108 Names Of Lord Budha : बुध भगवान के १०८ नाम

Budha Astottara Shatanamavali

Budha Ashtottara Shatanamavali or Budha Ashtothram is the 108 names of Lord Budha, who is one of the Navagrahas. He is the planet Mercury. It is auspicious to chant Budha Ashtothram on Wednesdays. Each name in the hymn represents a specific aspect quality of Budha.

In Astrology, Budha (Mercury) is one of the nine celestial bodies or Navagrahas, who is considered as a beneficial planet in Astrology. Buddha represents communication, education, analytical skills, business knowledge etc. When Budha gets afflicted in the horoscope it may lead to communication problems and financial setbacks. Chanting Budha Ashtottara Shatanamavali help to connect with the spiritual energy of Budha. Chanting and reflecting on these names is a powerful remedy to strengthen the planet Mercury.

Please find Budha Astottara Shatanamavali below where you will find 108 names of Buddha.

Budha Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotra
– the hymn of a hundred and eight names –

#MantraEnglish Name MantraEnglish Meaning
1ॐ बुधाय नमः।Om Budhaya Namah।The intelligent One
2ॐ बुधार्चिताय नमः।Om Budharchitaya Namah।The One who is worshipped for intelligence
3ॐ सौम्याय नमः।Om Saumyaya Namah।The mild One (or the Son of Soma)
4ॐ सौम्यचित्ताय नमः।Om Saumyachittaya Namah।The One with a calm mind
5ॐ शुभप्रदाय नमः।Om Shubhapradaya Namah।The bestower of brilliance
6ॐ दृढव्रताय नमः।Om Dridhavrataya Namah।The firm-vowed One
7ॐ दृढफलाय नमः।Om Dridhaphalaya Namah।The One who is associated with the coconut
8ॐ श्रुतिजालप्रबोधकाय नमः।Om Shrutijalaprabodhakaya Namah।The One who awakens one to the collection of the Veda
9ॐ सत्यवासाय नमः।Om Satyavasaya Namah।The abode of truth
10ॐ सत्यवचसे नमः।Om Satyavachase Namah।The One with truthful speech
11ॐ श्रेयसां पतये नमः।Om Shreyasam Pataye Namah।The Lord of excellent qualities
12ॐ अव्ययाय नमः।Om Avyayaya Namah।The imperishable One
13ॐ सोमजाय नमः।Om Somajaya Namah।The One born from Soma
14ॐ सुखदाय नमः।Om Sukhadaya Namah।The bestower of happiness
15ॐ श्रीमते नमः।Om Shrimate Namah।The glorious One
16ॐ सोमवंशप्रदीपकाय नमः।Om Somavanshapradipakaya Namah।The lamp from the lineage of Soma
17ॐ वेदविदे नमः।Om Vedavide Namah।The knower of the Veda
18ॐ वेदतत्त्वाशाय नमः।Om Vedatattvashaya Namah।The knower of the truth of the Veda
19ॐ वेदान्तज्ञानभास्कराय नमः।Om Vedantagyanabhaskaraya Namah।The One who shines with the knowledge of Vedanta
20ॐ विद्याविचक्षणाय नमः।Om Vidyavichakshanaya Namah।The One who is radiant with knowledge
21ॐ विदुषे नमः।Om Vidushe Namah।The wise One
22ॐ विद्वत्प्रीतिकराय नमः।Om Vidvatpritikaraya Namah।The One who brings joy to wise men
23ॐ ऋजवे नमः।Om Rijave Namah।The honest One
24ॐ विश्वानुकूलसञ्चाराय नमः।Om Vishvanukulasancharaya Namah।The One who provides a favourable path to all
25ॐ विशेषविनयान्विताय नमः।Om Visheshavinayanvitaya Namah।The One especially endowed with modesty
26ॐ विविधागमसारज्ञाय नमः।Om Vividhagamasaragyaya Namah।The knower of the essence of manifold scriptures
27ॐ वीर्यवते नमः।Om Viryavate Namah।The vigorous One
