1000 Names of Goddess Kali | Sahasra Namavali of Goddess Kali

Names Of Goddess Kali

Kali Sahasranama Stotra
– the hymn of a thousand names –

1000 Names of Goddess Kali – Sahasranama of Goddess Kali: Sahasranama means thousand (sahasra) names (nama), and Sahasranama Stotra is a hymn eulogizing the Lord by recounting one thousand of His names. As the various sects of Hindu-tradition (Shaivism, Shaktism and Vaishnavism) grew and spread, it must have become extremely popular to write hymns of a thousand names for the primary Deity of worship. The Kali Sahasranama Stotra.

1000 Names of Goddess Kali

1000 names of Kali – Kali Sahasranamavali

No.Hindi NameSanskrit MantraEnglish Translation
1श्मशान कालॐ श्मशानकालिकायै नमः।Smasanakalika : She who is the Remover of Darkness from the Cremation Grounds or from Death
2कालीॐ काल्यै नमः।Kali: She who is the Remover of Darkness.
3भद्रकालीॐ भद्रकाल्यै नमः।Bhadrakali : She who is the Excellent Remover of Darkness.
4कपालिनीॐ कपालिन्यै नमः।Kapalini : She who is the Bearer of the Skulls of Impurity
5गुह्यकालीॐ गुह्यकाल्यै नमः।Guhyakali : She who is the Hidden or Secretive Remover of Darkness.
6महाकालीॐ महाकाल्यै नमः।MahaKali : She who is the Great Remover of Darkness.
7कुरुकुल्लाॐ कुरुकुल्लायै नमः।Kurukullavirodhini : She who confronts the Forces of Duality.
8अविरोधिनीॐ अविरोधिन्यै नमः।Confronts Evils
9कालिकाॐ कालिकायै नमः।Kalika : She who is the cause of Removing darkness
10कालरात्रिॐ कालरात्र्यै नमः।Kalaratrisca : She who is the Dark Night of Egotism
11महाकाल नितॐ महाकालनितम्बिन्यै नमः।Mahakalanitambini : She who is the Eternal Mother of Great Time.
12कालभैरव भार्ॐ कालभैरवभार्यायै नमः।Kalabhairavabharya ca : She who is the Wife of the Fearfulness of Infinite Time
13कुलवर्त्मप्रॐ कुलवर्त्मप्रकाशिन्यै नमः।Kulavartmaprakasini : She who illuminates the whole world family
14कामदाॐ कामदायै नमः।Kamada : She who is the giver of All Desire
15कामिनीॐ कामिन्यै नमः।Kamini : She who is the giver of This Desire
16काम्याॐ काम्यायै नमः।Kamya : She who is desired
17कमनीय सुभाॐ कमनीयसुभाविन्यै नमः।Kamaniyasvabhavini : She who is the Intrinsic Nature of that which is desired.
18कस्तूरीरस नीॐ कस्तूरीरसनीलाङ्ग्यै नमः।Kasturirasaliptangi : She whose Limbs are Anointed with the Juice of Musk
19कुञ्जरेश्वरॐ कुञ्जरेश्वरगामिन्यै नमः।Kunjaresvaragamini : She who Moves like the Lord of Elephants
20ककारवर्ण सॐ ककारवर्णसर्वाङ्ग्यै नमः।Kakaravarnasarvangi : She who is All the Limbs of the Letter “ka” the cause
21कामिनीॐ कामिन्यै नमः।Kamini : She who is This Desire
22कामसुन्दरीॐ कामसुन्दर्यै नमः।Kamasundari : She who si Beautiful Desire
23कामार्त्ताॐ कामार्तायै नमः।Kamarta : She who is the Object of Desire
24कामरूपाॐ कामरूपायै नमः।Kamarupa ca : She who is the Form of Desire
25कामधेनुःॐ कामधेनवे नमः।Kamadhenuh : She who is the cow which fulfills all desires
26कलावतीॐ कलावत्यै नमः।Kalavati : She who is the Respository of All Qualities or Arts
27कान्ताॐ कान्तायै नमः।Kanta : She who is Beauty Enhanced by love
28कामस्वरूपाॐ कामस्वरूपायै नमः।Kamasvarupa ca : She who is the Instrinsic form of desire
29कामाख्याॐ कामाख्यायै नमः।Kamakhya : She whose name is Desire
30कुलपालिनीॐ कुलपालिन्यै नमः।Kulapalini : She who protects Excellence
31कुलीनाॐ कुलीनायै नमः।Kulina : She who is excellence
32कुलवत्याॐ कुलवत्यै नमः।Kulavatyamba : She who is the Repository of Excellence
33अम्बाॐ अम्बायै नमः।The Mother
34दुर्गाॐ दुर्गायै नमः।Durga : She who is the Reliever of Difficulties
35दुर्गार्तिनाशॐ दुर्गार्तिनाशिन्यै नमः।Durgartinasini : She who is the destroyer of All various difficulties
36कौमारीॐ कौमार्यै नमः।Kumari : She who is ever pure
37कुलजाॐ कुलजायै नमः।Kulaja : She who gives birth to excellence
38कृष्णा कृष्णॐ कृष्णाकृष्णदेहायै नमः।Krsna Krsnadeha: She who manifests all action and who had a dark body
39कृशोदरीॐ कृशोदर्यै नमः।Krsodara : She who holds aloft all action
40कृशाङ्गीॐ कृशाङ्ग्यै नमः।Krsamgi : She who embodies all actions
41कुलिशाङ्गीॐ कुलिशाङ्ग्यै नमः।Kulisamgi ca : She who is the embodiment of Excellence
42क्रीङ्कारीॐ क्रीङ्कार्यै नमः।Krimkari : She who causes dissolution of the subtle body in to the causal body.
43कमलाॐ कमलायै नमः।Kamala : She who is lotus ( laksmi )
44कलाॐ कलायै नमः।Kala : She who is art or all attributes
45करालास्याॐ करालास्यायै नमः।Karalasya : She who has a gaping mouth
46करालीॐ कराल्यै नमः।Karali ca : She who dissolves all into her being
47कुलकान्ताॐ कुलकान्तायै नमः।Kulakanta : She whose excellent beauty
48अपराजिताॐ अपराजितायै नमः।Aparajita : She whose is undefeated
49उग्राॐ उग्रायै नमः।Ugra : She who is terrible
50उग्रप्रभाॐ उग्रप्रभायै नमः।Ugraprabha : She whose light is Terrible
51दीप्ताॐ दीप्तायै नमः।Dipta : She who is light
52विप्रचित्ताॐ विप्रचित्तायै नमः।Vipracitta : She whose objects of consciousness are varied
53महाबलाॐ महाबलायै नमः।Mahanana : She Who has a Great face
54नीलाॐ नीलायै नमः।Nilaghana : She Who has the Complexion of a Dark Cloud
55घनाॐ घनायै नमः।
56बलाकाॐ बलाकायै नमः।Valaka ca : She Who Exemplifies the Freedom of a Swan
57मात्रामुद्रापॐ मात्रामुद्रापितायै नमः।Matra Mudramitasita : She Who is Verse and Whose positions of Her Limbs are Extremely Elegant.
58असिताॐ असितायै नमः।
59ब्राह्मीॐ ब्राह्म्यै नमः।Brahmi : She Who is Creative Energy
60नारायणीॐ नारायण्यै नमः।Narayani : She Who is the Exposer of Consciousness
61भद्राॐ भद्रायै नमः।Bhadra : She Who is Excellent
62सुभद्राॐ सुभद्रायै नमः।Subhadra : She Who is the Excellent of Excellence
63भक्तवत्सलाॐ भक्तवत्सलायै नमः।Bhaktavatsala : She Who Nourishes All Devotees
64माहेश्वरीॐ माहेश्वर्यै नमः।Mahesvari ca : She Who is the Great Seer of All
65चामुण्डाॐ चामुण्डायै नमः।Camunda : She Who Moves in the Paradigm of Consciousness
66वाराहीॐ वाराह्यै नमः।Varahi : She Who is the Boar of Sacrifice
67नारसिंहिकाॐ नारसिंहिकायै नमः।Narasimhika : She Who is the Ferocious Half Human Half lion of Courage
68वज्राङ्गीॐ वज्राङ्ग्यै नमः।Vajrangi : She Who has limbs of Lightening
69वज्रकङ्कालाॐ वज्रकङ्काल्यै नमः।Vajrakankali : She Whose head Shines like lightening
70नृमुण्डस्रग्वॐ नृमुण्डस्रग्विण्यै नमः।Nrmundasragvini : She Who is Adorned by a Garland.
71शिवाॐ शिवायै नमः।Siva : She Who is the Energy of the Consciousness of Infinite Goodness.
72मालिनीॐ मालिन्यै नमः।Malini : She Who wears a Garland of Skulls
73नरमुण्डालीॐ नरमुण्डाल्यै नमः।Naramundali : She Who holds the Head of a Man
74गलद्रक्त विॐ गलद्रक्तविभूषणायै नमः।Galatrudhirabhusana : From the Garland of Skulls around Her Neck Fall Drops of Blood
75रक्तचन्दनॐ रक्तचन्दनसिक्ताङ्ग्यै नमः।Ratkacandanasiktangi : She whose Limbs are covered by red
76सिन्दूरारुणॐ सिन्दूरारुणमस्तकायै नमः।Sindurarunamastaka : She whose Forehead is Marked with the Vermillion of Love which Brings the Light of Wisdom
77घोररूपाॐ घोररूपायै नमः।Ghorarupa : She Who is of Fearful Form
78घोरदंष्ट्राॐ घोरदंष्ट्रायै नमः।Ghoradamstra : She Whose Teeth are Fearful
79घोरा घोरतराॐ घोराघोरतरायै नमः।Ghoraghoratara : She Who is Auspicious which Takes beyond Inauspiciousness
80शुभाॐ शुभायै नमः।Subha : She Who is Pure
81महादंष्ट्राॐ महादंष्ट्रायै नमः।Mahadamstra : She Who has Great Teeth
82महामायाॐ महामायायै नमः।Mahamaya : She Who is the Great Definition of Consciousness
83सुदतीॐ सुदत्यै नमः।Sundanti : She Who has Excellent Teeth.
84युगदन्तुराॐ युगदन्तुरायै नमः।Yugadantura : She Who is Beyond the Ages of Time
85सुलोचनाॐ सुलोचनायै नमः।Sulocana : She Who has Beautiful eyes
86विरूपाक्षीॐ विरूपाक्ष्यै नमः।Virupaksi : She Whose Eyes are of Indescribably form
87विशालाक्षीॐ विशालाक्ष्यै नमः।Visalaksi : She Who has Great Eyes
88त्रिलोचनाॐ त्रिलोचनायै नमः।Trilocana : She Who Has three Eyes
89शारदेन्दु प्रॐ शारदेन्दुप्रसन्नास्यायै नमः।Saradenduprasannasya : She Who is pleased as the Autumn Moon
90स्फुरत् स्मेताॐ स्फुरत्स्मेराम्बुजेक्षणायै नमः।Sphuratsmerambujeksana : She whose Purity Shines in Her Lotus Eyes
91अट्टहासाॐ अट्टहासायै नमः।Attahasaprasannasya : She Who has Great Laugh in Extreme pleasure
92प्रसन्नास्याॐ प्रसन्नास्यायै नमः।
93स्मेरवक्त्राॐ स्मेरवक्त्रायै नमः।Smeravaktra : She Who Speaks Words of Remembrance
94सुभाषिणीॐ सुभाषिण्यै नमः।Subhasini : She Who has Excellent Expression
95प्रफुल्लपद्मॐ प्रसन्नपद्मवदनायै नमः।Prasannapadmavadana : She Whose Lotus Lips Smile
96स्मितास्याॐ स्मितास्यायै नमः।Smitasya : She Whose Face is Always Happy.
97प्रियभाषिणीॐ प्रियभाषिण्यै नमः।Piyabhasini : She Who is the Beloved Expression of Love
98कोटराक्षीॐ कोटराक्ष्यै नमः।Kotaraksi : She Whose Eyes are Infinite
99कुलश्रेष्ठाॐ कुलश्रेष्ठायै नमः।Kulasresta : She Who is the Excellent of Excellence or of Excellent Family.
100महतीॐ महत्यै नमः।Mahati : She Who has a Great Mind
101बहुभाषिणीॐ बहुभाषिण्यै नमः।Bahubhasini : She Who Has Various Expressions
102सुमतिःॐ सुमत्यै नमः।Sumatih : She Who has an Excellent Mind
103कुमतिःॐ कुमत्यै नमः।Kumatih : She Who has a Devious Mind
104चण्डाॐ चण्डायै नमः।Canda : She Who has Passion
105चण्डमुण्डाॐ चण्डमुण्डायै नमः।Candamundativegini : She Who destroys passion Meanness and other negativities
106अतिवेगिनीॐ अतिवेगिन्यै नमः।
107प्रचण्डाॐ प्रचण्डायै नमः।Pracandacandika : She Who is Great Terrible Passion
108चण्डिकाॐ चण्डिकायै नमः।
109चण्डाॐ चण्ड्यै नमः।Candi : She Who Tears Apart Thoughts
110चर्चिकाॐ चर्चिकायै नमः।Candika : She Who is the Cause of Tearing Apart All thought
111चण्डवेगिनीॐ चण्डवेगिन्यै नमः।Candavegini : She who destroys all passion
112सुकेशीॐ सुकेश्यै नमः।Sukesi : She Who has beautiful hair
113मुक्तकेशीॐ मुक्तकेश्यै नमः।Muktakesi ca : She Who had unbound Hair
114दीर्घकेशीॐ दीर्घकेश्यै नमः।Dirghakesi : She Who has long hair
115महत्कचाॐ महत्कचायै नमः।Mahatkuca : She Who has large breasts.
116प्रेतदेहाकर्णॐ प्रेतदेहाकर्णपूरायै नमः।Pretadehakarnapura : She Who has the ears of the Cosmic Body
117प्रेतपाणिसुमेॐ प्रेतपाणीसुमेखलायै नमः।Pratapanisumekhala : She Who has the hands and Waist of the Cosmic Body
118प्रेतासनाॐ प्रेतासनायै नमः।Pretasana : She Who sits with disembodied spirits.
119प्रियप्रेताॐ प्रियप्रेतायै नमः।Priyapreta : She Who is the Beloved of Disembodied Spirits.
120प्रेतभूमिकृताॐ प्रेतभूमिकृतालयायै नमः।Pretabhumikrtalaya : She Who is the Land Where Disembodied Spirits Reside
121श्मशानवासिॐ श्मशानवासिन्यै नमः।Smasanavasini : She Who resides in the Cremation Grounds
122पुण्याॐ पुण्यायै नमः।Punya : She Who is Merit
123पुण्यदाॐ पुण्यदायै नमः।Punyada : She Who is the Giver of Merit.
124कुलपण्डिताॐ कुलपण्डितायै नमः।Kulapandita : She Who is the One of Excellent Knowledge.
125पुण्यालयाॐ पुण्यालयायै नमः।Punyalaya : She Who is the Residencee of Merit
126पुण्यदेहाॐ पुण्यदेहायै नमः।Punyadeha : She Who Embodies Merit
127पुण्यश्लोकाॐ पुण्यश्लोक्यै नमः।Punyasloka ca : She Who every Utterance is Merit
128पावनीॐ पावन्यै नमः।Pavini : She Who Blows Like a Fresh Breeze.
129पुत्राॐ पुत्रायै नमः।Puta : She Who is the Daughter
130पवित्राॐ पवित्रायै नमः।Pavitra : She Who is pure.
131परमाॐ परमायै नमः।Parama : She Who is Supreme
132पुराॐ पुरायै नमः।Purapunyavibhusana : She Who Illuminated the Fullest Merit.
133पुण्य-विभूषॐ पुण्यविभूषणायै नमः।
134पुण्यनाम्नीॐ पुण्यनाम्न्यै नमः।Punyanamni : She Whose Name is Meritorious.
