108 Names of Lord Chandra : भगवान चन्‍द्र के १०८ नाम

Chandra Dev

Lord Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotra
– the hymn of a hundred and eight names –

Lord Chandra Ashtottara Shatanam means hundred and eight (Shatanam) names (nama), and Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotra is a hymn eulogizing the Lord Chandra by recounting one hundred of His names. As the various sects of Hindu-tradition (Shaivism, Shaktism and Vaishnavism) grew and spread, it must have become extremely popular to write hymns of a hundred names for the primary Deity of worship. The Chandra Sahasranama Stotra. 108 names of Chandra, which are collectively known as Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Chandra.

Chanting the 108 Names of Lord Chandra can help alleviate the sufferings due to the afflicted position of the moon in the horoscope and augment the positive results of the favourable moon in a person’s birth chart.

108 Names of Lord Chandra – Chandra Ashtottara Shatnamavali

चंद्र देव के 108 नाम – श्री चन्द्र अष्टोत्तरशतनामावलि:

Sri Soma (Chandra) Ashtottarshat Namavali

108 Names of Lord Chandra : भगवान चन्‍द्र के १०८ नाम

NO.Name MantraEnglish Name MatraChandra Name Meaning
1.ॐ श्रीमते नमः।Om Shrimate Namah।The glorious One
2.ॐ शशधराय नमः।Om Shashadharaya Namah।The One endowed with a rabbit
3.ॐ चन्द्राय नमः।Om Chandraya Namah।The One who shines
4.ॐ ताराधीशाय नमः।Om Taradhishaya Namah।The Lord of planets
5.ॐ निशाकराय नमः।Om Nishakaraya Namah।The Maker of the night
6.ॐ सुधानिधये नमः।Om Sudhanidhaye Namah।The Storehouse of nectar
7.ॐ सदाराध्याय नमः।Om Sadaradhyaya Namah।The One who is always to be worshipped
8.ॐ सत्पतये नमः।Om Satpataye Namah।The true Lord
9.ॐ साधुपूजिताय नमः।Om Sadhupujitaya Namah।The One who is worshipped by wise men
10.ॐ जितेन्द्रियाय नमः।Om Jitendriyaya Namah।The One whose senses are conquered
11.ॐ जयोद्योगाय नमः।Om Jayodyogaya Namah।The One whose efforts are for victory
12.ॐ ज्योतिश्चक्रप्रवर्तकाय नमः।Om Jyotishchakrapravartakaya Namah।The One who proceeds through the zodiac
13.ॐ विकर्तनानुजाय नमः।Om Vikartananujaya Namah।The younger Brother of Vikartana (the Sun)
14.ॐ वीराय नमः।Om Viraya Namah।The Hero
15.ॐ विश्वेशाय नमः।Om Vishveshaya Namah।The Lord of all
16.ॐ विदुषां पतये नमः।Om Vidusham Pataye Namah।The Lord of wise men
17.ॐ दोषाकराय नमः।Om Doshakaraya Namah।The Maker of the night
18.ॐ दुष्टदूराय नमः।Om Dushtaduraya Namah।The Remover of sin
19.ॐ पुष्टिमते नमः।Om Pushtimate Namah।The One who provides nourishment
20.ॐ शिष्टपालकाय नमः।Om Shishtapalakaya Namah।The Protector of wise men
21.ॐ अष्टमूर्तिप्रियाय नमः।Om Ashtamurtipriyaya Namah।The One who is dear to Ashtamurti (Shiva)
22.ॐ अनन्ताय नमः।Om Anantaya Namah।The unbounded One
23.ॐ कष्टदारुकुठारकाय नमः।Om Kashtadarukutharakaya Namah।The Axe for bad wood
24.ॐ स्वप्रकाशाय नमः।Om Svaprakashaya Namah।The self-luminous One
25.ॐ प्रकाशात्मने नमः।Om Prakashatmane Namah।The shining One
26.ॐ द्युचराय नमः।Om Dyucharaya Namah।The One who moves through the sky
27.ॐ देवभोजनाय नमः।Om Devabhojanaya Namah।The One who provides food to the Devas
28.ॐ कलाधराय नमः।Om Kaladhraya Namah।The One who possesses sixteen divisions
29.ॐ कालहेतवे नमः।Om Kalahetave Namah।The Cause of time
30.ॐ कामकृते नमः।Om Kamakrite Namah।The Fulfiller of desires
31.ॐ कामदायकाय नमः।Om Kamadayakaya Namah।The Fulfiller of desires
32.ॐ मृत्युसंहारकाय नमः।Om Mrityusamharakaya Namah।The One who holds back death
