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Wheels or Wheels of Dharma is a tool in which Buddha used to teach us how we can attain enlightenment. Physically it has eight spokes on the wheel of Dharma and each spoke is a representation, or a starting point for the folding of the eight paths to enlightenment. When one of these paths are continuously followed through the life of the people they will finally have inner peace.

The value of the word Dharma is to protect. When a person is follows the eight fold path as they would protect them from suffering and other problems associated of this earth. As humans, we strive every day of our lives to reach the point where we no longer have to encounter metaphorical walls or problems, but from the beginning of time, we have created more and more chaos there is no way around it we can run. By practicing the Dharma, we can finally find a way to means to an end. We can find inner peace and happiness, clearing our minds of selfish feelings.

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