135भीतिहराॐ भीतिहरायै नमः।Bhitihara : She Who takes away fear and Doubt
136वरदाॐ वरदायै नमः।Varada : She Who is the Grantor of Boons.
137खड्गपाणिनीॐ खड्गपाणिन्यै नमः।Khangapalini : She Who Has the sword of Wisdom in Her Hand.
138नृमुण्डहस्ताॐ नृमुण्डहस्तशस्तायै नमः।Nrmundahastasasta ca : She Who Holds the Skull of Impure Thought
139छिन्नमस्ताॐ छिन्नमस्तायै नमः।Chinnamasta : She Who holds the Severed head of Duality
140सुनासिकाॐ सुनासिकायै नमः।Sunasika : She Who Has an Excellent Organ of Scent.
141दक्षिणाॐ दक्षिणायै नमः।Daksina : She Who looks to the South; She who is the Offering Made in Respect for Guidance.
142श्यामलाॐ श्यामलायै नमः।Syamala : She Who has a Dark Complexion.
143श्यामाॐ श्यामायै नमः।Syama : She Who is Dark
144शान्ताॐ शान्तायै नमः।Santa : She Who is Peace.
145पीनोन्नतस्तॐ पीनोन्नतस्तन्यै नमः।Pinonnatastani : She Who raises the Trident in Her Hands.
146दिगम्बरीॐ दिगम्बरायै नमः।Digambara : She Who Wears Space.
147घोररावाॐ घोररावायै नमः।Ghorarava : She Whose sound in terrible.
148सृक्कान्ताॐ सृक्कान्तायै नमः।Srkkanta : She Whose beauty creates.
149रक्त-वाहिनीॐ रक्तवाहिन्यै नमः।Raktavahini : She Who is the Vehicle of passion
150घोररावाॐ घोररावायै नमः।Ghorarava : She Whose Sound is Terrible
151शिवाॐ शिवायै नमः।Sivasamgi : She who is with Siva.
152खड्गाॐ खड्गायै नमः।
153विशङ्काॐ विशङ्कायै नमः।Visamgi : She Who is Without Any other.
154मदनातुराॐ मदनातुरायै नमः।Madanatura : She Who is the Ultimate intoxication.
155मत्ताॐ मत्तायै नमः।Matta : She Who is the Great Mind or Thinker.
156प्रमत्ताॐ प्रमत्तायै नमः।Pramatta : She Who is the Foremost Mind or Thinker.
157प्रमदाॐ प्रमदायै नमः।Pramada : She Who is the Giver of Preeminence.
158सुधासिन्धुनिॐ सुधासिन्धुनिवासिन्यै नमः।Sudhasindhunivasini : She Who Resides in the Ocean of Purity.
159अभिमत्ताॐ अतिमत्तायै नमः।Atimatta : She Who is Extremely Great Mind
160महामत्ताॐ महामत्तायै नमः।Mahamatta : She Who is the Great Great Mind
161सर्वाकर्षणॐ सर्वाकर्षणकारिण्यै नमः।Sarvakarsanakarini : She Who is the Cause of All Attraction
162गीतप्रियाॐ गीतप्रियायै नमः।Gitapriya : She Who is the Beloved of Songs.
163वाद्यरताॐ वाद्यरतायै नमः।Vadyarata : She Who is Extremely Pleased by Music
164प्रेतनृत्यपराॐ प्रेतनृत्यपरायणायै नमः।Pretanrtyaparayana : She Who is the Eternal Dance of Disembodied Spirits.
165चतुर्भुजाॐ चतुर्भुजायै नमः।Caturbhuja : She Who Has four Arms.
166दशभुजाॐ दशभुजायै नमः।Dasabhuja : She Who Has Ten Arms.
167अष्टादशभुजाॐ अष्टादशभुजायै नमः।Astadasabhuja tatha : She Who Has Eighteen Arms also.
168कात्यायनीॐ कात्यायन्यै नमः।Katyayani : She Who is ever pure.
169जगन्माताॐ जगन्मात्रे नमः।Jaganmata : She Who is the Mother of the Perceivable Universe.
170जगतीॐ जगत्यै नमः।Jagatam Paramesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Perceivable Universe.
171परमेश्वरीॐ परमेश्वर्यै नमः।
172जगद्बन्धुःॐ जगद्बन्धवे नमः।Jagadhandhuh : She Who is the Friend of the Perceivable Universe.
173जगद्धात्रीॐ जगद्धात्र्यै नमः।Jagaddhatri : She Who creates the Perceivable Universe.
174जगदानन्दकाॐ जगदानन्दकारिण्यै नमः।Jagadanandakarini : She Who is the Cause of Bliss in the perceivable Universe
175जगन्मयीॐ जगन्मय्यै नमः।Jagajjivamayi : She Who is the Manifestation of All Life in the Universe.
176हेमवतीॐ हैमवत्यै नमः।Haimavati : She Who is Born of Himalayas.
177महामायाॐ महामायायै नमः।Maya : She Who is the Great Measurement of Consciousness.
178महामहाॐ महामहायै नमः।Mahamahi : She Who is the Great expression.
179नागयज्ञोपवीॐ नागयज्ञोपवीताङ्ग्यै नमः।Nagayajnopavitangi : She Who is the Sacred thread on the body of the snake the adornment of Kundalini.
180नागिनीॐ नागिन्यै नमः।Nagini : She who is the snake.
181नागशायिनीॐ नागशायिन्यै नमः।Nagasayini : She who rests on snakes.
182नागकन्याॐ नागकन्यायै नमः।Nagakanya : She Who is the daughter of the snake.
183देवकन्याॐ देवकन्यायै नमः।Devakanya : She Who is the Daugther of the Gods.
184गन्धर्वीॐ गन्धर्व्यै नमः।Gandharvi ; She Who sings Celestial divine tunes.
185किन्नरेश्वरीॐ किन्नरेश्वर्यै नमः।Kinnaresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Heavenly Beings.
186मोहरात्रिॐ मोहरात्र्यै नमः।Moharatrih : She Who is the Night of ignorance.
187महारात्रिॐ महारात्र्यै नमः।Maharatrih : She Who is the Great Nights.
188दारुणाॐ दारुणायै नमः।Daruna : She Who supports all
189भासुराम्बराॐ भासुराम्बरायै नमः।Bhasvarasuri : She Whose Radiancee Destroys Duality.
190विद्याधरीॐ विद्याधर्यै नमः।Vidyadhari : She Who Grants Great Knowledge
191वसुमतिॐ वसुमत्यै नमः।Vasumati : She Who has Wealth.
192यक्षिणीॐ यक्षिण्यै नमः।Yaksini : She Who Gives Wealth.
193योगिनीॐ योगिन्यै नमः।Yogini : She Who is Always in Union.
194जराॐ जरायै नमः।Jara : She Who is old
195राक्षसीॐ राक्षस्यै नमः।Raksasi : She Who is the Mother of all Demons.
196डाकिनीॐ डाकिन्यै नमः।Dakini : She Who is the Female Demonic Being.
197वेदमयीॐ वेदमय्यै नमः।Vedamayi : She Who is the Expression of Wisdom.
198वेदविभूषणाॐ वेदविभूषणायै नमः।Vedavibhusana : She Who illuminated wisdom.
199श्रुतिॐ श्रुत्यै नमः।Srutih : She Who is That Which has been heard.
200स्मृतिॐ स्मृत्यै नमः।Smrtih : She Who is That which is remembered.
201महाविद्याॐ महाविद्यायै नमः।Mahavidya : She Who is Great Knowledge.
202गुह्यविद्याॐ गुह्यविद्यायै नमः।Guhyavidya : She Who is Hidden Knowledge
203पुरातनीॐ पुरातन्यै नमः।Puratani : She Who is the Oldest
204चिन्त्याॐ चिन्त्यायै नमः।Cintya : She Who is Thought.
205अचिन्त्याॐ अचिन्त्यायै नमः।Acintya : She Who is unthinkable.
206सुधाॐ सुधायै नमः।Svadha : She Who is oblations of Ancestral Praise
207स्वाहाॐ स्वाहायै नमः।Svaha : She Who is Oblations of I am one with God.
208निद्राॐ निद्रायै नमः।Nidra : She Who is sleep.
209तन्द्राॐ तन्द्रायै नमः।Tandra ca : She Who is partially awake.
210पार्वतीॐ पार्वत्यै नमः।Parvati : She Who is the Daughter of the Mountain
211अपर्णाॐ अपर्णायै नमः।Aparna : She Who is Without parts.
212निश्चलाॐ निश्चलायै नमः।Niscala : She Who cannot be divided.
213लोलाॐ लोलायै नमः।Lola : She Who has a Protruding Tongue.
214सर्वविद्याॐ सर्वविद्यायै नमः।Sarvadidya : She Who is All Knowledge.
215तपस्विनीॐ तपस्विन्यै नमः।Tapasvini : She Who is the Performer of Purifying Austeritites.
216गङ्गाॐ गङ्गायै नमः।Gamga : She Who is the Holy river.
217काशीॐ काश्यै नमः।Kasi : She Who is the Benaras.
218शचीॐ शच्यै नमः।Saci : She Who is the Wife of Indra.
219सीताॐ सीतायै नमः।Sita : She Who is the wife of Rama.
220सतीॐ सत्यै नमः।Sati : She Who is the wife of Siva
221सत्यपरायणाॐ सत्यपरायणायै नमः।Satyaparayana : She Who always Moves in truth.
222नीतिॐ नीत्यै नमः।Nitih : She Who is systematized knowledge or Method
223सुनीतिॐ सुनीत्यै नमः।Sunitih : She Who is Excellent Systematized knowledge.
224सुरुचिॐ सुरुच्यै नमः।Surucih : She Who is Excellent Taste.
225तुष्टिॐ तुष्ट्यै नमः।Tustih : She Who is satisfaction
226पुष्टिॐ पुष्ट्यै नमः।Pustih : She Who is Nourishment.
227धृतिॐ धृत्यै नमः।Dhrtih : She Who is consistent solidity.
228क्षमाॐ क्षमायै नमः।Ksama : She Who is forgiveness
229वाणीॐ वाण्यै नमः।Vani : She Who is words.
230बुद्धिॐ बुद्ध्यै नमः।Buddhih : She Who is intelligence.
231महालक्ष्मीॐ महालक्ष्म्यै नमः।Mahalaksmih : She Who is the Great Goal of Existence.
232लक्ष्मीॐ लक्ष्म्यै नमः।Laksmih : She Who is the Goal.
233नीलसरस्वतीॐ नीलसरस्वत्यै नमः।Nilasarasvati : She Who is the Blue Goddess of Knowledge.
234स्रोतस्वतीॐ स्रोतस्वत्यै नमः।Srotasvati : She Who is the Spirit of All Sounds.
235सरस्वतीॐ सरस्वत्यै नमः।Sarasvati : She Who is the personification of One’s own Ocean of Existence.
236मातङ्गीॐ मातङ्ग्यै नमः।Matamgi ; She Who is the Mother of All Bodies.
237विजयाॐ विजयायै नमः।Vijaya : She Who is conquest.
238जयाॐ जयायै नमः।Jaya : She Who is Victory.
239नदीॐ नद्यै नमः।Nadi sindhuh : She Who is Rivers and Oceans.
240सिन्धुॐ सिन्धवे नमः।
241सर्वमयीॐ सर्वमय्यै नमः।Sarvamayi : She Who is the expressions of All.
242ताराॐ तारायै नमः।Tara : She Who is the Illuminator.
243शून्य-निवासिॐ शून्यनिवासिन्यै नमः।Sunyanivasini : She Who Resides in Silencee.
244शुद्धाॐ शुद्धायै नमः।Suddha : She Who is Purity.
245तरङ्गिणीॐ तरङ्गिण्यै नमः।Tarangini : She Who makes Waves.
246मेधाॐ मेधायै नमः।Medha : She Who is the Intellect of Love.
247लाकिनीॐ लाकिन्यै नमः।Lakini : She Who is Manifesed Energies.
248बहुरूपिणीॐ बहुरूपिण्यै नमः।Bahurupini : She Who has many forms.
249स्थूलाॐ स्थूलायै नमः।Sthula : She Who is the Gross Body.
250सूक्ष्माॐ सूक्ष्मायै नमः।Suksma : She Who is Subtle.
251सूक्ष्मतराॐ सूक्ष्मतरायै नमः।Suksmatara : She Who is the Subtle Wave.
252भगवतीॐ भगवत्यै नमः।Bhagavati : She Who is the Female Ruler of all.
253अनुरूपिणीॐ अनुरूपिण्यै नमः।Anuragini : She Who is the feeling of emotions.
254परमाणुस्वरूपॐ परमाणुस्वरूपायै नमः।Paramanandarupa ca : She Who is the Form of Supreme Bliss.
255चिदानन्द स्वॐ चिदानन्दस्वरूपिण्यै नमः।Cidanandasvarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Bliss of Consciousness.
256सदानन्दमयीॐ सदानन्दमय्यै नमः।Sarvanandamayi : She Who is the Expression of of All Bliss
257सत्याॐ सत्यायै नमः।Nitya : She Who is Eternal
258सर्वानन्द स्ॐ सर्वानन्दस्वरूपिण्यै नमः।Sarvanandasvarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Natura of All Bliss.
259सुनन्दाॐ सुनन्दायै नमः।Subhada : She Who is Giver of Purity.
260नन्दिनीॐ नन्दिन्यै नमः।Nandini : She Who is blissful
261स्तुत्याॐ स्तुत्यायै नमः।Stutya : She Who is praise.
262स्तवनीया स्ॐ स्तवनीयस्वभाविन्यै नमः।Stavaniyasvabhavani : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of Songs of Prayers.
263रङ्गिणीॐ रङ्गिण्यै नमः।Ramkini : She Who Manifests subtlety
264टङ्किणीॐ टङ्किन्यै नमः।Bhamkini : She Who is Ferocious.
265चित्राॐ चित्रायै नमः।Citra : She Who is Artistic.
266विचित्राॐ विचित्रायै नमः।Vicitra : She Who has Various Artistic capacities.
267चित्ररूपिणीॐ चित्ररूपिण्यै नमः।Citrarupini : She Who is the Form of all art.
268पद्माॐ पद्मायै नमः।Padma : She Who is the Lotus.
269पद्मालयाॐ पद्मालयायै नमः।Padmalaya : She Who Resides in a Lotus.
270पद्ममुखीॐ पद्ममुख्यै नमः।Padamukhi : She Who has Lotus Mouth.
271पद्मविभूषणाॐ पद्मविभूषणायै नमः।Padmavibhusana : She Who shines like a Lotus.
272डाकिणीॐ डाकिन्यै नमः।Hakini : She is the Energy of the Divine ”I”
273शाकिनीॐ शाकिन्यै नमः।Sakini : She Who is the Energy of Peace
274क्षान्ताॐ क्षान्तायै नमः।Santa : She Who is Peace
275राकिणीॐ राकिण्यै नमः।Rakini : She Who is the Energy of Subtlety
276रुधिरप्रियाॐ रुधिरप्रियायै नमः।Rudhirapriya : She Who is the Beloved
277भ्रान्तिॐ भ्रान्त्यै नमः।Bhrantih : She Who is Confusion.
278भवानीॐ भवान्यै नमः।Bhavani : She Who is Manifested Existence
279रुद्राणीॐ रुद्राण्यै नमः।Rudrani : She Who is the Energy that removes sufferings.
280मृडानीॐ मृडान्यै नमः।Mrdani : She Who is the Rhythm of Life
281शत्रुमर्दिनीॐ शत्रुमर्दिन्यै नमः।Satrumardini : She Who is the destroyer of All Enmity.
282उपेन्द्राणीॐ उपेन्द्राण्यै नमः।Upendrani : She Who is the Highest Energy of the Ruler of the Pure.
283महेन्द्राणीॐ महेन्द्राण्यै नमः।Mahendrani : She Who is the Great Energy of the Ruler of the Pure.
284ज्योत्स्नाॐ ज्योत्स्नायै नमः।Jyotsna : She Who radiates Light.
