A Unique Shiva Mantra


Shiva, “_The Auspicious One_” is one of the three major deities of Hinduism. He is worshiped as the supreme god within Shaivism, one of the three most influential denominations in contemporary Hinduism. This is a unique Shiva Mantra.This mantra visualizes Shiva as the holder of the Damru [small drum having two chambers and connected by a narrow neck having two clappers; this drum is held in the hand and played by moving the hand]. The Damru is symbolic of the vibration of the Eternal Sound Om.The chanter implores Shiva to make him addicted to this Eternal vibration.

ठाक्का कृतये डमरूधरेशा |
थै थै कृतये तू भव नशा ||

Thakka krutaye damrudhareshaa
Thai thai krutaye tu bhav nashaa

Best time to chant is early morning hours (Brahma Muhurta), around 4.00AM. According to various sources, it is suggested to chant 108 times daily to get good health and wealth. Make it as a practice to chant once when you apply bhasma or holy ash or vibhuthi or chandan or kunkum.


|| Har Har Mahadev ||

This mantra is most beneficial to those who are suffering from long and seemingly incurable chronic ailments.

This Health Mantra has been recommended to be recited for about 2 hours in the morning and evening everyday for those who are bed ridden. The chanter must forget himself and become one with the unique vibrations of this mantra.

This mantra is dedicated to seek the blessings of Shiva as the Ever-Existent Eternal One.


Saavn sadashiv girijanayak mrityunjay jai bhavbhayharak ll


सावं सदाशिव गिरिजानायक मृत्युंजय जय भवभयहारक ll

This is the Shaabri Navnath Trishul Mantra.The Trishul is the weapon of Shiva, it is a three speared weapon mounted on a rod. The deeper significance of the Trishul is that it is said to represent the three THE THREE FORCES OF GOD or the three aspects of creation – Creation, Protection and Destruction.

The mantra describes the three spears as Omkar – the Ever-Existent.The Anahat – the Universal Vibration and Amrut – the Divine Nectar of Liberation with the Ever-Existent as the third spear.

The Trishul was also the symbol of the nine saints and Masters the Navnath.

Navnath Trishul Mantra

Om namoji adesh guruji ko, om dharti so akash laya sidha nivas omkar pahali dhar anahat bani duji dhar,amrut bani ,teesri dhar allakh nirvana,sidha sadakh ne trishul dhariya,loha trishul jogi nirvana aasan pavitra trishul pavitra kahe macchindra sun vaa gorakh trishul sada rakhiyo paas kaal kantak nahi aave trishul mantra sampurna bhaya adesh ll


नवनाथ त्रिशुल मंत्र

ॐ नमोजी आदेश गुरूजी को , ॐ धर्ती सो आकाश लाया सिद्ध निवास ॐ कार पहली धार अनाहत बनी दुजी धार, अमृत बनी , तीसरी धार अल्लाख निर्वाण , सिद्ध साधक ने त्रिशुल धरिया , लोहा त्रिशुल जोगी निर्वाण आसन पवित्र त्रिशुल पवित्र कहे मच्छिंद्र सुन वा गोरख त्रिशुल सदा राखीयो पास काल कंटक नही आवे त्रिशुल मंत्र संपूर्ण भया आदेश ll

Bhairav mantras are amongst the most powerful Protection Mantras.Bhairav the fierce manifestation of Shiva stands for Kaal or time. Time also stands for fear; none can escape it. While worshipping Bhairav one is worshipping fear itself.Tantriks worship Bhairav to overcome fear.

Bhairav is also worshipped in the form of Batuk Bhairav or the child form. This symbolizes the very root of fear. This mantra here is a protection mantra chanted to gain protection of Batuk Bhairav from fear of enemies, ghosts, evil spirits, and fear during travel and from the elements.

The mantra has to be chanted [not in the mind or silently; the words should be audible] 1008 times; for protection.


Om namah kaalrupaya, batuk bhairavaya namah rudraya, namah shivaya, Om tham tham han han tham tham swaha ll


ॐ नम: कालरूपाय, बटुक भैरवाय नम:रुद्राय, नम: शिवाय, ॐ ठं ठं हं हं ठं ठं स्वाहा

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