12 names of Lord Hanuman

Names Of Lord Hanuman

Hanuman ji is considered to be the most powerful and intelligent among the incarnations of Lord Shiva. Hanuman ji is one of the seven Chiranjeevi in ​​Hinduism. Hanuman is known by numerous names but there are 12 names of Hanuman, which are considered highly auspicious. Hanuman is a provider of strength, hope, knowledge, intelligence, loyalty, devotion, and exemplary courage. There are several shrines dedicated to Hanuman, and he is worshipped in shrines ion temples dedicated to Rama. Below is the 12 names of Hanuman ji in English and Hindi with meaning and explanation. Chanting the names helps in attaining peace and prosperity. Those who regularly chant it have seen change in their fortune. The 12 names are together known as Dwadasha Namavali. It is mentioned in several Puranas.

12 names of Lord Hanuman

The 12 Powerful Names of Lord Hanuman chant honors his great importance in Hindu mythology. Remembering the 12 Names of Hanuman ji not only increases the age, but also brings all the worldly pleasures. A person who takes Hanuman 12 Names, 11 times has longevity. Shri Hanuman Ji protects the person who reciting 12 Names of Hanuman continuously from ten directions and from the sky.

NoEnglish NameHindi NameMeaningMantra
1).HanumanहनुमानThe one who has cleft in his chin.ॐ श्री हनुमते नमः।
Om Shri Hanumate Namah।
2).Anjani Sutaअञ्जनी सुतThe son of Devi Anjani.ॐ अञ्जनी सुताय नमः।
Om Anjani Sutaya Namah।
3).Vayu Putraवायु पुत्रThe son of Wind.ॐ वायुपुत्राय नमः।
Om Vayuputraya Namah।
4).MahabalमहाबलThe one who has great strength.ॐ महाबलाय नमः।
Om Mahabalaya Namah।
5).Rameshtaरामेष्टBeloved of Lord Rama.ॐ रामेष्ठाय नमः।
Om Rameshthaya Namah।
6).Phalguna Sakhaफाल्गुन सखाFriend of Arjuna (Arjuna is the son of Kunti, warrior and friend of Lord Krishna).ॐ फाल्गुण सखाय नमः।
Om Phalguna Sakhaya Namah।
7).Pingakshaपिङ्गाक्षWhose eyes are honey coloured or yellow or reddish-brown.ॐ पिंगाक्षाय नमः।
Om Pingakshaya Namah।
8).Amita Vikramaअमित विक्रमWho has boundless power.ॐ अमितविक्रमाय नमः।
Om Amitavikramaya Namah।
9).Udadhikramanaउदधिक्रमणThe one who has crossed the ocean.ॐ उदधिक्रमणाय नमः।
Om Udadhikramanaya Namah।
10).Sita Shoka Vinashanaसीता शोक विनाशनThe one who has removed the sorrow of Devi Sita (Devi Sita is the consort of Lord Rama).ॐ सीताशोकविनाशनाय नमः।
Om Sitashokavinashanaya Namah।
11).Lakshmana Prana Dataलक्ष्मण प्राण दाताWho is given the prana (life force of living) to Lakshman (Lakshman is the brother to Lord Rama).ॐ लक्ष्मणप्राणदात्रे नमः।
Om Lakshmanapranadatre Namah।
12).Dashagriva Darpahaदशग्रीव दर्पहाThe one who has destroyed the ego of the Demon Ravana.ॐ दशग्रीवस्य दर्पाय नमः।
Om Dashagrivasya Darpaya Namah।
Hanuman Ji Ke Barah Naam

12 names of Lord Hanuman with Details

1. Hanuman

According to the scriptures, there is a mythological story behind this name. Once, when Hanuman Ji in his childhood started moving towards Surya Dev to eat him, considering him a fruit, Indra Dev attacked Hanuman Ji with his thunderbolt to stop him, after which his chin was crooked due to Vraj’s attack. Went. The chin is called Hanu. Since then his name became Hanuman.

2. Anjanisut

Hanuman ji’s mother’s name was Anjani putra. In such a situation, she is also known by the name of his mother.

3. Vayuputra

Bajrangbali was born with the blessings of Vayu Dev, and Pawan Dev is also his Manas son. That’s why one name of Hanuman ji is Vayuputra, or son of wind.