285चेन्द्रस्वरूपिॐ चन्द्रस्वरूपिण्यै नमः।Candrasvrupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Moon of Devotions.
286सूर्य्यात्मिकॐ सूर्यात्मिकायै नमः।Suryarmika : She Who is the Soul of the Light of Wisdom.
287रुद्रपत्नीॐ रुद्रपत्न्यै नमः।Rudrapatni : She Who is the Wife of Rudra the Reliever of Sufferings
288रौद्रीॐ रौद्र्यै नमः।Raudri : She Who is Fierce.
289स्त्रीॐ स्त्रियै नमः।Stri Prakrtih : She Who is the Woman of Nature or the Nature of Women.
290प्रकृतिॐ प्रकृत्यै नमः।
291पुंसाॐ पुंसे नमः।Puman : She Who is Masculin.
292शक्तिॐ शक्त्यै नमः।Saktih : She Who is Energy
293मुक्तिॐ मुक्त्यै नमः।Suktih : She Who is Happiness.
294मतिॐ मत्यै नमः।Matih : She Who is the Mind.
295मात्राॐ मात्रे नमः।Mata : She Who is the Mother.
296भक्तिॐ भक्त्यै नमः।Bhuktih : She Who is Enjoyment.
297मुक्तिॐ मुक्त्यै नमः।Muktih : She Who is Liberation.
298पतिव्रताॐ पतिव्रतायै नमः।Pativrata : She Who Observes the Vows of Devotion to her Husband.
299सर्वेश्वरीॐ सर्वेश्वर्यै नमः।Sarvesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of All.
300सर्वमात्राॐ सर्वमात्रे नमः।Sarvamata : She Who is Mother of All.
301शर्वाणीॐ शर्वाण्यै नमः।Sarvani : She Who Dwells in All.
302हरवल्लभाॐ हरवल्लभायै नमः।Haravallabha : She Who is Siva’s Strength.
303सर्वज्ञाॐ सर्वज्ञायै नमः।Sarvajna : She Who is Knower of All.
304सिद्धिदाॐ सिद्धिदायै नमः।Siddhida : She Who is Giver of the Attainment of Perfection.
305सिद्धाॐ सिद्धायै नमः।Siddha : She Who has Attained Perfection.
306भव्याभाव्याॐ भव्याभव्यायै नमः।Bhavya : She Who is Existence. Bhavya : She Who is All Attitudes.
307भयापहाॐ भयापहायै नमः।Bhayapaha : She Who is Beyond all Fear.
308कर्त्रीॐ कर्त्र्यै नमः।Kartri : She Who Creates.
309हर्त्रीॐ हर्त्र्यै नमः।Hartri : She Who Transforms or Destroys.
310पालयित्रीॐ पालयित्र्यै नमः।Palayitri : She Who Protects
311शर्वरीॐ शर्वर्यै नमः।Sarvari : She Who Gives Rest
312तामसीॐ तामस्यै नमः।Tamasi : She Who Manifests Darkness
313दयाॐ दयायै नमः।Daya : She Who is Compassionate.
314तमिस्रा-तामॐ तमिस्रातामस्यै नमः।Tamisra : She Who mixes or Mingles. Tamasi : She who Manifest Darkness.
315स्थास्नवाॐ स्थास्नवे नमः।Sthanuh : She Who is Established
316स्थिराॐ स्थिरायै नमः।Sthira : She who is Still
317धीराॐ धीरायै नमः।Dhira : She Who is Stationary
318तपस्विनीॐ तपस्विन्यै नमः।Tapasvini : She Who performs Austerities.
319चार्वङ्गीॐ चार्वङ्ग्यै नमः।Carvangi : She Whose Body is in Motion.
320चञ्चलाॐ चञ्चलायै नमः।Cancala : She Who is restless.
321लोलजिह्वाॐ लोलजिह्वायै नमः।Lolajihva : She Who has a Protruding Tongue.
322चारु चरित्रिॐ चारुचरित्रिण्यै नमः।Carucaritrini : She Whose Character is to Heal.
323त्रपाॐ त्रपायै नमः।Trapa : She Who saves from Fear.
324त्रपावतीॐ त्रपावत्यै नमः।Trapavati : She Whose Spirits saves from Fear.
325लज्जाॐ लज्जायै नमः।Lajja : She Who is Modesty.
326विलज्जाॐ विलज्जायै नमः।Vilajja : She Who is without Modesty.
327हरयौवतीॐ हरयौवत्यै नमः।Hrih : She who is Humble. Rajovati : She Who is the Repository of Rajas Guna.
328सत्ववतीॐ सत्यवत्यै नमः।Sarasvati : She Who is the Personification of One’s own Ocean
329धर्मनिष्ठाॐ धर्मनिष्ठायै नमः।Dharmanistha : She Who is the Strict Observances of the Ideals of Perfection.
330श्रेष्ठाॐ श्रेष्ठायै नमः।Srestha : She Who is Ultimate.
331निष्ठुरवादिनीॐ निष्ठुरवादिन्यै नमः।Nisthuranadini : She Whose Vibration is Extremely Subtle.
332गरिष्ठाॐ गरिष्ठायै नमः।Garistha : She Who is Always Happy to See Her Devotees.
333दुष्टसंहर्त्रीॐ दुष्टसंहन्त्र्यै नमः।Dustasamhartri : She Who Dissolves All Evil.
334विशिष्टाॐ विशिष्टायै नमः।Visista : She Who is Especially Beloved.
335श्रेयसीॐ श्रेयस्यै नमः।Sreyasi : She Who is the Ultimate.
336घृणाॐ घृणायै नमः।Ghrna : She Who is Hatred.
337भीमाॐ भीमायै नमः।Bhima : She Who is Terribly Fierce.
338भयानकाॐ भयानकायै नमः।Bhayanaka : She Who is Extremely Fearful.
339भीमनादिनीॐ भीमनादिन्यै नमः।Bhimanadini : She Who has a Fierce Roar
340भी:ॐ भिये नमः।Bhih : She Who is Fierce.
341प्रभावतीॐ प्रभावत्यै नमः।Prabhavati : She Who is the Spirit of Illumination.
342वागीश्वरीॐ वागीश्वर्यै नमः।Vagisvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of All Vibrations.
343श्री:ॐ श्रिये नमः।Srih : She Who is Respect
344यमुनाॐ यमुनायै नमः।Yamuna : She Who Manifests complete control.
345यज्ञकत्रींॐ यज्ञकर्त्र्यै नमः।Yajnakartri : She Who is the Performer of Union or Sacrifice.
346यजुःप्रियाॐ यजुःप्रियायै नमः।Yajuhpriya : She Who is the Beloved of Union or Lover of Yajur Veda.
347ऋक्सामाथर्ॐ ऋक्सामाथर्वनिलयायै नमः।Rksamarthavanilaya : She Who resides in the Three vedas
348रागिणीॐ रागिण्यै नमः।Ragini : She Who is All Rhythm
349शोभनाॐ शोभनायै नमः।Sobhanasvara : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Illumination
350सुराॐ सुरायै नमः।
351कलकण्ठीॐ कलकण्ठ्यै नमः।Kalakanthi : She Who Has a dark throat.
352कम्बुकण्ठीॐ कम्बुकण्ठ्यै नमः।Kambukanthi : She Whose Neck has Lines like a Conch Shell.
353वेगुवीणापरायॐ वेणुवीणापरायणायै नमः।Venuvinaparayana : She Who is Always Playing the Vina Instruments.
354वंशिनीॐ वंशिन्यै नमः।Vamsini : She For Whom all is Family
355वैष्णवीॐ वैष्णव्यै नमः।Vaisnavi : She Who Pervades the Universe.
356स्वच्छाॐ स्वच्छायै नमः।Svaccha : She Who Desires Herself.
357धात्रीॐ धात्र्यै नमः।Dharitri : She Who Holds the Three.
358त्रिजगदीश्वॐ त्रिजगदीश्वर्यै नमः।Jagadisvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Perceivable Universe.
359मधुमतीॐ मधुमत्यै नमः।Madhumati : She Who is the Nectar of Honey.
360कुण्डलिनीॐ कुण्डलिन्यै नमः।Kundalini : She Who is the Manifestation of Individual Energy.
361ऋद्धिःॐ ऋद्ध्यै नमः।Rddhih : She Who is Prosperity.
362सिद्धिःॐ शुद्ध्यै नमः।Siddhih : She Who is the Attainment of Perfection.
363शुचिस्मिताॐ शुचिस्मितायै नमः।Sucismita : She Who is the Remembrance of the Pure.
364रम्भोर्वशी रॐ रम्भोर्वशीरतीरामायै नमः।Rambhorvasi : She Who is the Apsaras Rambha and Urvasi. Rati Rama : She Who is Extremely Beautiful.
365रोहिणीॐ रोहिण्यै नमः।Rohini : She Who is the Luminous Light of The Heavens.
366रेवतीॐ रेवत्यै नमः।Sankhini : She Who Holds a Conch Shell.
367मघाॐ मघायै नमः।Magha : She Who is Infinite Wealth.
368शङ्खिनीॐ शङ्खिन्यै नमः।Revati : She Who is Abundance.
369चक्रिणीॐ चक्रिण्यै नमः।Cakrini : She Who Holds a discuss.
370कृष्णाॐ कृष्णायै नमः।Krsna : She Who is Dark She Who is the performer of All Actions.
371गदिनीॐ गदिन्यै नमः।Gadini : She Who holds a Club.
372पद्मिनीॐ पद्मिन्यै नमः।Padmini Tatha : She Who is a Lotus then.
373शूलिनीॐ शूलिन्यै नमः।Sulini : She Who Holds a Spear.
374परिघास्त्राॐ परिघास्त्रायै नमः।Parighastra ca : She Who Holds the Weapon of Good Actions
375पाशिनीॐ पाशिन्यै नमः।Pasini : She Who Holds the Net.
376शार्ङ्गपाणिॐ शार्ङ्गपाणिन्यै नमः।Samgapanini: She Who Holds the Bow named samga in Her Hands.
377पिनाकधारिणीॐ पिनाकधारिण्यै नमः।Pinakadharini : She Who Holds the Spear.
378धूम्राॐ धूम्रायै नमः।Dhumra : She Who Obscures Perceptions.
379सुरभीॐ सुरभ्यै नमः।Sarabhi : She Whose Strength is Greater than Lions or Elephants.
380वनमालिनीॐ वनमालिन्यै नमः।Vanamalini : She Who is the Gardener of the Forest.
381रथिनीॐ रथिन्यै नमः।Rathini : She Who Conveys All.
382समरप्रीताॐ समरप्रीतायै नमः।Samaraprita : She Who Loves the Battle.
383वेगिनीॐ वेगिन्यै नमः।Vegini : She Who is Swift.
384रणपण्डिताॐ रणपण्डितायै नमः।Ranapandita : She Who is Expert in War.
385जटिनीॐ जटिन्यै नमः।Jatini : She Who Has disheveled Hair.
386वज्रिणीॐ वज्रिण्यै नमः।Vajrini : She Who holds the Thunderbolt or Lightening.
387नील लावण्याॐ नीललावण्याम्बुधिचन्द्रिकायै नमः।Lila : She Who is the Divine Drama. Iavanyambudhicandrika : She Whose Beauty Radiated the Light of Knowledge.
388बलिप्रियाॐ बलिप्रियायै नमः।Balipriya : She Who is the Beloved of Sacrifice.
389सदापूज्याॐ सदापूज्यायै नमः।Sadapujya : She Who is Worthy of Worship. Purna : She Who is Full Complete Perfect.
390दैत्येन्द्र मथॐ दैत्येन्द्रमथिन्यै नमः।Daityendramathini : She Who is Welcomed by the Leader of All Asuras.
391महिषासुरसंहॐ महिषासुरसंहर्त्र्यै नमः।Mahisasurasamhartri : She Who is Destroyer of the Great Ruler of Duality.
392कामिनीॐ कामिन्यै नमः।Kamini : She Who is All Desires.
393रक्तदन्तिकाॐ रक्तदन्तिकायै नमः।Raktadantika : She Who Has Red Teeth.
394रक्तपाॐ रक्तपायै नमः।Raktapa : She Who Protects Passion
395रुधिराक्ताङ्गीॐ रुधिराक्ताङ्ग्यै नमः।Rudhiraktangi : She Whose Body is Covered with Passion.
396रक्तखर्पर धॐ रक्तखर्परधारिण्यै नमः।Raktakharparahastini : She Who Bears a Cup of Passion in Her Hands.
397रक्तप्रियाॐ रक्तप्रियायै नमः।Raktapriya : She Whose Loves or is the Beloved of Passion.
398मांसरुचिराॐ मांसरुचये नमः।Mamsarucirasavasaktamanasa : She Who Delights in Eating Meat and Drinking Intoxicating Spirits.
399वासवासक्तॐ वासवासक्तमानसायै नमः।
400गलच्छोणितॐ गलच्छोणितमुण्डाल्यै नमः।Galacchonitamundali : She Who Wears a Garland of Heads Dripping Blood.
401कण्ठमाला वॐ कण्ठमालाविभूषणायै नमः।Kanthamalavibhusana : She Who Wears a Garland Upon Her Neck.
402शवासनाॐ शवासनायै नमः।Savasana : She Who sits upon a Corpse.
403चितान्तस्थाॐ चितान्तस्स्थायै नमः।Citantahstha : She Who is Established in the Ultimate Consciousness.
404माहेशीॐ माहेश्यै नमः।Mahesi : She Who is the Greatest Seer of ALL.
405वृषवाहिनीॐ वृषवाहिन्यै नमः।Vrsavahini : She Who Rides Upon the Bull of Determination.
406व्याघ्रत्वगम्ॐ व्याघ्रत्वगम्बरायै नमः।Vyaghratvagambara : She Who Wears a Garment of Tiger Skin.
407चीनचेलिनीॐ चीनचैलिन्यै नमः।Cinacailini : She Who Moves with the Speed of a Deer.
408सिंहवाहिनीॐ सिंहवाहिन्यै नमः।Simhavahini : She Who Rides Upon a Lion.
409वामदेवीॐ वामदेव्यै नमः।Vamadevi : She Who is the Beloved Goddess.
410महादेवीॐ महादेव्यै नमः।Mahadevi : She Who is a Great Goddess.
411गौरीॐ गौर्यै नमः।gauri : She Who is Rays of Light.
412सर्वज्ञभामिॐ सर्वज्ञभामिन्यै नमः।Sarvajnabhamini : She Who Illuminates All Wisdom.
413बालिकाॐ बालिकायै नमः।Balika : She Who is a Young Girl.
414तरुणीॐ तरुण्यै नमः।Taruni : She Who is a Middle Aged Lady
415वृद्धाॐ वृद्धायै नमः।vrddha : She Who is an Old Lady
416वृद्धमात्राॐ वृद्धमात्रे नमः।Vrddhamata : She Who is the Mother of the Aged.
417जरातुराॐ जरातुरायै नमः।Jaratura : She Who is Beyond Age.
418सुभ्रुविॐ सुभ्रुवे नमः।Subhruh : She Who Has an Excellent Forehead.
419विलासिनीॐ विलासिन्यै नमः।Vilasini : She Who resides Within Herself.
420ब्रह्मवादिनीॐ ब्रह्मवादिन्यै नमः।Brahmavadini : She Who is the Vibration of Supreme Diety.
421ब्राह्मणीॐ ब्राह्मण्यै नमः।Brahmani : She Who Creates Divinity.
422सत्याॐ सत्यै नमः।Mahi : She Who is Earth.
423सुप्तवतीॐ सुप्तवत्यै नमः।Svapnavati : She Who is the Spirit of Dreams.
424चित्रलेखाॐ चित्रलेखायै नमः।Citralekha : She Who is Various Writings.
425लोपामुद्राॐ लोपामुद्रायै नमः।Lopamudra : She Who is the Manifestation of The Which Is Beyond Manifested Existence.
426सुरेश्वरीॐ सुरेश्वर्यै नमः।Suresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of All Divinity.
427अमोघाॐ अमोघायै नमः।Amogha : She Who is Always Rewarding.