33.ॐ अमर्त्याय नमः।Om Amartyaya Namah।The immortal One
34.ॐ नित्यानुष्ठानदाय नमः।Om Nityanushthanadaya Namah।The Fulfiller of the eternal performance of religious rites
35.ॐ क्षपाकराय नमः।Om Kshapakaraya Namah।The Maker of the night
36.ॐ क्षीणपापाय नमः।Om Kshinapapaya Namah।The One whose sins have been destroyed
37.ॐ क्षयवृद्धिसमन्विताय नमः।Om Kshayavriddhisamanvitaya Namah।The One connected with waxing and waning
38.ॐ जैवातृकाय नमः।Om Jaivatrikaya Namah।The long-lived One (or the thin One)
39.ॐ शुचये नमः।Om Shuchaye Namah।The shining One
40.ॐ शुभ्राय नमः।Om Shubhraya Namah।The radiant One
41.ॐ जयिने नमः।Om Jayine Namah।The Victor
42.ॐ जयफलप्रदाय नमः।Om Jayaphalapradaya Namah।The Bestower of the fruit of victory
43.ॐ सुधामयाय नमः।Om Sudhamayaya Namah।The One who is made of nectar
44.ॐ सुरस्वामिने नमः।Om Surasvamine Namah।The Lord of Suras
45.ॐ भक्तानामिष्टदायकाय नमः।Om Bhaktanamishtadayakaya Namah।The Fulfiller of the wishes of the devotees
46.ॐ भुक्तिदाय नमः।Om Bhuktidaya Namah।The Bestower of enjoyments
47.ॐ मुक्तिदाय नमः।Om Muktidaya Namah।the Bestower of liberation
48.ॐ भद्राय नमः।Om Bhadraya Namah।The good One
49.ॐ भक्तदारिद्र्यभञ्जनाय नमः।Om Bhaktadaridryabhanjanaya Namah।The Destroyer of the poverty of the devotees
50.ॐ सामगानप्रियाय नमः।Om Samaganapriyaya Namah।The One who is fond of the singing of Samaveda verses
51.ॐ सर्वरक्षकाय नमः।Om Sarvarakshakaya Namah।The Protector of all
52.ॐ सागरोद्भवाय नमः।Om Sagarodbhavaya Namah।The One who arose from the ocean
53.ॐ भयान्तकृते नमः।Om Bhayantakrite Namah।The One who brings an end to fear
54.ॐ भक्तिगम्याय नमः।Om Bhaktigamyaya Namah।The One who is accessible for worship
55.ॐ भवबन्धविमोचकाय नमः।Om Bhavabandhavimochakaya Namah।The Liberator from the bondage of worldly existence
56.ॐ जगत्प्रकाशकिरणाय नमः।Om Jagatprakashakiranaya Namah।The One whose beams illumine the world
57.ॐ जगदानन्दकारणाय नमः।Om Jagadanandakaranaya Namah।The Cause of joy for the world
58.ॐ निस्सपत्नाय नमः।Om Nissapatnaya Namah।The One without enemies
59.ॐ निराहाराय नमः।Om Niraharaya Namah।The One who fasts
60.ॐ निर्विकाराय नमः।Om Nirvikaraya Namah।The unchanging One
61.ॐ निरामयाय नमः।Om Niramayaya Namah।The One who is free from disease
62.ॐ भूच्छायाच्छादिताय नमः।Om Bhuchchhayachchhaditaya Namah।The One who is covered by the shadow of the Earth
63.ॐ भव्याय नमः।Om Bhavyaya Namah।The auspicious One
64.ॐ भुवनप्रतिपालकाय नमः।Om Bhuvanapratipalakaya Namah।The Protector of the world
65.ॐ सकलार्तिहराय नमः।Om Sakalartiharaya Namah।The Remover of all suffering
66.ॐ सौम्यजनकाय नमः।Om Saumyajanakaya Namah।The Father of Saumya (Budha, the planet Mercury)
67.ॐ साधुवन्दिताय नमः।Om Sadhuvanditaya Namah।The One who is worshipped by wise men
68.ॐ सर्वागमज्ञाय नमः।Om Sarvagamagyaya Namah।The Knower of all scriptures
69.ॐ सर्वज्ञाय नमः।Om Sarvagyaya Namah।The Knower of everything
70.ॐ सनकादिमुनिस्तुताय नमः।Om Sankadimunistutaya Namah।The One praised by sages such as Sanaka
71.ॐ सितच्छत्रध्वजोपेताय नमः।Om Sitachchhatradhvajopetaya Namah।The One endowed with a white umbrella and a flag
72.ॐ सिताङ्गाय नमः।Om Sitangaya Namah।The One with a white body
73.ॐ सितभूषणाय नमः।Om Sitabhushanaya Namah।The white Ornament
74.ॐ श्वेतमाल्याम्बरधराय नमः।Om Shvetamalyambaradharaya Namah।The One who wears a garment of white flowers
75.ॐ श्वेतगन्धानुलेपनाय नमः।Om Shvetagandhanulepanaya Namah।The One who is covered with white sandalwood paste
