What is Kundalini?


In Spirituality, we often come across the terms of Kundalinī chakra, Kundalinī awakening, Kundalinī yoga, etc.

What does Kundalinī actually refer to?
The Kundalinī is the subtle spiritual energy and it generally lies dormant, coiled at the base of the sushumna nadi or the tip of the last bone of the vertebral column. It is symbolised by an uncoiling snake that travels up the spine.
Its primary function is for spiritual evolution. The zenith of spirituality, that is merging with God happens when the Kundalinī travels upward activating each chakra and passes the energy centre at the upper part of the skull (Sahasrār-chakra).

A common question: How to activate our Kundalinī? The Kunḍalinī is activated through spiritual practice, yoga or spiritual transfer of energy.

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