428अरुन्धतीॐ अरुन्धत्यै नमः।Arundhati : She Who is the Purity of Devotion Epitome of Commitment.
429तीक्ष्णाॐ तीक्ष्णायै नमः।Tiksna : She Who is Sharp.
430भोगवतीॐ भोगवत्यै नमः।Bhogavati : She Who is the Spirit of All Enjoyment.
431अनुरागिणीॐ अनुरागिण्यै नमः।Anuragini : She Who is the Spirits of All Feelings.
432मन्दाकिनीॐ मन्दाकिन्यै नमः।Mandakini : She Who Organizes the Mind to Optimum Efficiency.
433मन्दहासाॐ मन्दहासायै नमः।Mandahasa : She Whose Mind Always Laughs.
434ज्वलामुखीॐ ज्वालामुख्यै नमः।Jvalamukhi : She Whose Face Radiates.
435असुरान्तकाॐ असुरान्तकायै नमः।Asurantaka : She Who is the Cause of the End of the Forces of Duality.
436मानदाॐ मानदायै नमः।Manada : She Who is the Giver of Discipline.
437मानिनी मान्ॐ मानिनीमान्यायै नमः।Manini : She Who Creates Discipline. Manya : She Who is Discipline 
438माननीयाॐ माननीयायै नमः।Mananiya : She Who is the Supreme Lord of Discipline.
439मदातुराॐ मदातुरायै नमः।Madatura : She Who is Completely Intoxicated
440मदिराॐ मदिरायै नमः।Madira Meduronmada : She Who is Intoxicated with Divine Spirit.
441मेदुराॐ मेदुरायै नमः।
442उन्मादाॐ उन्मादायै नमः।
443मेध्याॐ मेध्यायै नमः।Medhya : She Who is Born of Intellect.
444साध्याॐ साध्यायै नमः।Sadhya : She Who is the Performer of All Discipline.
445प्रसादिनीॐ प्रसादिन्यै नमः।Prasadini : She Who is the Prasada or Consecration of Offerings.
446सुमध्याॐ सुमध्यायै नमः।Sumadhyanantagunini : She Who Resides in the Middle of Infinite Excellent Qualities.
447अनन्तगुणिनॐ अनन्तगुणिन्यै नमः।
448सर्वलोकोत्तॐ सर्वलोकोत्तमोत्तमायै नमः।Sarvalokottamottama : All the Beings of All the Worlds Consider Her to be Greater then the Greatest.
449जयदाॐ जयदायै नमः।Jayada : She Who is the Giver of Victory.
450जित्वराॐ जित्वरायै नमः।Jitvara : She Who Grants the Boon of Victory.
451जैत्रीॐ जैत्र्यै नमः।Jetri : She Who is Victorious Over the Three.
452जयश्रीःॐ जयश्रिये नमः।Jayasrih : She Who is Victorious with Respect.
453जयशालिनीॐ जयशालिन्यै नमः।Jayasalini : She Who is the Repository of Victory.
454सुखदाॐ सुखदायै नमः।Subhada : She Who is the Giver of Purity.
455शुभदाॐ शुभदायै नमः।Sukhada : She Who is the Giver of Happiness or Comfort.
456सत्याॐ सत्यायै नमः।Satya : She Who is the Manifestation of Truth.
457सख्याॐ सख्यै नमः।Sabhasamksobhakarini : She Who is the Cause of Purity for the Entiry Community.
458सङ्क्षोभ काॐ सङ्क्षोभकारिण्यै नमः।
459शिवदूतीॐ शिवदूत्यै नमः।Sivaduti : She For Whom Siva is the Ambassador.
460भूतिमतीॐ भूतिमत्यै नमः।Bhutimati : She Who is the Expression of All Manifested Existence.
461विभूतिःॐ विभूत्यै नमः।Vibhutih : She Who is the Expression of the Expressionless Deity
462भीषणाननाॐ भूषणाननायै नमः।Bhisananana : She Whose Face is Free from Fear.
463कौमारीॐ कौमार्यै नमः।Kaumari : She Who is the Manifestation of the Ever Pure One.
464कुलजाॐ कुलजायै नमः।Kulaja : She Who is the Giver of Birth to the Family.
465कुन्तीॐ कुन्त्यै नमः।Kunti : She Who takes Away the Deficiency of Others.
466कुलस्त्री कुॐ कुलस्त्रीकुलपालिकायै नमः।Kulastri : She Who is the Woman of the Family. Kulapalika : She Who is the Protector of the Family.
467कीर्तिःॐ कीर्त्यै नमः।Kirttih : She Who is Fame.
468यशस्विनीॐ यशस्विन्यै नमः।Yasasvini : She Who is Welfare.
469भूषाॐ भूषायै नमः।Bhusa : She Who is the Peace of All Beings.
470भूष्ठाॐ भूष्ठायै नमः।Bhustha : She Who is the Cause of Peace to All Beings.
471भूतपति प्रियॐ भूतपतिप्रियायै नमः।Bhutapatipriya : She Who is Loved by the Lord of All Disembodies Spirits.
472सगुणाॐ सुगुणायै नमः।Saguna : She Who is With Qualities.
473निर्गुणाॐ निर्गुणायै नमः।Nirguna : She Who is Without Qualities.
474अधिष्ठाॐ अधिष्ठायै नमः।Trsna : She Who is All Thirst.
475निष्ठाॐ निष्ठायै नमः।Nistha : She Who Obeys All the Rules.
476काष्ठाॐ काष्ठायै नमः।Kastha : She Who is the Cause of Desire.
477प्रकाशिनीॐ प्रकाशिन्यै नमः।Pratisthita : She Who Establishes.
478धनिष्ठाॐ धनिष्ठायै नमः।Dhanistha : She Who is the Beloved Wealth.
479धनदाॐ धनदायै नमः।Dhanada : She Who is the Giver of Wealth.
480धन्याॐ धन्यायै नमः।Dhanya : She Who is Wealthy.
481वसुधाॐ वसुधायै नमः।Vasudha : She Who Supports the Earth.
482स्वप्रकाशिनीॐ सुप्रकाशिन्यै नमः।Suprakasini : She Who is Excellent Illumination.
483उर्वी गुर्वोॐ उर्वीगुर्व्यै नमः।Urvi : She Who is the Supreme Lord of Circumstances. Gurvi : She Who is the Supreme Lord of Gurus.
484गुरुश्रेष्ठाॐ गुरुश्रेष्ठायै नमः।Gurusrestha : She Who is the Ultimate Guru.
485षड्गुणाॐ षड्गुणायै नमः।Sadguna : She Who is With Qualities of Truth.
486त्रिगुणात्मिॐ त्रिगुणात्मिकायै नमः।Trigunatmika : She Who is the Manifestation of the Soul of the Three Qualities.
487राज्ञामाज्ञाॐ राज्ञामाज्ञायै नमः।Rajnamajna : She Who is the Wisdom of the Order of the King.
488महाप्राज्ञाॐ महाप्राज्ञायै नमः।Mahaprajna : She Who is the Great Ultimate Wisdom
489सुगुणाॐ सुगुणायै नमः।Saguna : She Who is With Qualities.
490निर्गुणात्मिॐ निर्गुणात्मिकायै नमः।Nirgunatmika : She Who is the Manifestation of the Soul of the Three Qualities.
491महाकुलीनाॐ महाकुलीनायै नमः।Mahakulina : She Who is the Mother of all the Great Family.
492निष्कामाॐ निष्कामायै नमः।Niskama : She Who is Without Desire.
493सकामाॐ सकामायै नमः।Sakama : She Who is With Desire
494कामजीवनाॐ कामजीवनायै नमः।Kamajivani : She Who is the Life of Desire.
495कामदेवकलाॐ कामदेवकलायै नमः।Kamadevakala : She Who is the Attributes of the Lord of Desire.
496रामाॐ रामायै नमः।Ramabhirama : She Who is the Energy of Perfection in the Subtle Body.
497अभिरामाॐ अभिरामायै नमः।
498शिवनर्तकीॐ शिवनर्तक्यै नमः।Sivanartaki : She Who Dances with Siva.
499चिन्तामणिॐ चिन्तामण्यै नमः।Cinttamanih : She Who is the Jewel of All Thought.
500कल्पलताॐ कल्पलतायै नमः।Kalpalata : She Who clings to Thought.
501जाग्रतीॐ जाग्रत्यै नमः।Jagrati : She Who wakes UP the Universe.
502दीनवत्सलाॐ दीनवत्सलायै नमः।Dinavatsala : She Who is the Refuge of the Downtrodden.
503कार्त्तिकीॐ कार्तिक्यै नमः।Karttiki : She Who is the Expression of All That is Done.
504कर्त्तिकाॐ कृत्तिकायै नमः।Krtika : She Who is the Doer or the Cause of All Doing.
505कृत्याॐ कृत्यायै नमः।Krtya : She Who is That Which is Done.
506अयोध्याॐ अयोध्यायै नमः।Ayodhya Visamasama : She Who is the Same as the Place Where there is no War.
507विषमाॐ विषमायै नमः।
508समाॐ समायै नमः।
509सुमन्त्राॐ सुमन्त्रायै नमः।Sumantra : She Who is the Excellent Mantra Which Takes Away the Mind.
510मन्त्रिणीॐ मन्त्रिण्यै नमः।Mantrini : She Who is the Energy of All Mantras.
511घूर्णाॐ घूर्णायै नमः।Purna : She Who is Perfect.
512ह्लादिनीॐ ह्लादीन्यै नमः।Hladini : She who is always happy.
513क्लेशनाशिनीॐ क्लेशनाशिन्यै नमः।Klesanasini : She who is the destroyer of All Imperfections
514त्रैलोक्य जनॐ त्रैलोक्यजनन्यै नमः।Trailokyajanani : She Who is the Mother of all the Three Worlds.
515हृष्टाॐ हृष्टायै नमः।Jyestha : She Who is Oldest.
516निर्मांसा साॐ निर्मांसामलरूपिण्यै नमः।Mimamsamantrarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of Vedic knowledge
517तडाग निम्नॐ तडागनिम्नजठरायै नमः।Tadaganimnajathara : She Who is the Fire of All Digestion
518शुष्कमांसास्ॐ शुष्कमांसास्थिमालिन्यै नमः।Suskamamsasthimalini : She Who wears a Garland of Dried Limbs
519अवन्तीॐ अवन्त्यै नमः।Avantimathurahrdya : She Who is the heart of Mathura and Avadha
520मधुराॐ मधुरायै नमः।
521हृद्याॐ हृद्यायै नमः।
522त्रैलोक्य पावॐ त्रैलोक्यपावनक्षमायै नमः।Trailokyapavanaksama : She Who Brings the Winds of Forgiveness to the Three Worlds.
523व्यक्ता व्यक्ॐ व्यक्ताव्यक्तायै नमः।Vyaktavyaktatmika murtih : She Who is the Image of the Manifest and Unmanisfested Soul
524अनेकमूर्त्तिःॐ अनेकमूर्त्यै नमः।Sarabhi bhimanadini : She Whose Sound is Extremely Loud.
525शरभीॐ शरभ्यै नमः।
526भीमनादिनीॐ भीमनादिन्यै नमः।
527क्षेमङ्करीॐ क्षेमङ्कर्यै नमः।Ksemankari : She Who is the Welfare of All.
528शाङ्करीॐ शाङ्कर्यै नमः।Sankari ca : She Who is the Cause of Peace .
529सर्वसम्मोहॐ सर्वसम्मोहकारिण्यै नमः।Sarvasammohakarini : She Who is Ignorance of All.
530ऊर्ध्व तेजस्ॐ ऊर्ध्वतेजस्विन्यै नमः।Urdhvatejasvini : She Who is the Rising Light of All.
531क्लिन्नाॐ क्लिन्नायै नमः।Klinna : She Whose Heart is very Soft.
532महातेजस्विनॐ महातेजस्विन्यै नमः।Mahatejasvini tatha : She Who is the Great Light
533अद्वैताॐ अद्वैतायै नमः।Advaitabhogini : She Who Enjoys Non Duality.
534योगिनीॐ योगिन्यै नमः।Pujya : She Who is Worthy of Worship
535पूज्याॐ पूज्यायै नमः।
536सुरभीॐ सुरभ्यै नमः।
537सर्वमङ्गलाॐ सर्वमङ्गलायै नमः।Sarvamangala : She Who is all welfare.
538सर्व प्रियङ्ॐ सर्वप्रियङ्कर्यै नमः।Sarvapriyankari : She Who is the cause of All Love.
539भोग्याॐ भोग्यायै नमः।Bhogya : She Who is Enjoyed.
540धनिन्याॐ धनिन्यै नमः।Dharani : She Who Supports All.
541पिशिताशनाॐ पिशिताशनायै नमः।Pisitasana : She Who sites upon a Deer.
542भयङ्करीॐ भयङ्कर्यै नमः।Bhayamkari : She Who is fearful
543पापहराॐ पापहरायै नमः।Papahara : She Who takes Away All sins.
544निष्कलङ्काॐ निष्कलङ्कायै नमः।Niskalamka : She Who is without Fault.
545वशङ्करीॐ वशङ्कर्यै नमः।vasamkari : She Who controls.
546आशाॐ आशायै नमः।Asa : She who is Hope.
547तृष्णाॐ तृष्णायै नमः।Trsna : She Who is Thirst.
548चन्द्रकलाॐ चन्द्रकलायै नमः।Candrakala : She Who is the Digit of the Moon Attribute of Devotion.
549निद्राणाॐ निद्राणायै नमः।Indrani : She Who is the Energy of the Ruler of the Pure.
550वायुवेगिनीॐ वायुवेगिन्यै नमः।Vayuvegini : She Who Moves With the Freedom of Emancipation.
551सहस्रसूर्यसॐ सहस्रसूर्यसङ्काशायै नमः।Sahasrasuryasamkasa : She Whose Illumination is Like a Thousand Suns
552चन्द्रकोटि सॐ चन्द्रकोटिसमप्रभायै नमः।Candrakotisamaprabha : She Whose Illlumination is like Ten Million Moons.
553निशुम्भशुम्ॐ निशुम्भशुम्भसंहर्त्र्यै नमः।Nisumbhasumbhasamhantri : She Who Dissolves Self-Deprecation and Self-Conceit.
554रक्तबीजविनाॐ रक्तबीजविनाशिन्यै नमः।Raktabijavinasini : She Who is the Destroyer of the Seed of Desire.
555मधुकैटभसंहॐ मधुकैटभसंहर्त्र्यै नमः।Madhukaitabhahantri ca : She Who Dissolves Too Much and Too Little.
556महिषासुरघातॐ महिषासुरघातिन्यै नमः।Mahisasuraghatini : She Who is the Destroyer of the Great Ego.
557वह्नि मण्डलॐ वह्निमण्डलमध्यस्थायै नमः।Vahnimandalamadhyastha : She Who is Situated in the Middle of the Circle of Fire.
558सर्वसत्त्व प्ॐ सर्वसत्त्वप्रितिष्ठितायै नमः।Sarvasattvapratisthita : She who Established All Truth.
559सर्वाचारवतीॐ सर्वाचारवत्यै नमः।Sarvacaravati : She Who is the Spirit of All that Does Not Move.
560सर्वदेवकन्याॐ सर्वदेवकन्याऽतिदेवतायै नमः।Sarvadevakanyadhidevata : She Who is the Supreme Goddess of All Divine Females.
561दक्षकन्याॐ दक्षकन्यायै नमः।Daksakanya : She Who is the Daughter of Ability.
562दक्षयज्ञनाॐ दक्षयज्ञनाशिन्यै नमः।Daksayajnanasini : She Who is the Destroyer of the sacrifice of Ability.
563दुर्गतारिणाॐ दुर्गतारिण्यै नमः।Durgatarini : She Who is the Reliever of Difficulties Who Takes Us Across the Ocean of Objects and Relationships.
564इज्याॐ इज्यायै नमः।Ijya : She Who is Desired.