28ॐ विगतज्वराय नमः।Om Vigatajvaraya Namah।The One who is free from affliction
29ॐ त्रिवर्गफलदाय नमः।Om Trivargaphaladaya Namah।The bestower of three kinds of fruit
30ॐ अनन्ताय नमः।Om Anantaya Namah।The unbounded One
31ॐ त्रिदशाधिपपूजिताय नमः।Om Tridashadhipapujitaya Namah।The One who is worshipped by the Lord of Devas (Indra)
32ॐ बुद्धिमते नमः।Om Buddhimate Namah।The intelligent One
33ॐ बहुशास्त्रज्ञाय नमः।Om Bahushastragyaya Namah।The knower of many scriptures
34ॐ बलिने नमः।Om Baline Namah।The powerful One
35ॐ बन्धविमोचकाय नमः।Om Bandhavimochakaya Namah।The liberator from bondage
36ॐ वक्रातिवक्रगमनाय नमः।Om Vakrativakragamanaya Namah।The One with a very winding manner of going
37ॐ वासवाय नमः।Om Vasavaya Namah।The One associated with the Vasus
38ॐ वसुधाधिपाय नमः।Om Vasudhadhipaya Namah।The Lord of the earth
39ॐ प्रसन्नवदनाय नमः।Om Prasannavadanaya Namah।The One with a kind face
40ॐ वन्द्याय नमः।Om Vandyaya Namah।The One who is worthy to be praised
41ॐ वरेण्याय नमः।Om Varenyaya Namah।The most excellent One
42ॐ वाग्विलक्षणाय नमः।Om Vagvilakshanaya Namah।The One who is distinguished by speech
43ॐ सत्यवते नमः।Om Satyavate Namah।The truthful One
44ॐ सत्यसङ्कल्पाय नमः।Om Satyasankalpaya Namah।The One with a true purpose
45ॐ सत्यबन्धवे नमः।Om Satyabandhave Namah।The true friend
46ॐ सदादराय नमः।Om Sadadaraya Namah।The One who is always respectful
47ॐ सर्वरोगप्रशमनाय नमः।Om Sarvarogaprashamanaya Namah।The One who cures all disease
48ॐ सर्वमृत्युनिवारकाय नमः।Om Sarvamrityunivarakaya Namah।The One who wards off all death
49ॐ वाणिज्यनिपुणाय नमः।Om Vanijyanipunaya Namah।The One who is skilful in trade
50ॐ वश्याय नमः।Om Vashyaya Namah।The subdued One
51ॐ वाताङ्गाय नमः।Om Vatangaya Namah।The One associated with Vata Dosha
52ॐ वातरोगहृते नमः।Om Vatarogahrite Namah।The remover of Vata disease
53ॐ स्थूलाय नमः।Om Sthulaya Namah।The large One
54ॐ स्थैर्यगुणाध्यक्षाय नमः।Om Sthairyagunadhyakshaya Namah।The overseer of the quality of steadiness
55ॐ स्थूलसूक्ष्मादिकारणाय नमःOm Sthulasukshmadikaranaya Namah।The first cause of the gross and the subtle
56ॐ अप्रकाशाय नमः।Om Aprakashaya Namah।The concealed One
57ॐ प्रकाशात्मने नमः।Om Prakashatmane Namah।The visible One
58ॐ घनाय नमः।Om Ghanaya Namah।The firm One
59ॐ गगनभूषणाय नमः।Om Gaganabhushanaya Namah।The Ornament of the sky
60ॐ विधिस्तुत्याय नमः।Om Vidhistutyaya Namah।The One who is fit to be praised with sacred rites
61ॐ विशालाक्षाय नमः।Om Vishalakshaya Namah।The large-eyed One
62ॐ विद्वज्जनमनोहराय नमः।Om Vidvajajanamanoharaya Namah।The One who is charming to (steals the hearts of) wise men
63ॐ चारुशीलाय नमः।Om Charushilaya Namah।The One with an agreeable nature
64ॐ स्वप्रकाशाय नमः।Om Svaprakashaya Namah।The self-luminous One
65ॐ चपलाय नमः।Om Chapalaya Namah।The wavering One
66ॐ जितेन्द्रियाय नमः।Om Jitendriyaya Namah।The One whose senses are conquered
67ॐ उदङ्मुखाय नमः।Om Udanmukhaya Namah।The One who faces north
68ॐ मखासक्ताय नमः।Om Makhasaktaya Namah।The One who is fond of festivities
69ॐ मगधाधिपतये नमः।Om Magadhadhipataye Namah।The Lord of bards
70ॐ हरये नमः।Om Haraye Namah।The remover (of sin)