4. Mahabal

It is believed that there is no limit to the power of Hanuman ji. It is believed that the combined strength of Bali, Ravana (why Ravana conspired for his death), Bhima, Airavat, Indra, etc. cannot be compared to the strength of Hanuman ji. Due to the power of Hanuman Ji, the golden Lanka became a pile of ashes in a moment. For this reason, Hanuman Ji is also called Mahabali. That’s why he is also known as Mahabal.

5. Ramesht

Hanuman ji is the supreme devotee of Lord Shri Ram. It is also mentioned in the scriptures that Shri Ram has considered Hanuman as his beloved. He was named Ramesht because of his love for Lord Shri Ram.

6. Phalguna Sakha

Hanuman Ji is considered a friend of Arjuna. The logic behind this is that Phalgun means Arjuna, and Sakha means friend. Means those who are friends of Arjuna. Apart from this, it is mentioned in both the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad Gita that Hanuman ji protected Arjuna by sitting on his chariot during the Mahabharata war.

7. Pingaksha

Pingaksha means the formation of a layer of light red and yellow colour in the eyes. The mention of the formation of such a layer in the eyes of Hanuman ji is also found in the Ramayana. For this reason, one name of Hanuman ji is also Pingaksh

8. Amit Vikram

Amit Vikram is also the name of Hanuman ji. Amit means more, and Vikram means mighty. Hanuman Ji is considered an incarnation of Lord Shiva. In such a situation, it is natural for them to have immense power. Hanuman ji has done such amazing things with his power, which is beyond the power of even the gods.

9. Udadhikramana

Uddhikraman means one who crosses the ocean. Hanuman ji had crossed the sea in search of Mother Sita; hence, he has the name Uddhikraman.

10. Sita Shok Vinashan

According to legends, this name of Hanuman ji was given because he was able to redress mother Sita’s grief. The interesting story of this name is that when Hanuman ji crossed the sea to reach Mata Sita (interesting story of Mata Sita’s sisters), he hid himself under the guise of a small tree. He saw Mother Sita moved by the grief of her separation from Shri Ram. When no one was near Sita under Ravana’s protection, taking advantage of the time, he introduced himself to Mother Sita and called himself the messenger of Rama, after which all the grief of Mother Sita went away. For this reason Hanuman ji is called Sitashokvinashan.

11. Laxman Pranadata

This is another name of Hanuman ji. There is a story behind this name of Hanuman ji as well. After Ravana’s son Indrajit made Laxman unconscious, Hanuman ji brought Sanjeevani herb. Laxman ji regained consciousness due to the effect of the same herb. Since then his name was named Laxman Pranadata.

12. Dashgriva Darpaha

Shagriva means Ravana, and Darpaha means destroyer of pride. The whole world knows how the mighty Hanuman ji shattered Ravana’s pride many times. For this reason, one of his names was Dashagrivdarpa.

Benefits of reciting 12 Names of Hanuman Ji

  • The person who chants these twelve names 11 times in the same state as soon as he wakes up in the morning has a long life.
  • Taking the name at the time of daily rules leads to the attainment of Ishta.
  • The person who takes the name in the afternoon is rich.
  • The person who takes the name in the evening is satisfied with family happiness.
  • The person who takes the name while sleeping at night becomes victorious over the enemy.

Recite these 12 names early morning as soon as you get up to have a long life. Repeating this activity everyday helps you come closer to God. Reciting these names during the daytime makes you rich, during evening gives you and your family peace and happiness and during night helps you overcome your enemies

Names Of Shri Hanuman And Their Significance

Hanuman’s 12 Names (Gujarati Language)

  1. ॐ જય હનુમાન (Om Jay Hanuman)
  2. ॐ જય અંજની સુત (Om Jay Anjani Sut)
  3. ॐ જય વાયુ પુત્ર (Om Jay Vayu Putra)
  4. ॐ જય મહાબલી (Om Jay Mahabali)
  5. ॐ જય રામેષ્ટ્ર (Om Jay Rameshtra)
  6. ॐ જય ફાલ્ગુન સખા (Om Jay Falgun Sakha)
  7. ॐ જય પિંગાક્ષ (Om Jay Pingaksh)
  8. ॐ જય અમિત વિક્રમ (Om Jay Amit Vikram)
  9. ॐ જય ઉદધિ ક્રમણ (Om Jay Uddhi Kraman)
  10. ॐ જય સીતા શોક વિનાશન (Om Jay Seeta Shok Vinashak)
  11. ॐ જય લક્ષ્મણ પ્રાણ દાતા (Om Jay Laxman Pran Data)
  12. ॐ જય દશ ગ્રીવ દર્પહ (Om Jay Dash Griv Darpah)

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