565पूज्याॐ पूज्यायै नमः।Pujya : She Who is Worthy of Worship.
566विभाॐ विभायै नमः।Satkirttih : She Who is True Fame.
567भूर्तिॐ भूत्यै नमः।
568सत्कीर्तिॐ सत्कीर्त्यै नमः।Brahmarupini : She Who Has the Capacity of Form of Supreme Divinity.
569ब्रह्मचारिणीॐ ब्रह्मचारिण्यै नमः।Vibhirbhutih : She Who Manifests the Greatest Fears.
570रम्भोवरीॐ रम्भोर्वै नमः।Rambhotuh : She Who is the Beautiful One Residing in the Thights.
571चतुराॐ चतुरायै नमः।
572राकाॐ राकायै नमः।Caturakara : She Who Manifests the Four of Creation.
573जयन्तीॐ जयन्त्यै नमः।Jayanti : She Who is Victory.
574वरुणाॐ वरुणायै नमः।Karuna : She Who is Compassionate
575कुहुःॐ कुह्वै नमः।Kuhuh : She Who is the New Moon
576मनस्विनीॐ मनस्विन्यै नमः।Manasvini : She Who Reflects Mind.
577देवमात्राॐ देवमात्रे नमः।Devamata : She Who is Mother of Gods
578यशस्याॐ यशस्यायै नमः।Yasasya : She Who is Worthy of Welfare.
579ब्रह्मवादिनीॐ ब्रह्मवादिन्यै नमः।Brahmacarini : She Who Moves in the Supreme Consciousness.
580ऋद्धिदाॐ सिद्धिदायै नमः।Siddhida : She Who is the Giver of Perfection.
581वृद्धिदाॐ वृद्धिदायै नमः।Vrddhida : She Who is the Giver of Change or Modification.
582वृद्धिःॐ वृद्ध्यै नमः।Vrddhih : She Who is Change or Modification
583सर्वाद्याॐ सर्वाद्यायै नमः।Sarvadya : She Who is Foremost of All; She Who is Before All.
584सर्वदायिनीॐ सर्वदायिन्यै नमः।Sarvadayini : She Who is the Giver of All.
585आधररूपिणीॐ आधाररूपिण्यै नमः।Agadharupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of That Which Does not End.
586ध्येयाॐ ध्येयायै नमः।Dhyeya : She Who is Meditated Upon.
587मूलाधार निवाॐ मूलाधारनिवासिन्यै नमः।Muladharanivasini : She Who Resides in the Muladhara Cakra.
588आज्ञाॐ आज्ञायै नमः।Ajna : She Who Orders Creation.
589प्रज्ञाॐ प्रज्ञायै नमः।Prajna : She Who is Primordial Wisdom.
590पूर्णमनाॐ पूर्णमनसे नमः।Purnamanah : She Who is Full and Complete.
591चन्द्रमुख्यॐ चन्द्रमुख्यै नमः।Candramukhyanukulini : She Who is the Complete Collection of the face of the Moon.
592अनुकूलिनीॐ अनुकूलिन्यै नमः।
593वावदूकाॐ वावदूकायै नमः।Vavaduka : She Who Charms Everyone with Her Speech.
594निम्नर्नाभिःॐ निम्ननाभ्यै नमः।Nimnanabhih : She Whose Navel is Indented.
595सत्यसन्धाॐ सत्यसन्धायै नमः।Satyasandha : She Who Has Found Turth.
596दृढव्रताॐ दृढव्रतायै नमः।Drdhavrata : She Who is Determined in Her Vow.
597आन्वीक्षिकीॐ आन्वीक्षिक्यै नमः।Anvisiki : She Who Embodies All Spiritual Knowledge.
598दण्डनीतिॐ दण्डनीत्यै नमः।Dandaniti : She Who is the Punishment by Which Discipline is Prescribed.
599त्रय्याॐ त्रय्यै नमः।Trayi : She Who is Three.
600त्रिदिव सुन्दॐ त्रिदिवसुन्दर्यै नमः।Tridivasundari : She Who is the Beauty of the Three divinities.
601ज्वालनीॐ ज्वालिन्यै नमः।Jvalini : She Who Burns.
602ज्वलनीॐ ज्वलिन्यै नमः।Jvalini : She Who Causes to Burn.
603शैलतनयाॐ शैलतनयायै नमः।Sailatanaya : She Who is the Daughter of the Mountain.
604विन्ध्यवासिॐ विन्ध्यवासिन्यै नमः।Vindhyavasini : She Who resides in Mountains of Knowledge that Breed Humility.
605प्रत्ययाॐ प्रत्ययायै नमः।Pratyaya : She Who Sees All Concepts.
606खेचरीॐ खेचर्यै नमः।Khecari : She Whose Spirit Soars.
607धैर्याॐ धैर्यायै नमः।Dhairya : She Who is Determination.
608तुरीयाॐ तुरीयायै नमः।Turiya : She Who is Beyond.
609विमलातुराॐ विमलातुरायै नमः।Vimalatura : She Who is the Highest Expression of Purity.
610प्रगल्भाॐ प्रगल्भायै नमः।Pragalbha : She Who is Confident.
611वारुणीॐ वारुण्यै नमः।Varunicchaya : She Who is the Reflection of the Cause of Equilibrium
612क्षामाॐ क्षामायै नमः।
613दर्शिनीॐ दर्शिन्यै नमः।Sasini : She Who is the Radiancec of the Moon.
614विस्फुलिङ्गिॐ विस्फुलिङ्गिन्यै नमः।Visphulingini : She Who has Subtle Radiance.
615भक्त्याॐ भक्त्यै नमः।Bhaktih : She Who is Devotion.
616सिद्धिःॐ सिद्ध्यै नमः।Siddhih : She Who is Perfection.
617सदा प्राप्तिःॐ सदाप्राप्त्यै नमः।Sadapritih : She Who is Always Beloved.
618प्राकाम्याॐ प्रकाम्यायै नमः।Prakamya : She Who is the Foremost of All Desires.
619महिम्नाॐ महिम्ने नमः।Mahimanima : She Who is the Mother Who is the Jewel of the Earth.
620अणिम्नाॐ अणिम्ने नमः।
621ईक्षाॐ ईक्षायै नमः।Icchasiddhih : She Who is the Perfection of All Desires.
622सिद्धिःॐ सिद्ध्यै नमः।
623वशित्वाॐ वशित्वायै नमः।Vasitva : She Who is the Supreme Controller
624ईशित्वाॐ ईशित्वायै नमः।Isitvordhvanivasini : She Who Resides Above All that is desired.
625ऊर्ध्वनिवासॐ ऊर्ध्वनिवासिन्यै नमः।
626लघिमाॐ लघिम्ने नमः।Laghima : She Who is Extremely Small
627सावित्रीॐ सावित्र्यै नमः।Gayatri : She Who is the Wisdom of the Three.
628गायत्रीॐ गायत्र्यै नमः।Savitri : She Who is the Illuminator of the Three.
629भुवनेश्वरीॐ भुवनेश्वर्यै नमः।Bhuvanesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Manifested Existence.
630मनोहराॐ मनोहरायै नमः।Manohara : She Who Takes Away Thoughts.
631चिताॐ चितायै नमः।Cita ; She Who is Consciousness.
632दिव्याॐ दिव्यायै नमः।Divya : She Who is Divine.
633देव्युदाराॐ देव्युदारायै नमः।Devyudara : She Who holds Aloft All Goddesses.
634मनोरमाॐ मनोरमायै नमः।Manorama : She Who Esemplifies Beauty of the Mind.
635पिङ्गलाॐ पिङ्गलायै नमः।Pingala : She Who is a Subtle Avenue by Which Energy Flows.
636कपिलाॐ कपिलायै नमः।Kapila : She Who is like a Cow a giver of Pure Nourishment.
637जिह्वाॐ जिह्वायै नमः।Jihvarasajna : She Who Has the Nectar of Wisdom on Her Tongue.
638रसज्ञाॐ रसज्ञायै नमः।
639रसिकाॐ रसिकायै नमः।Rasika : She Who is All Nectar.
640रसाॐ रसायै नमः।Rama : She Whe is Beauty.
641सुषुम्नेडा योॐ सुषुम्नेडायोगवत्यै नमः।Susumnedayogavati : She Who is the Spirit of Union Within the Susumna.
642गान्धारीॐ गान्धार्यै नमः।Gandhari : She Who Wears an Excellent Scent.
643नवकान्तकाॐ नवकान्तकायै नमः।Narakantaka : She Who is the End of All Hell. 
644पाञ्चाली रुक्ॐ पाञ्चालीरुक्मिणीराधाराध्यायै नमः।Pancali : She Who Belongs to the Five. Rukmini : She Who is the Jewel of All Circumstances. Radha : She Who is the Beloved of Krsna. Radhya : She Who causes Consciousness in the Subtle Body.
645भीमाॐ भीमायै नमः।Bhama : She Who is the Mother of Illumination.
646राधिकाॐ राधिकायै नमः।Radhika : She Who is the Beloved of Krsna: She Who is the Cause of Illumination of Consciousness in the Subtle Body.
647अमृताॐ अमृतायै नमः।Amrta : She Who is the Nectar of Immortality.
648तुलसी बृन्दाॐ तुलसीबृन्दायै नमः।Tulasi : She Who is the Basil Plant. Vrnda : She Who is the Giver of Changes.
649कैटभीॐ कैटभ्यै नमः।Kaitabhi : She Who Constricts.
650कपटेश्वरीॐ कपटेश्वर्यै नमः।Kapatesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of All Fraudulent Beings.
651उग्रचण्डेश्वॐ उग्रचण्डेश्वर्यै नमः।Ugracandesvari : She Who is the Ruler of Fearful Passion.
652वीरजननीॐ वीरजनन्यै नमः।Virajanani : She Who is the Mother of All Heroes and Warriors.
653वीरसुन्दरीॐ वीरसुन्दर्यै नमः।Virasundari : She Who is the Beautiful of All Warriors.
654उग्रताराॐ उग्रतारायै नमः।UgraTara : She Whose Illumination is Fearful.
655यशोदाख्याॐ यशोदाख्यायै नमः।Yasodakhya : She Who is the Light in the Eyes of Yasoda.
656दैवकीॐ देवक्यै नमः।Devaki : She Who is the Mother of Krsna: She Who caused Divinity to Manifest.
657देवमानिताॐ देवमानितायै नमः।Devamanita : She Who is obeyed by the Gods.
658निरञ्जनाॐ निरञ्जनायै नमः।Niramjana Cite : She Who is Formless Consciousness.
659चित्रदेवीॐ चित्रदेव्यै नमः।Devi : She Who is the Goddess.
660क्रोधिनीॐ क्रोधिन्यै नमः।Krodhini : She Who is Angry.
661कुलदीपिकाॐ कुलदीपिकायै नमः।Kuladipika : She Who is the Light of Excellence.
662कुलरागीश्वरीॐ कुलरागीश्वर्यै नमः।Kulavagisvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Vibrations of Excellence.
663ज्वालाॐ ज्वालायै नमः।Jvala : She Who Radiates.
664मात्रिकाॐ मात्रिकायै नमः।Matrka : She Who is the Mother in the Form of Letters.
665द्राविणीॐ द्राविण्यै नमः।Dravani : She Who Manifests What you Value.
666द्रवाॐ द्रवायै नमः।Drava : She Who is What you Value.
667योगीश्वरीॐ योगीश्वर्यै नमः।Yogesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Union.
668महामारीॐ महामार्यै नमः।Mahamari : She Who is the Great Destroyer.
669भ्रामरीॐ भ्रामर्यै नमः।Bhramari : She Who Comes in the Form of a Bee.
670बिन्दुरूपिणीॐ बिन्दुरूपिण्यै नमः।Bindurupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Form of Knowledge.
671दूतीॐ दूत्यै नमः।Duti : She Who is Ambassador
672प्राणेश्वरीॐ प्राणेश्वर्यै नमः।Pranesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Life.
673गुप्ताॐ गुप्तायै नमः।Gupta : She Who is Hidden
674बहुलाॐ बहुलायै नमः।Bahula : She Who is Everywhere.
675डामरीॐ डामर्यै नमः।Damari : She Who plays the Damaru Drum
676प्रभाॐ प्रभायै नमः।Prabha : She Who is Radiant Light.
677कुब्जिकाॐ कुब्जिकायै नमः।Kubjika : She Who is Hunchbacked or Crippled.
678ज्ञानिनीॐ ज्ञानिन्यै नमः।Jnanini : She Who Manifests Wisdom.
679ज्येष्ठाॐ ज्येष्ठायै नमः।Jyestha : She Who is Oldest.
680भुशुण्डीॐ भुशुण्ड्यै नमः।Bhusundi : She Who Holds the Sling.
681प्रकटाकृतिॐ प्रकटाकृत्यै नमः।Prakatakrtih : She Who Manifests Without doing.
682द्रविणीॐ द्राविण्यै नमः।Dravini : She Who Manifests Wealth.
683गोपनीॐ गोपिन्यै नमः।Gopini : She Who is Secretive.
684मायाकामबीजेॐ मायाकामबीजेश्वर्यै नमः।Maya : She Who is the Supreme Measurement of Consciousness. Kamabijesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the seed of Desire.
685प्रियाॐ प्रियायै नमः।Priya : She Who is the Beloved
686शाकम्भरीॐ शाकम्भर्यै नमः।Sakambhari : She Who Nourishes With Vegetables.
687कोकनदाॐ कोकनदायै नमः।Kukanada : She Who Engenders the Seed.
688सुसत्याॐ सुसत्यायै नमः।Susila : She Who is Consistently Excellent.
689तिलोत्तमाॐ तिलोत्तमायै नमः।Tilottama : She Who is Excellently Pure.
690अमेयाॐ अमेयायै नमः।Ameyavikramakrura : She Who Manifests Unsurpassed Grace.
691विक्रमाॐ विक्रमायै नमः।
692क्रूराॐ क्रूरायै नमः।
693सम्यक्छीलाॐ सम्यक्छीलायै नमः।Sampacchilativikrama : She Who is Spinning in the Attachment for the lost of Wealth.
694त्रिविक्रमाॐ त्रिविक्रमायै नमः।
695स्वस्तिॐ स्वस्त्यै नमः।Svastihavyavaha : She Who is the Conveyance for the offerings of Blessings.
696हव्यवहाॐ हव्यवहायै नमः।Priti : She Who is the Beloved.
697प्रीतिरुक्माॐ प्रीतिरुक्मायै नमः।Usma : She Who is the Mother of Circumstances.
698धूम्रार्चिरङ्ॐ धूम्रार्चिरङ्गदायै नमः।Dhumrarcirangada : She Who Makes the Body Free From Sin.
699तपिनीॐ तपिन्यै नमः।Tapini : She Who is Heat and Light.
700तापिनीॐ तापिन्यै नमः।Tapini : She Who is the cause of Heat and Light.
701विश्वभोगदाॐ विश्वभोगदायै नमः।Visva : She Who is the Universe. Bhogada : She Who is the Giver of enjoyment.
702धरणीधराॐ धरणीधरायै नमः।Bhogadharini : She Who is the Supporter of Enjoyment.
703त्रिखण्डाॐ त्रिखण्डायै नमः।Trikhanda : She Who has Three Parts.
704रोधिनीॐ रोधिन्यै नमः।Bodhini : She Who Manifests Wisdom.
705वश्याॐ वश्यायै नमः।Vasya : She Who is Controlled.
706सकलाॐ सकलायै नमः।Sakala : She Who is All.
707शब्दरूपिणीॐ शब्दरूपिण्यै नमः।Visvarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Universe.
708बीजरूपाॐ बीजरूपायै नमः।Bijarupa : She Who is the Form of the Seed.
709महामुद्राॐ महामुद्रायै नमः।Mahamudra : She Who is the Great Configuration of the Cosmos.
710वशिनीॐ वशिन्यै नमः।Vasini : She Who Controls.
711योनिरूपिणीॐ योगरूपिण्यै नमः।Yogarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of Union.
