mother who always supported his son and let him enjoy his life where as waheeda rehman acted as a graceful lady who sacrificed her son and husband for nation. Oye Mitroo!


The feeling of patriotism was blurred in minds of youngsters,they hardly know the names of such prominent freedom fighters and this movie enlighten them about their responsibility towards nation.


Parties,hang outs,fun was left behind for those five youngsters who were students of Institute for International Studies at the University of Delhi and they sacrificed their life for a change in nation.

5. The feeling called Love..

As I said the movie had it all,two growing love stories were also shown in the movie and none of them was could complete and took  a major event in the plot.

6. Guys, who were laughing at their death.

McKinley, in his diary, states that he had met two type of people in his life: the first one… who died without uttering a sound and the second kind … who died with lots of anguish.. crying over their deaths… McKinley reveals that it was then that he met with the third kind….

7. No mother will ever wish this ;(

Those guys in Army go through a LOT just for us,it’s a shame that we don’t do anything good for them.

8. The Moment When Laxman Realized he was doing it all Wrong!

9. Time for some Funny MEME 😉

Made this up just to tease her 😛

10. And here goes my Final one!

I saved this one for the last. This scene is my favorite. <3 <3<3

To be honest, RDB is the only movie which boils blood and makes me cry everytime I watch it!

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