76.ॐ दशाश्वरथसंरूढाय नमः।Om Dashashvarathasamrudhaya Namah।The One who is mounted on a chariot drawn by ten horses
77.ॐ दण्डपाणये नमः।Om Dandapanaye Namah।The One who carries a staff in his hand
78.ॐ धनुर्धराय नमः।Om Dhanurdharaya Namah।The One who holds a bow
79.ॐ कुन्दपुष्पोज्ज्वलाकाराय नमः।Om Kundapushpojjvalakaraya Namah।The One with a bright form like the Jasmine blossom
80.ॐ नयनाब्जसमुद्भवाय नमः।Om Nayanabjasamudbhavaya Namah।The One whose origin was led by Abja (Dhanvantari)
81.ॐ आत्रेयगोत्रजाय नमः।Om Atreyagotrajaya Namah।The One born in the family lineage of Atri
82.ॐ अत्यन्तविनयाय नमः।Om Atyantavinayaya Namah।The One who is very well-mannered
83.ॐ प्रियदायकाय नमः।Om Priyadayakaya Namah।The Bestower of what is dear
84.ॐ करुणारससम्पूर्णाय नमः।Om Karunarasasampurnaya Namah।The One who is filled with the sentiment of compassion
85.ॐ कर्कटप्रभवे नमः।Om Karkataprabhave Namah।The Lord of Karkata (the sign Cancer)
86.ॐ अव्ययाय नमः।Om Avyayaya Namah।The imperishable One
87.ॐ चतुरश्रासनारूढाय नमः।Om Chaturasrasanarudhaya Namah।The One who is mounted on a four cornered seat
88.ॐ चतुराय नमः।Om Chaturaya Namah।The clever One
89.ॐ दिव्यवाहनाय नमः।Om Divyavahanaya Namah।The One with a celestial vehicle
90.ॐ विवस्वन्मण्डलाज्ञेयवासाय नमः।Om Vivasvanmandalagyeyavasaya Namah।The One whose unknowable abode is in the globe of Vivasvat (the Sun)
91.ॐ वसुसमृद्धिदाय नमः।Om Vasusamriddhidaya Namah।The Bestower of great increase of wealth
92.ॐ महेश्वरप्रियाय नमः।Om Maheshvarapriyaya Namah।The One who is dear to Maheshwara (Shiva)
93.ॐ दान्ताय नमः।Om Dantaya Namah।The tranquil One (or the One with the appearance of ivory)
94.ॐ मेरुगोत्रप्रदक्षिणाय नमः।Om Merugotrapradakshinaya Namah।The One who circumambulates Mount Meru
95.ॐ ग्रहमण्डलमध्यस्थाय नमः।Om Grahamandalamadhyasthaya Namah।The One who stays in the middle of the circle of planets
96.ॐ ग्रसितार्काय नमः।Om Grasitarkaya Namah।The One who eclipses Arka (the Sun)
97.ॐ ग्रहाधिपाय नमः।Om Grahadhipaya Namah।The Lord of planets
98.ॐ द्विजराजाय नमः।Om Dvijarajaya Namah।The Ruler of the twice-born
99.ॐ द्युतिलकाय नमः।Om Dyutilakaya Namah।The Tilaka (Ornament) of the sky
100.ॐ द्विभुजाय नमः।Om Dvibhujaya Namah।The One with two arms
101.ॐ द्विजपूजिताय नमः।Om Dvijapujitaya Namah।The One who is worshipped by the twice-born
102.ॐ औदुम्बरनगावासाय नमः।Om Audumbaranagavasaya Namah।The One whose abode is in the Udumbara tree
103.ॐ उदाराय नमः।Om Udaraya Namah।The exalted One
104.ॐ रोहिणीपतये नमः।Om Rohinipataye Namah।The Lord of Rohini
105.ॐ नित्योदयाय नमः।Om Nityodayaya Namah।The One who ever rises
106.ॐ मुनिस्तुत्याय नमः।Om Munistutyaya Namah।The One who is worthy of the praise of sages
107.ॐ नित्यानन्दफलप्रदाय नमः।Om Nityanandaphalapradaya Namah।The Bestower of the fruit of eternal bliss
108.ॐ सकलाह्लादनकराय नमः।Om Sakalahladanakaraya Namah।The One who gives delight to all
109.ॐ पलाशसमिधप्रियाय नमः।Om Palashasamidhapriyaya Namah।The One who is fond of Palasha fuel wood
110.ॐ चन्द्रमसे नमः।Om Chandramase Namah।The Moon Lord
Chandra 108 Names
108 Names of Lord Chandra

Lord Chandra (the moon) is one among the Navagraha’s (nine celestial planets) in Hinduism. This lunar deity was depicted as the one riding on a chariot with an antelope or with ten horses. The Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali also called the 108 names of Chandra describes his divine nature, personality, and attributes. 

Lord Chandra
Chandra Devv

Chandra 108 Names

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