712अनङ्गकुसुमाॐ अनङ्गकुसुमायै नमः।Anangakusuma : She Wh ois the Flower of Infinity.
713अनङ्गमेखलाॐ अनङ्गमेखलायै नमः।Anangamekhala : She Who wears the Girdle of Infinity.
714अनङ्गरूपिणीॐ अनङ्गरूपिण्यै नमः।Anangarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of Infinity.
715अनङ्गमदनाॐ अनङ्गमदनायै नमः।Anangamadana : She Who is the Intoxication of Infinity.
716अनङ्गरेखाॐ अनङ्गरेखायै नमः।Anangarekha : She Who is the Limit of Infinity.
717अनङ्गाङ्कुशेॐ अनङ्गाङ्कुशेश्वर्यै नमः।Anangankusesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Goad of Infinity.
718अनङ्गमालिॐ अनङ्गमालिन्यै नमः।Anangamalini : She Who is the Garderner Who Cultivated Infinity.
719कामेश्वरीॐ कामेश्वर्यै नमः।Kamesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of All Desires.
720सर्वार्थसाधिॐ सर्वार्थसाधिकायै नमः।Sarvarthasadhika : She Who Performs discipline for all objectives.
721सर्वतन्त्रमॐ सर्वतन्त्रमय्यै नमः।Sarvatamtramayi : She Who is the Expression of All Applications of Spiritual Knowledge.
722सर्वमोदिनीॐ सर्वमोदिन्यै नमः।Modinyarunanangarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Intoxicating Light of Infinite Love
723आनन्दरूपिणॐ आनन्दरूपिण्यै नमः।
724वज्रेश्वरीॐ वज्रेश्वर्यै नमः।Vajresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Lightening
725जयिनीॐ जयिन्यै नमः।Janani : She who is Mother
726सर्वदुःखक्षॐ सर्वदुःखक्षयङ्कर्यै नमः।sarvaduhkhaksayamkari : She Who Dissolves All Pain into the Infinite
727षडङ्गयुवतीॐ षडङ्गयुवत्यै नमः।Sadangayuvati : She Who is a Young Lady with Six Limbs.
728योगयुक्ताॐ योगयुक्तायै नमः।Yogayukta : She Who is United in Union.
729ज्वालांशुमालॐ ज्वालांशुमालिन्यै नमः।Jvalamsumalini : She Who is the Cultivator of Radiance.
730दुराशयाॐ दुराशयायै नमः।Durasaya : She Who Resides in the Distance
731दुराधाराॐ दुराधारायै नमः।Duradharsa : She Who is a Difficult Ideal to Attain.
732दुर्जयाॐ दुर्जयायै नमः।Durjneya : She Who Gives Knowledge that is Difficult to attain.
733दुर्गरूपिणीॐ दुर्गरूपिण्यै नमः।Durgarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Reliever of Difficulties.
734दुरन्ताॐ दुरन्तायै नमः।Duranta : She Who is the End of Distance.
735दुष्कृतिहराॐ दुष्कृतिहरायै नमः।Duskrtihara : She Who Takes Away Evil Action.
736दुर्ध्येयाॐ दुर्ध्येयायै नमः।Durdhyeya : She Who is Knowledge that is Difficult to Attain.
737दुरतिक्रमाॐ दुरतिक्रमायै नमः।Duratikrama : She Who is the Mother of All Difficult Action.
738हंसेश्वरीॐ हंसेश्वर्यै नमः।Hamsesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Laughter.
739त्रिलोकस्थाॐ त्रिलोकस्थायै नमः।Trikonastha : She Who Resides in a Triangle.
740शाकम्भरीॐ शाकम्भर्यै नमः।Sakambharyanukampini : She Who is the Feeling of Nourishment from Vegetables and Produce of the Earth.
741अनुरागिणीॐ अनुरागिण्यै नमः।Trijonamilaya : She Who Resides Beyond the Triangle.
742त्रिकोणनिलॐ त्रिकोणनिलयायै नमः।Nitya : She Who is Eternal.
743नित्याॐ नित्यायै नमः।Paramamrtaramjita : She Who is the Enjoyment of the Supreme Nectar of Immortality.
744परमामृतरञ्ॐ परमामृतरञ्जितायै नमः।Mahavidyesvari ; She Who is the Supreme Ruler of The Great Knowledge.
745महाविद्येश्वॐ महाविद्येश्वर्यै नमः।Sveta : She Who is White or Pure.
746श्वेताॐ श्वेतायै नमः।Bherunda : She Who is Formidable.
747भेरुण्डाॐ भेरुण्डायै नमः।Kulasundari : She Who is the Beauty of Excellence.
748कुलसुन्दरीॐ कुलसुन्दर्यै नमः।Tvarita : She Who is Quick.
749त्वरिताॐ त्वरितायै नमः।Bhaktisamyukta : She Who is Completely United in Devotion.
750भक्तिसंयुक्तॐ भक्तिसंयुक्तायै नमः।Bhativasya : She Who is Under the Control of Devotion.
751भक्तिवश्याॐ भक्तिवश्यायै नमः।Santani : She Who is Eternal
752सनातनीॐ सनातन्यै नमः।Bhaktanandamayi : She Who is the Manifestation of the Bliss of Devotion.
753भक्तानन्दमॐ भक्तानन्दमय्यै नमः।Bhaktabhavita : She Who is the Attitude of Devotion.
754भक्तभाविताॐ भक्तभावितायै नमः।Bhaktasankari : She Who is the cause of the Peace of Devotion.
755भक्तशङ्करीॐ भक्तशङ्कर्यै नमः।Sarvasundaryanilaya : She Who is the Repository of all Beauty.
756सर्वसौन्दर्यॐ सर्वसौन्दर्यनिलयायै नमः।Sarvasaubhagyasalini : She Who is the Repository of all Good Fortune.
757सर्वसौभाग्यॐ सर्वसौभाग्यशालिन्यै नमः।Sarvasambhogabhavani : She Who is the Mother of all Enjoyment.
758सर्वसम्भोगॐ सर्वसम्भोगभवनायै नमः।Sarvasaukhyanurupini : She Who is the Intrinic Nature of the Feeling of All Comforts.
759सर्वसौख्यानुॐ सर्वसौख्यानुरूपिण्यै नमः।Kumaripujanarata : She Who enjoys the Worship of the Ever Pure One.
760कुमारीपूजनरॐ कुमारीपूजनरतायै नमः।Kumarivratacarini : She Who continues the Performance of the Vow of Worship for the ever pure one.
761कुमारीव्रत चॐ कुमारीव्रतचारिण्यै नमः।Kumari : She Who is the ever pure one.
762कुमारीभक्तिॐ कुमारीभक्तिसुखिन्यै नमः।Bhaktisukhini : She Who Gives the Pleasure of Devotion.
763कुमारीरूपधारिॐ कुमारीरूपधारिण्यै नमः।Kumarirupadharini : She Who wears the Form of The Every Pure one.
764कुमारीपूजकप्ॐ कुमारीपूजकप्रीतायै नमः।Kumaripujakaprita : She Who Loves the Worship of the Every pure one.
765कुमारी प्रीतिॐ कुमारीप्रीतिदप्रियायै नमः।Kumaripritidapriya : She Who is the beloved of the Beloved of the ever pure one.
766कुमारी सेवकाॐ कुमारीसेवकासङ्गायै नमः।Kumarisevakasamga : She Who is United in the Service of the Ever Pure One.
767कुमारी सेवकाॐ कुमारीसेवकालयायै नमः।Kumarisevakalaya : She Who Resides Within Those Who Serve the Ever Pure One.
768आनन्दभैरवीॐ आनन्दभैरव्यै नमः।Anandabhairavi : She Who is the Bliss Beyond All Fear.
769बालभैरवीॐ बालभैरव्यै नमः।BalaBhairavi : She Who is the Strength Beyond All Fear.
770वटुभैरवीॐ वटुभैरव्यै नमः।Batubhairavi : She Who is Youth Beyond All fear.
771श्मशानभैरवीॐ श्मशानभैरव्यै नमः।Smasanabhairavi : She Who is in the Cremation Ground Where All fears Ends.
772कालभैरवीॐ कालभैरव्यै नमः।Kalabhairavi : She Who is Time Beyond All Fear.
773पुरभैरवीॐ पुरभैरव्यै नमः।Purabhairavi : She Who is in the Cremation Ground Where All Fear Ends.
774महाभैरव पत्ॐ महाभैरवपत्न्यै नमः।Mahabhairavapatni : She Who is the Spouse of the Great One Beyond All Fears.
775परमानन्दभैरॐ परमानन्दभैरव्यै नमः।Paramanandabhairavi : She Who is the Supreme Bliss Beyong
776सुरानन्दभैरवॐ सुरानन्दभैरव्यै नमः।Suranandabhairavi : She Who is Divine Bliss Beyond All Fear
777उन्मदानन्दॐ उन्मदानन्दभैरव्यै नमः।Unmattanandabhairavi : She Who is Bliss Beyond All Fear
778यज्ञानन्दभैॐ यज्ञानन्दभैरव्यै नमः।Muktyanandabhairavi : She Who is the Bliss of Liberation Beyond All Fear
779तरुणभैरवीॐ तरुणभैरव्यै नमः।Tarunabhairavi : She Who is the Energy that Pulls Beyond Fear
780ज्ञानानन्दभैॐ ज्ञानानन्दभैरव्यै नमः।Jnananandabhairavi : She Who is the Bliss of Wisdom Beyond All Fear
781अमृतानन्दभैॐ अमृतानन्दभैरव्यै नमः।Amrtanandabhairavi : She Who is the Nectar of Immortality Beyond All Fear.
782महाभयङ्करीॐ महाभयङ्कर्यै नमः।Mahabhayamkari : She Who is Greatly Fearful
783तीव्राॐ तीव्रायै नमः।Tivra : She Who is Very Swift.
784तीव्रवेगाॐ तीव्रवेगायै नमः।Tivravega : She Who Moves Very Swiftly
785तरस्विनीॐ तरस्विन्यै नमः।Tarasvini : She Who Takes Across
786त्रिपुरा परमेॐ त्रिपुरापरमेशान्यै नमः।Tripura : She Who is the Resident of the Three Cities. Paramesani : She Who is the Supreme ruler of All.
787सुन्दरीॐ सुन्दर्यै नमः।Sundari : She Who is the Beautiful One.
788पुरसुन्दरीॐ पुरसुन्दर्यै नमः।Purasundari : She Who is Completely Beautiful.
789त्रिपुरेशीॐ त्रिपुरेश्यै नमः।Tripuresvari : She Who is the Supreme ruler of the Three Cities.
790पञ्चदशीॐ पञ्चदश्यै नमः।Pancadasi : She Who is the Fifteen Lettered One.
791पञ्चमीॐ पञ्चम्यै नमः।Pancami : She Who is the Fifth.
792पुरवासिनीॐ पुरवासिन्यै नमः।Puravasini : She Who is the Resident of the City.
793महासप्तदशीॐ महासप्तदश्यै नमः।Mahasaptadasi : She Who is the Great Seventeen
794षोडशीॐ षोडश्यै नमः।Sodasi : She Who is the Sixteen.
795त्रिपुरेश्वरीॐ त्रिपुरेश्वर्यै नमः।Tripuresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Three Cities.
796महाङ्कुश स्वॐ महाङ्कुशस्वरूपायै नमः।Mahamkusasvarupa : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Great Goad.
797महाचक्रेश्वरॐ महाचक्रेश्वर्यै नमः।Mahacakresvari Tatha : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Great Centers of Energy.
798नवचक्रेश्वरीॐ नवचक्रेश्वर्यै नमः।Navacakresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Nine Centers.
799चक्रेश्वरीॐ चक्रेश्वर्यै नमः।Cakresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Centers of the Energy.
800त्रिपुरमालिनॐ त्रिपुरमालिन्यै नमः।Tripuramalini : She Who is the Gardener of the Three Cities.
801राजचक्रेश्वरॐ राजचक्रेश्वर्यै नमः।Rajacakresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Kings of All Centers of Energy.
802राज्ञाॐ राज्ञ्यै नमः।Vira : She Who is the Female Hero.
803महात्रिपुर सुॐ महात्रिपुरसुन्दर्यै नमः।Mahatripurasundari : She Who is the great Beautiful One of the Three Cities.
804सिन्दूर पूर रुॐ सिन्दूरपूररुचिरायै नमः।Sindurappurarucira : She Who is Completely Delighted with the Red Spot of Vermilion.
805श्रीमत्त्रिपुॐ श्रीमत्त्रिपुरसुन्दर्यै नमः।Srimattripurasundari : She Who is the Respected Beautiful One of the Three Cities.
806सर्वाङ्गसुन्दॐ सर्वाङ्गसुन्दर्यै नमः।Savangasundari : She Whose All Limbs are Beautiful.
807रक्तारक्तवॐ रक्तारक्तवस्त्रोत्तरीयकायै नमः।Rakta : She Who is Passion. Raktavastrottariyaka : She Who is Clothed in Red Garment.
808यवायावकसिॐ यवायावकसिन्दूररक्तचन्दनधारिण्यै नमःYava : She Who is Passion. Yavakasinduraraktacandanadharini : She Who Wears Vermilion and Red Sandal Paste.
809यवायावकसिॐ यवायावकसिन्दूररक्तचन्दनरूपधृषे नमः।Yavayavakasinduraraktacandanarupadhrk : She Whose Youthful Countenance is Constantly Adorned with Red Vermilion and Red Sandal Paste.
810चमरी वालकुटॐ चमरीवालकुटिलायै नमः।Camari : She Who is Inconstant. Vacakutilanirmalasyamakesini : She Who is Spoken of as One Who Has Pure Dark Wavy Hair.
811निर्मल श्याॐ निर्मलश्यामकेशिन्यै नमः।
812वज्रमौक्तिकॐ वज्रमौक्तिकरत्नाढ्यायै नमः।Vajramauktikaratnadyakiritamukutojjvala : She in Whose Crown the Pearls and Jewels are Shinning Like Lightening.
813किरीट मुकुटोॐ किरीटकुण्डलोज्ज्वलायै नमः।
814रत्नकुण्डलॐ रत्नकुण्डलसंयुक्तायै नमः।: She Who Disseminates a Beautiful Scent is Wearing a Necklace of Radiantly Shinning Jewels Which are United Together.
815स्फुरद्गण्डॐ स्फुरद्गण्डमनोरमायै नमः।
816कुञ्जरेश्वरॐ कुञ्जरेश्वरकुम्भोत्थमुक्तारञ्जितनासिKunjaresvarakumbhotthamuktaranjitanasika : She Who Wears an Extremely Beautiful Nose Ring which is made from the Supreme Lord of All Jewels and Pearls.
817मुक्ताविद्रुमॐ मुक्ताविद्रुममाणिक्यहीराढ्यस्तनमण्डMuktavidrumamanikyaharadhyastanamandala : She Who Wears a Necklace of Exquisitely beautiful Pearls and Jewels in the region of Her Breast.
818सूर्यकान्तेन्ॐ सूर्यकान्तेन्दुकान्ताढ्यायै नमः।Suryakantendukantadhyasparsamakanthabhusana : She Whose Throat is Shinning by the Ultimate Touch of the Sun and the Moon.
819स्पर्शाश्मकंॐ स्पर्शाश्मगलभूषणायै नमः।
820बीजपूरस्फुरद्ॐ बीजपूरस्फुरद्बीजदन्तपङ्क्तये नमः।Bijapurasphuradbijadantapamktiranuttama : She Whose Fifteen Excellent Teeth are Completely Shinning with Bija Mantra.
821अनुत्तमाॐ अनुत्तमायै नमः।
822कामकोदण्डॐ कामकोदण्डकाभग्नभ्रूकटाक्षप्रवर्षिण्Kamakodandakabhugnabhruyugaksipravartini : She Whose Eye in the Middle of Her Forehead Disciplines Desire.
823मातङ्गकुम्भॐ मातङ्गकुम्भवक्षोजायै नमः।: She Whose Breasts Give Nourishment to Existence.
