Vansda National Park

Vansda National Park Gujarat

Vansda National Park, also known as Bansda National Park, is a protected area which represents the thick woodlands of the Dangs and southern Gujarat, and is situated in the Vansda tehsil, Navsari District of Gujarat state, India. Vansda National Park is one of the most densely forested areas in the state of Gujarat. The park is pretty well-known, mostly for its natural beauty. The forest is lush and spectacular, especially in the monsoon season. You should see the Gira waterfall in its full glory! Vansda National Park is located in the hilly ranges of Sahyadri in the Western Ghats.

Gira Waterfalls in Vansda National Park Gujarat

Situated in the Sahyadri ranges, Vansda National Park is popularly known for the impenetrable woodlands. Here the forests are so dense that even the sunlight doesn’t pass through, especially in Dang Forests. There is utter darkness all the day long. Expanded in an area of just 24 km2, the park falls on the bank of Ambika River in the Navsari district of Gujarat. Its name Vansda is derived from the name of Vansda town, located just a few km away from Vandsa National Park. Earlier, this region was possessed by the Maharaja of Vansda but in 1979, the Government of Gujarat took over the control of it and it was declared as the Vansda National Park. Despite of its small size, it never fails to enchant the visitors with its unique magnificence. Small hills, sky-high bamboo trees, craggy valleys, rippling streams, placid waves of Ambika River, spectacular waterfalls, colorful orchids, chirping sound of birds, and myriad colored butterflies  render it a captivating charm.

Vansda National Park

Though Vansda National Park is a typical wild region but getting there is very convenient. It is well connected to the major cities of Gujarat. Its location nearby National Highway Number 8 makes it easy to reach from anywhere. The nearest town and the railway station to Vansda National Park is Waghai, roughly at a distance of 4 km. From here, you can take any auto, taxi or bus and in just 15 minutes, the entrance gate of Vansda National Park would be welcoming you. The other adjacent cities to the Vanda National park are Saputara, Ahwa and Billimora but Waghai is the best approach to get there.  If you’re going by air, land at Surat. It is the nearest airport to the park. From Surat, it will take around 2:30 hours by a car to reach the Vansda National Park. If you wish to go by your own car, you can. Park is open for personal transports too.

Hidden beauty of Vansda National Park

It would be worth saying that Vansda National Park is another name of thick forests. Vansda National Park is place that will surprise you at every stage of your journey. Here you will experience a never-seen quaint beauty and the wilderness of jungles. So let’s explore the beauty in the forests of Vansda National Park.

Vansda National Park Navsari
  • Flora

Vansda National Park abounds in a varied floral beauty. Both moist deciduous and dry deciduous forest increases the beauty of this park. It comprises of about 900 species of flora including trees, plants, grass, herbs, shrubs, flowers, and climbers. Out of all, the soaring bamboo & teak trees and the lovely orchids are the center of attraction.  Here, you have to crane your neck to see the top point of gigantic trees reaching to the height of 120 feet. As you will move ahead through the giant trees and wild mango groves, the awe-inspiring beauty of blooming flowers will broaden your eyes.

  • Fauna

In addition to its exceptional forests, Vansda National Park also houses an abundance of animals. Leopard, Cheetal Chausingha, Barking Deer and many more animals call Vansda National Park their home. Besides mammals, 60 species of butterflies, 30 species of snakes, 120 species of spiders, and 115 species of birds are found here. The list doesn’t stop here. Unnumbered of insects, centipedes, snails and millipedes also find their home in the dense forests of Vansda National Park.

  • Botanical Garden and Waterfalls

This small but amazingly diverse place offers the every unseen beauty of nature at its best. Keep your camera handy because now we’re heading to the lap of nature. If your eyes got somewhat horrified exploring the dark and dense forests of Vansda National Park, now treat them with the mesmerizing view of Gira Falls and Waghai Botanical Garden. Located a few km away from the park, these two tourist spots steal the charm of nature in every possible way.  

Interesting fact about Vansda National Park

Planting a tree is a great deed and not cutting one down is even greater. You would be amused to know that the treasure trove of trees in Vansda National Park is untouched since 1952. The records say, since then, not even a single tree has been cut. A heavy rainfall of about 2000 mm also help trees to flourish more and more.

The Vansda National Park is a heaven for wildlife lovers. Passing through the desolated lanes of dark mysterious forests with a fear of getting attacked is a thrill in itself which you can experience only in Vansda National Park.  So come and feel this thrill to the every core of your heart. You can plan your trip in any season but the time from November to May is the best time to visit this park. Between this time periods, the park is full of lush greenery. Generally, the park remains open throughout the year but sometimes, due to bad weather it is temporary closed. So before leaving, just inquire about it once.

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