71ॐ सौम्यवत्सरसञ्जाताय नमः।Om Saumyavatsarasanjataya Namah।The One born in the Saumya (pleasant) year
72ॐ सोमप्रियकराय नमः।Om Somapriyakaraya Namah।The One who is dear to Soma
73ॐ महते नमः।Om Mahate Namah।The happy One
74ॐ सिंहाधिरूढाय नमः।Om Simhadhirudhaya Namah।The One who is mounted on a lion
75ॐ सर्वज्ञाय नमः।Om Sarvagyaya Namah।The One who knows everything
76ॐ शिखिवर्णाय नमः।Om Shikhivarnaya Namah।The One who has the color of flame
77ॐ शिवङ्कराय नमः।Om Shivankaraya Namah।The maker of prosperity
78ॐ पीताम्बराय नमः।Om Pitambaraya Namah।The One who wears a yellow garment
79ॐ पीतवपुषे नमः।Om Pitavapushe Namah।The One with a yellow form
80ॐ पीतच्छत्रध्वजाङ्किताय नमOm Pitachchhatradhwajankitaya Namah।The One who is marked by a yellow umbrella and a flag
81ॐ खड्गचर्मधराय नमः।Om Khadgacharmadharaya Namah।The One who holds a sword and a shield
82ॐ कार्यकर्त्रे नमः।Om Karyakartre Namah।The One who does what is proper
83ॐ कलुषहारकाय नमः।Om Kalushaharakaya Namah।The remover of impurity
84ॐ आत्रेयगोत्रजाय नमः।Om Atreyagotrajaya Namah।The One born in the family of Atri
85ॐ अत्यन्तविनयाय नमः।Om Atyantavinayaya Namah।The One who is very mild
86ॐ विश्वपवनाय नमः।Om Vishvapavanaya Namah।The purifier of all
87ॐ चाम्पेयपुष्पसङ्काशाय नमः।Om Champeyapushpasankashaya Namah।The One who has the appearance of the Champeya flower
88ॐ चारणाय नमः।Om Charanaya Namah।The wanderer
89ॐ चारुभूषणाय नमः।Om Charubhushanaya Namah।The One with beautiful ornaments
90ॐ वीतरागाय नमः।Om Vitaragaya Namah।The One who is free from passion
91ॐ वीतभयाय नमः।Om Vitabhayaya Namah।The One who is free from fear
92ॐ विशुद्धकनकप्रभाय नमः।Om Vishuddhakanakaprabhaya Namah।The One with the radiance of pure gold
93ॐ बन्धुप्रियाय नमः।Om Bandhupriyaya Namah।The One who is fond of relatives
94ॐ बन्धमुक्ताय नमः।Om Bandhamuktaya Namah।The One who is released from bondage
95ॐ बाणमण्डलसंश्रिताय नमः।Om Banamandalasamshritaya Namah।The One who is protected by a circle of arrows
96ॐ अर्केशाननिवासस्थाय नमः।Om Arkeshananivasasthaya Namah।The One who dwells in the abode of the Lord of the Sun
97ॐ तर्कशास्त्रविशारदाय नमः।Om Tarkashastravisharadaya Namah।The Who is skilful in the science of logic
98ॐ प्रशान्ताय नमः।Om Prashantaya Namah।The tranquil One
99ॐ प्रीतिसंयुक्ताय नमः।Om Pritisamyuktaya Namah।The One who is joined with joy
100ॐ प्रियकृते नमः।Om Priyakrite Namah।The fulfiller of desires
101ॐ प्रियभूषणाय नमः।Om Priyabhushanaya Namah।The One who is fond of speaking
102ॐ मेधाविने नमः।Om Medhavine Namah।The intelligent One
103ॐ माधवसक्ताय नमः।Om Madhavasaktaya Namah।The One who is devoted to Madhava
104ॐ मिथुनाधिपतये नमः।Om Mithunadhipataye Namah।The Lord of Mithuna (the sign Gemini)
105ॐ सुधिये नमः।Om Sudhiye Namah।The intelligent One
106ॐ कन्याराशिप्रियाय नमः।Om Kanyarashipriyaya Namah।The One who fond of Kanya Rashi (the sign Virgo)
107ॐ कामप्रदाय नमः।Om Kamapradaya Namah।The fulfiller of desires
108ॐ घनफलाश्रयाय नमः।Om Ghanaphalashrayaya Namah।The One whose abode is in the coconut

Please find Budha Ashtottara Shatanamavali in English lyrics Pdf here and chant for the grace of lord budha.

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