824लसत्कनक दॐ लसत्कनकदक्षिणायै नमः।Iasatkokanadeksana : She Who Especially Loves the Red Lotus Flower.
825मनोज्ञ शष्ॐ मनोज्ञशष्कुलीकर्णायै नमः।Manojnasaskulikarna : She Who Knows the Entire Path from the Ear to the Mind.
826हंसीगति विडॐ हंसीगतिविडम्बिन्यै नमः।Hamsigatividambini : She Who is the Mother of the Swan Motion.
827पद्मरागाङ्गॐ पद्मरागाङ्गदद्योतद्दोश्चतुष्कप्रकाशिन्Padmaragamgadadyotaddoscatuskaprakasini : She Whose Lotus-like Body is the Illuminator of the Four Vedas.
828कर्पूरागरुकस्ॐ कर्पूरागरुकस्तूरीकुङ्कुमद्रवलेपितायै नमKarpuragurukasturikumkumadravalepita : She Who Wears Unguents of Camphor Woodapple and Musk mixed with Red Paste.
829विचित्र रत्नॐ विचित्ररत्नपृथिवीकल्पशाखितलस्थितायैVicitraratnaprthivikalpasakhatalasthita : She Who is Situated on the Earth Covered with Various Jewels at the Foot of the Tree of All Fulfillment.
830रत्नद्वीप स्ॐ रत्नद्वीपस्फुरद्रत्नसिंहासननिवासिन्यैRatnadvipasphuradratnasimhasananivasini : She Who Sits upon a Seat of Jewels From the Purity of the Island of Jewels.
831षट्चक्रभेदनॐ षट्चक्रभेदनकर्यै नमः।Satcakrabhedanakari : She Who Pierce the Six Centers of Energy.
832परमानन्द रूपॐ परमानन्दरूपिण्यै नमः।Paramanandarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Supreme Bliss.
833सहस्त्रदलपॐ सहस्रदलपद्मान्तायै नमः।Sahasradalapadmantascandramandalavartini :
834चन्द्रमण्डलॐ चन्द्रमण्डलवर्तिन्यै नमः।
835ब्रह्मरूपाॐ ब्रह्मरूपायै नमः।Brahmarupasivakrodananasukhavilasini : She Who Resides in the Form of Supreme Divinity in the Anger of Siva and in Various Forms of Pleasure.
836शिवक्रोडाॐ शिवक्रोडायै नमः।
837नानासुख विलॐ नानासुखविलासिन्यै नमः।Nanamaniparisphuryacchuddhakancanakamkana : She Who Wears Bracelets Shining with Various Gems and Jewels.
838हर विष्णु विरॐ हरविष्णुविरिञ्चीन्द्रग्रहनायकसेवितायैHaravisnuvirancindragrahanayakasevita : She Who is Served by Siva Visnu Brahma Indra and the Leaders of the Planets.
839शिवाॐ शिवायै नमः।
840शैवाॐ शैवायै नमः।
841रुद्राणीॐ रुद्राण्यै नमः।
842शिवनादिनीॐ शिवनादिन्यै नमः।
843महादेवप्रियाॐ महादेवप्रियायै नमः।
844देवीॐ देव्यै नमः।
845अनङ्ग मेखलॐ अनङ्गमेखलायै नमः।
846डाकिनीॐ डाकिन्यै नमः।
847योगिनीॐ योगिन्यै नमः।
848उपयोगिनीॐ उपयोगिन्यै नमः।
849मताॐ मतायै नमः।
850माहेश्वरीॐ माहेश्वर्यै नमः।
851वैष्णवीॐ वैष्णव्यै नमः।
852भ्रामरीॐ भ्रामर्यै नमः।
853शिवरूपिणीॐ शिवरूपिण्यै नमः।
854अलम्बुसाॐ अलम्बुसायै नमः।
855भोगवतीॐ भोगवत्यै नमः।
856क्रोधरूपाॐ क्रोधरूपायै नमः।
857सुमेखलाॐ सुमेखलायै नमः।
858गान्धारीॐ गान्धार्यै नमः।
859हस्तजिह्वाॐ हस्तिजिह्वायै नमः।
860इडाॐ इडायै नमः।
861शुभङ्करीॐ शुभङ्कर्यै नमः।
862पिङ्गलाॐ पिङ्गलायै नमः।
863दक्षसूत्रीॐ दक्षसूत्र्यै नमः।
864सुषुम्नाॐ सुषुम्नायै नमः।
865गन्धिनीॐ गन्धिन्यै नमः।
866भगात्मिकाॐ भगात्मिकायै नमः।
867भगाधाराॐ भगाधारायै नमः।
868भगेशीॐ भगेश्यै नमः।
869भगरूपिणीॐ भगरूपिण्यै नमः।
870लिङ्गाख्याॐ लिङ्गाख्यायै नमः।
871कामेशीॐ कामेश्यै नमः।
872त्रिपुरा भैरवीॐ त्रिपुरायै भैरव्यै नमः।
873लिङ्गगीतिॐ लिङ्गगीत्यै नमः।
874सुगीतिॐ सुगीत्यै नमः।
875लिङ्गस्थाॐ लिङ्गस्थायै नमः।
876लिंगरूपधृकॐ लिङ्गरूपधृषे नमः।
877लिङ्गमालाॐ लिङ्गमालायै नमः।
878लिङ्गभवाॐ लिङ्गभवायै नमः।
879लिङ्गलिङ्गाॐ लिङ्गलिङ्गायै नमः।
880पार्वतीॐ पावक्यै नमः।
881भगवतीॐ भगवत्यै नमः।
882कौशिकीॐ कौशिक्यै नमः।
883प्रेमरूपाॐ प्रेमरूपायै नमः।
884प्रियंवदाॐ प्रियंवदायै नमः।
885गृध्ररूपाॐ गृध्ररूप्यै नमः।
886शिवारूपाॐ शिवारूपायै नमः।
887चक्रिणीॐ चक्रेश्यै नमः।
888चक्ररूपधृकॐ चक्ररूपधृषे नमः।
889आत्मयोनिःॐ आत्मयोन्यै नमः।Atmayonih : She Who is the Womb of the Soul.
890ब्रह्मयोनिःॐ ब्रह्मयोन्यै नमः।Brahmayonih : She Who is the Womb of the Supreme Divinity.
891जगद्योनिःॐ जगद्योन्यै नमः।Jagadyonih : She Who is the Womb of Perceivable Universe.
892अयोनिजाॐ अयोनिजायै नमः।Ayonija : She Who Does Not Take Birth from any womb.
893भगरुपाॐ भगरूपायै नमः।Bhagarupa : She Who is the Form of Wealth.
894भगस्थात्रीॐ भगस्थात्र्यै नमः।Bhagasthatri : She Who resides Within Wealth.
895भगिनीॐ भगिन्यै नमः।Bhaginibhagadharini : She Who Upholds Wealth and is the Wealth.
896भगमालिनीॐ भगमालिन्यै नमः।
897भगात्मिकाॐ भगात्मिकायै नमः।Bhagatmika : She Who is the Capacity for the Support of Wealth.
898भगाधाररूपिणॐ भगाधाररूपिण्यै नमः।Bhagadhararupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Manifestation of Wealth.
899भगशालिनीॐ भगशालिन्यै नमः।Bhagasalini : She Who Responses in Wealth.
900लिङ्गाभिधायॐ लिङ्गाभिधायिन्यै नमः।Lingabhidhayini : She Who is a Progenitor of the Subtle Body.
901लिङ्गप्रियाॐ लिङ्गप्रियायै नमः।Lingapriya : She Who is the Beloved of the Subtle Body.
902लिङ्गनिवासिॐ लिङ्गनिवासिन्यै नमः।Linganivasini : She Who resided Within the Subtle Body.
903लिङ्गस्थाॐ लिङ्गस्थायै नमः।Lingastha : She Who is Situated in the Subtle Body.
904लिङ्गिनीॐ लिङ्गिन्यै नमः।Lingini : She Who is the Capacity of the Subtle Body.
905लिङ्गरूपिणीॐ लिङ्गरूपिण्यै नमः।Lingarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Subtle Body.
906लिङ्गसुन्दरीॐ लिङ्गसुन्दर्यै नमः।Lingasundari : She Who is the Beautiful One in the Subtle Body.
907लिङ्गरीतिॐ लिङ्गरीत्यै नमः।Lingagitimahapritih : She Who is Greatly Enamored of the Songs of Subtlety.
908महाप्रीतिॐ महाप्रीत्यै नमः।
909भगगीतिॐ भगगीत्यै नमः।Bhagagitirmahasukha : She Who Derived great Pleasure from the Wealth of Songs.
910महासुखाॐ महासुखायै नमः।
911लिङ्गनामसदॐ लिङ्गनामसदानन्दायै नमः।Linganamasadananda : She Who Always Takes Delight in the Subtle Name.
912भगनामसदारॐ भगनामसदारत्यै नमः।Bhaganamasadaratih : She Who is Always Inspired by the Name Which Bears Wealth.
913भगनामसदानॐ भगनामसदानन्दायै नमः।Bhaganamasadananda : She Who is Always in Bliss with the Names Which Bear Wealth.
914लिङ्गनामसदॐ लिङ्गनामसदारत्यै नमः।Linganamasadaratih : She Who is Always Inspired by the Names of Subtlety.
915लिङ्गमालाकॐ लिङ्गमालाकराभूषायै नमः।Lingamalakanthabhusa : She At Whose Throat Shines Forth the Garland of Subtlety.
916भगमालाविभूॐ भगमालाविभूषणायै नमः।Bhagamalavibhusana : She Who Shines Forth with the Garland of Wealth.
917भगलिङ्गामृॐ भगलिङ्गामृतवरायै नमः।Bhagalimgamrtaprita : She Who is Beloved of the Subtle Nectar of Wealth.
918भगलिङ्गामृॐ भगलिङ्गामृतात्मिकायै नमः।Bhagalingamrtatmika : She Who is the Capacity of the Subtle Nectar of Wealth to Manifest.
919भगलिङ्गार्चॐ भगलिङ्गार्चनप्रीतायै नमः।Bhagalingarcanaprita : She Who is the Beloved of the Offering of Subtle Wealth.
920भगलिङ्ग स्वॐ भगलिङ्गस्वरूपिण्यै नमः।Bhagalingasvarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of Subtle Wealth.
921भगलिङ्ग स्वॐ भगलिङ्गस्वरूपायै नमः।Bhagallingasvarupa : She Who is the Essence of Subtle Wealth.
922भगलिङ्ग सुॐ भगलिङ्गसुखावहायै नमः।Bhagalingasukhavaha : She Who is the Conveyance of the Pleasure of Subtle Wealth.
923स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमप्रीतायै नमः।Svayambhukusumaprita : She Who is the Beloved of the Flower Which is Born of Itself.
924स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमार्चितायै नमः।Svayambhukusumarcita: She Who is the Offering of the Flower Which is Born of Itself.
925स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमप्राणायै नमः।Svayambhukusumaprana : She Who is the Life Force of the Flower Which is Born itself
926स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमोत्थितायै नमः।Svayambhukusumotthita : She Who Raises Aloft the Flower Which is Born of itself.
927स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमस्नातायै नमः।Svayambhukusumasnata : She Who is Bathed by the Flower Which is Born of Itself.
928स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पतर्पितायै नमः।Svayambhupuspatarpita : She Who is the Offering to Ancestors of the Flowers which is Born of Itself.
929स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पघटितायै नमः।Svayambhupuspaghatita : She Who is the Refuge of the Flower Which is Born of Itself.
930स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पधारिण्यै नमः।Svayambhupushadharini : She Who Upholds or Supports the Flower Which is Born of Itself.
931स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पतिलकायै नमः।Svayambhupushatilaka : She Who Wears a Tilak Made of the Flower Which is Born of Itself.
932स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पचर्चितायै नमः।Svayambhupuspavarcita : She Who Offers the Flowers Which is Born of Itself.
933स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पनिरतायै नमः।Svayambhupuspanirata : She Who is Absorbed in the Essence of the Flower Which is Born of Itself.
934स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमाग्रहायै नमः।Svayambhukusumagraha : She Who is Beyond the Worlds of the Flower Which is Born of Itself.
935स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पयज्ञेशायै नमः।Svayambhupuspayajnamga : She Who Offers in Sacrifice to Her Own Self the Flower Which is Born of Itself.
936स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुममालिकायै नमः।Svayambhukusumatmika : She Who is the Capacity of the Soul to Manifest the Flower Which is Born of Itself.
937स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पनिचितायै नमः।Svayambhupusparacita : She Who is the Expression of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
938स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमप्रियायै नमः।Svayambhukusumapriya : She Who is the Beloved of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
939स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमादानलालसोन्मत्तमानसायैSvayambhukusumadanalalasonmattamanasa : She Whose Mind is Intoxicated with Desire for the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
940स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमानन्दलहरीस्निग्धदेहिन्यैSvayambhukusumanandalaharisnigdhadehini : She Whose Friendly Body Experience Waves of Bliss from the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
941स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमाधारायै नमः।Svayambhukusumadhara : She Who Supports the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
942स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमाकुलायै नमः।Svayambhukusumakula : She Who is the Family of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
943स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पनिलयायै नमः।Svayambhupuspanilaya : She Who Resides in the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
944स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पवासिन्यै नमः।Svayambhupuspavasini : She Who Sits on the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
945स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमस्निग्धायै नमः।Svayambhukusumasnigdha: She Who is the Friend of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
946स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमात्मिकायै नमः।Svayambhukusumotsuka : She Who is the Supreme Pleasure of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
947स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पकरिण्यै नमः।Svayambhupuspakarini : She Who is the Cause of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
948स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पमालिकायै नमः।Svayambhupspapalika : She Who is the Protector of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
949स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमन्यासायै नमः।Svayambhukusumadhyana : She Who is the Student or Meditator on the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
950स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमप्रभायै नमः।Svayambhukusumaprabha : She Who is the Radiance of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
951स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमज्ञानायै नमः।Svayambhukusumajnana : She Who is the Wisdom of the Flower Which is Born by itself.
952स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पभोगिन्यै नमः।Svayambhupuspabhogini : She Who is the Enjoyer of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
953स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमोल्लासायै नमः।Svayambhukusumananda : She Who is the Bliss of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
954स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पवर्षिण्यै नमः।Svayambhupuspavarsini : She Who Causes the Rain of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
955स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमानन्दायै नमः।Svayambhukusumatsaha : She Who is the Enthusiasm of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
956स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पपुष्पिण्यै नमः।Svayambhupuspapuspini : She Who is the Flower of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
957स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमोत्साहायै नमः।Svayambhukusumotsamga : She Who is Always With the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
958स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्परूपिण्यै नमः।Svayambhupusparupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
959स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमोन्मादायै नमः।Svayambhukusumonmada : She Who is the Intoxication of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
960स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पसुन्दर्यै नमः।Svayambhupuspasundari : She Who is the Beauty of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
961स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमाराध्यायै नमः।Svayambhukusumaradhya : She Who is Delighted by the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
962स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमोद्भवायै नमः।Svayambhukusumodbhava : She Who Gives Birth to the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
963स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमव्यग्रायै नमः।: She Who Distinguishes the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
964स्वयम्भू पुष्ॐ स्वयम्भूपुष्पपूजितायै नमः।Svayambhupuspavarnita : She Who Expresses the Flowers Which is Born by Itself.
965स्वयम्भू पूजॐ स्वयम्भूपूजकप्राज्ञायै नमः।Svayambhupukakaprajna : She Who is the Supreme Wisdom of Worship of that Which is Born by itself.
966स्वयम्भू होतृॐ स्वयम्भूहोतृमात्रिकायै नमः।Svayambhuhotrmatrka : She Who is the Mother of the Supreme Wisdom of Sacrifical Worship of that Which is Born by Itself.
967स्वयम्भू दातृॐ स्वयम्भूदातृरक्षित्र्यै नमः।Svayambhudatrraksitri : She Who Protects the Bestower of that Which is Born by itself.
968स्वयम्भू भक्ॐ स्वयम्भूभक्तभाविकायै नमः।Svayambhubhaktabhavika : She Who Intuitively Understands the Attitude of Devotion of that Which is Born by Itself.
969स्वयम्भू कुसुॐ स्वयम्भूकुसुमप्रीतायै नमः।Svayambhukusumaprajna : She who is the Wisdom of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
970स्वयम्भू पूजॐ स्वयम्भूपूजकप्रियायै नमः।Svayambhupujakapriya : She Who is the Beloved of the Worship of that Which is Born by Itself.
971स्वयम्भू वन्ॐ स्वयम्भूवन्दकाधारायै नमः।Svayambhuvandakadhara : She Who Supports the cause of Worship of that Which is Born by Itself.
972स्वयम्भू निॐ स्वयम्भूनिन्दकान्तकायै नमः।Svayambhunindakantaka : She who is the Cause of the End of that Which is Born by itself.
973स्वयम्भू प्रॐ स्वयम्भूप्रदसर्वस्वायै नमः।Svayambhupradasarvasva : She who is the Bestower of all the Which is Born by Itself.
974स्वयम्भू प्रॐ स्वयम्भूप्रदपुत्रिण्यै नमः।Svayambhunindakantaka : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Bestower of that Which is Born by Itself.
975स्वयम्भू प्रॐ स्वयम्भूप्रदसस्मेरायै नमः।Svayambhupradasasmera : She Who is the Remembrance of the bestower of that Which is Born of Itself.
976स्वयम्भूतशॐ स्वयम्भूतशरीरिण्यै नमः।Svayambharddhasaririni : She Who is the Half Body of that Which is Born By Itself.
977सर्वलोकोद्भॐ सर्वलोकोद्भवप्रीतायै नमः।Sarvakalodbhavaprita : She Who is the Beloved Who Gives Birth to All Time.
978सर्वकालोद्भॐ सर्वलोकोद्भवात्मिकायै नमः।sarvakalodbhavatmika : She Who Has the Capacity of the Expression of the Soul Which Gives Birth to All Time.
979सर्वकालोद्भॐ सर्वकालोद्भवोद्भावायै नमः।Sarvakalodbhava : She Who is the Attitude of All Time.
980सर्वकालोद्भॐ सर्वकालोद्भवोद्भवायै नमः।Sarvakalodbhavodbhava : She Who Gives Birth To Time.
981कुण्डपुष्प सॐ कुण्डपुष्पसमप्रीत्यै नमः।Kundapuspasadapritih : She Who is the Beloved of All the Flowers in the Receptacle.
982कुण्डपुष्प सॐ कुण्डपुष्पसमारत्यै नमः।Golapuspasadagatih : She Who Always Moves with the Flowers of Light.
983कुण्डगोलोद्ॐ कुण्डगोलोद्भवप्रीतायै नमः।Kundagolodbhavaprita : She Who is the Beloved of the Light in Receptacle.
984कुण्डगोलोद्ॐ कुण्डगोलोद्भवात्मिकायै नमः।Kundagolodbhavatmika : She Who has the Capacity of the Soul to Express the Light in the Receptacle
985स्वयम्भूवाॐ स्वयम्भुवे नमः।
986शिवाॐ शिवायै नमः।
987शक्ताॐ शक्तायै नमः।
988पावनीॐ पावन्यै नमः।
989लोकपावनीॐ लोकपावन्यै नमः।
990कीर्तिॐ कीर्त्यै नमः।
991यशस्विनीॐ यशस्विन्यै नमः।
992मेधाॐ मेधायै नमः।
993विमेधाॐ विमेधायै नमः।
994सुरसुन्दरीॐ सुरसुन्दर्यै नमः।
995अश्विनीॐ अश्विन्यै नमः।
996कृत्तिकाॐ कृत्तिकायै नमः।
997पुष्याॐ पुष्यायै नमः।
998तेजस्वि चन्द्ॐ तेजस्विचन्द्रमण्डलायै नमः।
999सूक्ष्मा सूक्ॐ सूक्ष्मासूक्ष्मप्रदायै नमः।
1000सूक्ष्मा सूक्ॐ सूक्ष्मासूक्ष्मभयविनाशिन्यै नमः।
1001वरदाॐ वरदायै नमः।
1002अभयदाॐ अभयदायै नमः।
1003मुक्तिबन्ध वॐ मुक्तिबन्धविनाशिन्यै नमः।
1004कामुकाॐ कामुक्यै नमः।
1005कामदाॐ कामदायै नमः।
1006क्षान्ताॐ क्षान्तायै नमः।
1007कामाख्याॐ कामाख्यायै नमः।
1008कुलसुन्दरीॐ कुलसुन्दर्यै नमः।
1009सुखदाॐ सुखदायै नमः।
1010दुःखदाॐ दुःखदायै नमः।
1011मोक्षाॐ मोक्षायै नमः।
1012मोक्षदार्थ प्ॐ मोक्षदार्थप्रकाशिन्यै नमः।
1013दुष्टा दुष्टमॐ दुष्टादुष्टमत्यै नमः।
1014सर्वकार्य विॐ सर्वकार्यविनाशिन्यै नमः।
1015शुक्राधाराॐ शुक्राधारायै नमः।Sukradhara : She Who is the Supporter of Purity.
1016शुक्ररूपाॐ शुक्ररूपायै नमः।Sukrarupa : She Who is the Form of Purity.
1017शुक्रसिन्धु नॐ शुक्रसिन्धुनिवासिन्यै नमः।Sukrasindhunivasini : She Who Resides Within the Ocean of Purity.
1018शुक्रालयाॐ शुक्रालयायै नमः।Sukralaya : She Who has Indestructible Purity.
1019शुक्रभोगाॐ शुक्रभोगायै नमः।Sukrabhoga : She Who is the Enjoyer of Purity.
1020शुक्रपूजा सदॐ शुक्रपूजासदारत्यै नमः।Sukrapujasadaratih : She Who is Delighted by Worship with Purity.
1021शुक्रपूज्याॐ शुक्रपूज्यायै नमः।
1022शुक्रहोम सन्ॐ शुक्रहोमसन्तुष्टायै नमः।
1023शुक्रवत्सलाॐ शुक्रवत्सलायै नमः।
1024शुक्रमूर्तिःॐ शुक्रमूर्त्यै नमः।
1025शुक्रदेहाॐ शुक्रदेहायै नमः।
1026शुक्रपूजक पुॐ शुक्रपूजकपुत्रिण्यै नमः।
1027शुक्रस्थाॐ शुक्रस्थायै नमः।
1028शुक्रिणीॐ शुक्रिण्यै नमः।
1029शुक्र संस्पृहाॐ शुक्रसंस्पृहायै नमः।
1030शुक्रसुन्दरीॐ शुक्रसुन्दर्यै नमः।
1031शुक्रस्नाताॐ शुक्रस्नातायै नमः।
1032शुक्रकरीॐ शुक्रकर्यै नमः।
1033शुक्रसेव्याॐ शुक्रसेव्यायै नमः।
1034अतिशुक्रिणीॐ अतिशुक्रिण्यै नमः।
1035महाशुक्राॐ महाशुक्रायै नमः।
1036शुक्रभवाॐ शुक्रभवायै नमः।Sukrabhava : She Who is Pure Existence.
1037शुक्रवृष्टि विॐ शुक्रवृष्टिविधायिन्यै नमः।Sukravrstividhayini : She Who is the Giver of the Rain of Purity.
1038शुक्राभिधेयाॐ शुक्राभिधेयायै नमः।Sukrabhidheya : She Who is the Supreme Wisdom of Purity.
1039शुक्रार्हाॐ शुक्रार्हायै नमः।Sukrarhasukravandakavandita : The Pure of the Pure Consider Her as the Worshiped of the Worshipped.
1040शुक्रवन्दकॐ शुक्रवन्दकवन्दितायै नमः।Sukranandakari : She who is the Expression of the Bliss of Purity.
1041शुक्रानन्दकॐ शुक्रानन्दकर्यै नमः।Sukrasadanandavidhayini : She Who Always Gives the Bliss of Purity.
1042शुक्रसदानन्ॐ शुक्रसदानन्दविधायिन्यै नमः।Sukrotsava : She Who Enjoys the festivals of Purity.
1043शुक्रोत्साहाॐ शुक्रोत्साहायै नमः।Sadasukrapurna : She who Always Manifests Full Complete and Perfect Purity.
1044सदाशुक्रपूर्ॐ सदाशुक्रपूर्णायै नमः।Sukramanorama : She Who is the Beauty of Purity.
1045शुक्रमनोरमाॐ शुक्रमनोरमायै नमः।Sukrapujakasarvasva : She Who is Worshipped As the Pure in All.
1046शुक्रपूजकसर्ॐ शुक्रपूजकसर्वस्वायै नमः।Sukranindakanasini : She Who is the Destroyer of the Criticism of Purity.
1047शुक्र निन्दकॐ शुक्रनिन्दकनाशिन्यै नमः।Sukratmika : She Who Has the Capacity of the Soul of Purity.
1048शुक्रात्मिकाॐ शुक्रात्मिकायै नमः।Sukrasampacchukrakarsakarini : She Who is the Cause of Attraction of the Wealth of Purity.
1049शुक्रसम्पदाॐ शुक्रसम्पदे नमः।Sarada : She Who is the Giver of All.
1050शुक्राकर्षणॐ शुक्राकर्षणकारिण्यै नमः।
1051रक्ताशयाॐ रक्ताशयायै नमः।
1052रक्तभोगाॐ रक्तभोगायै नमः।
1053रक्तपूजासदाॐ रक्तपूजासदारत्यै नमः।
1054रक्तपूज्याॐ रक्तपूज्यायै नमः।Rakrapuja : She Who is Worshipped with Passion.
1055रक्तहोमाॐ रक्तहोमायै नमः।Raktahoma : She Who is Offered Sacrificial Offerings With Passion.
1056रक्तस्थाॐ रक्तस्थायै नमः।Raktastha : She Who is Situated in Passion.
1057रक्तवत्सलाॐ रक्तवत्सलायै नमः।Raktavatsala : She Who Takes Refuge in Passion.
1058रक्तपूर्णारक्ॐ रक्तपूर्णारक्तदेहायै नमः।
1059रक्तपूजकपुत्ॐ रक्तपूजकपुत्रिण्यै नमः।
1060रक्ताख्याॐ रक्ताख्यायै नमः।
1061रक्तिनीॐ रक्तिन्यै नमः।
1062रक्तसंस्कृताॐ रक्तसंस्कृतायै नमः।
1063रक्तसुन्दरीॐ रक्तसुन्दर्यै नमः।
1064रक्ताभिदेहाॐ रक्ताभिदेहायै नमः।
1065रक्तार्हाॐ रक्तार्हायै नमः।
1066रक्तवन्दकवॐ रक्तवन्दकवन्दितायै नमः।
1067महारक्ताॐ महारक्तायै नमः।
1068रक्तभवाॐ रक्तभवायै नमः।
1069रक्तवृष्टिविॐ रक्तवृष्टिविधायिन्यै नमः।
1070रक्तस्नाताॐ रक्तस्नातायै नमः।
1071रक्तप्रीताॐ रक्तप्रीतायै नमः।
1072रक्तसेव्यातिॐ रक्तसेव्यातिरक्तिन्यै नमः।
1073रक्तानन्दकरॐ रक्तानन्दकर्यै नमः।Raktasundari : She Who is Beautiful Passion.
1074रक्तसदानन्ॐ रक्तसदानन्दविधायिन्यै नमः।
1075रक्तारक्ताॐ रक्तारक्तायै नमः।
1076रक्तपूर्णाॐ रक्तपूर्णायै नमः।Raktapurna : She Who gives Full Complete and Perfect Passion.
1077रक्तसव्येक्षॐ रक्तसव्येक्षणीरमायै नमः।Raktasevya : She Who is Served by Passion. Manorama : She Who is Beautiful
1078रक्तसेवकसर्ॐ रक्तसेवकसर्वस्वायै नमः।Raktapujakasarvasva : She Who is Worshipped in All With Passion.
1079रक्तनिन्दकॐ रक्तनिन्दकनाशिन्यै नमः।Raktanindakanasini : She Who Destroys the Criticism of Passion.
1080रक्तात्मिकाॐ रक्तात्मिकायै नमः।Raktatmika : She Who is the Soul’s Capacity for the Expression of Passion.
1081रक्तरूपाॐ रक्तरूपायै नमः।Raktarupa : She Who is a Form of Passion.
1082रक्ताकर्षणॐ रक्ताकर्षणकारिण्यै नमः।Raktakarsanakarini : She Who is the Cause of the Attraction of Passion.
1083रक्तोत्साहाॐ रक्तोत्साहायै नमः।Raktotsaha : She Who is the Enthusiasm of Passion.
1084रक्तव्यग्राॐ रक्तव्यग्रायै नमः।Raktadhya : She Who Rides Upon Passion.
1085रक्तपानपराॐ रक्तपानपरायणायै नमः।Raktapanaparayana : She Who Drinks With Passion.
1086शोणिता नन्दॐ शोणितानन्दजनन्यै नमः।
1087कल्लोल स्निॐ कल्लोलस्निग्धरूपिण्यै नमः।
1088साधकान्तर्गॐ साधकान्तर्गतायै नमः।
1089देवीॐ देव्यै नमः।Devi : She Who is the Goddess
1090पार्वतीॐ पार्वत्यै नमः।
1091पापनाशिनीॐ पापनाशिन्यै नमः।
1092साधूनां हृदि संॐ साधूनां हृदि संस्थात्र्यै नमः।
1093साधकानन्दॐ साधकानन्दकारिण्यै नमः।
1094साधकानां जनॐ साधकानां जनन्यै नमः।
1095साधक प्रियॐ साधकप्रियकारिण्यै नमः।
1096साधक प्रचुराॐ साधकप्रचुरानन्दसम्पत्तिसुखदायिन्यै नमः।
1097साधका साधकॐ साधकासाधकप्राणायै नमः।Sadhakaprana : She Who is the Lifeforce of sadhus.
1098साधका सक्तॐ साधकासक्तमानसायै नमः।Sadhakasaktamanasa : She Who Disables the Divisive Thoughts of Sadhus.
1099साधकोत्तमॐ साधकोत्तमसर्वस्वायै नमः।
1100साधकाॐ साधकायै नमः।sadhakottamasarvasvasadhika : She Who is the Female Sadhu of all Excellent Sadhus.
1101भक्तरक्तपाॐ भक्तरक्तपायै नमः।Bhaktavatsala : She Who is the Refuge of Devotees.
1102साधकानन्दॐ साधकानन्दसन्तोषायै नमः।sadhakanandasantosa : She Who is Completely Pleased with Bliss.
1103साधकारिविनाॐ साधकारिविनाशिन्यै नमः।Sadhakadhivinasini : She Who is the Destroyer of All Thoughts of Sadhus.
1104आत्मविद्याॐ आत्मविद्यायै नमः।Atmavidya : She Who is the Knowledge of the Soul.
1105ब्रह्मविद्याॐ ब्रह्मविद्यायै नमः।Brahmavidya : She Who is the Knowledge of Supreme Divinity.
1106परब्रह्मकुटुॐ परब्रह्मकुटुम्बिन्यै नमः।Parabrahmmasvarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of Supreme Divinity.
1107त्रिकूटस्थाॐ त्रिकूटस्थायै नमः।Trikutastha : She Who is Established in Three Places.
1108पञ्चकूटाॐ पञ्चकूटायै नमः।Pamcakuta : She Who is Established in Five Places.
1109सर्वकूटशरीरॐ सर्वकूटशरीरिण्यै नमः।Sarvakutasaririni : She Who is the Embodiment of All Places.
1110सर्ववर्णमयीॐ सर्ववर्णमय्यै नमः।Sarvavamayi : She who is the Expression of All That can be Expressed.
1111वर्णजपमालाॐ वर्णजपमालाविधायिन्यै नमः।Varnajapamalavidhyini : She Who is the Giver of the Garland of All Expressions Which can be Recited.

1008 Names For Maa Kali

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