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Lord Surya is descended for the welfare of the world, so he has a special place in Panchdevopasana. The scriptures say that ‘Arogya Bhaskaradichche’ means that the person should be prayed to the sun god. The worship of the sun increases the brightness, strength, age and light of the eyes of man; Human beings have longevity. Surya is the deity to remove all eye diseases and skin diseases. Lord Krishna’s son Samb had overcome his leprosy by worshiping the sun. Lord Surya revealed his 21 names to Samb Lord Surya gave his 21 names to Sri Krishna son Samb, who is also known as ‘Stavraj’. Samb started reciting twenty-one names by order of Lord Surya. Pleased with his devotion and penance, Suryadev removed his disease and gave him divine form.

Lord Krishna’s son Samb suffers from severe leprosy

Samb, son of Lord Krishna and Jambavati, was very powerful as well as very handsome. The pride of his beauty caused his downfall. Once Rudravatar Durvasamuni came to Dwarkapuri. Samb ridiculed him after seeing Durvasa who was extremely weak from meditation. In anger, Durvasamuni cursed Samb that ‘You become a leper.’ The ridicule is bad; And the same thing happened. Lord Sri Krishna’s son Samb suffered from severe leprosy. Many remedies were done to cure the disease but his leprosy was not erased.

Lord Surya dev image

Samb prayed to eradicate leprosy

On the orders of Lord Krishna, Samb started worshiping the sun on the banks of river Chandrabhaga. Samb used to recite the Sahasranama of Lord Surya for the freedom from disease. One day Lord Surya appeared to Samb in a dream and said – “You do not need to praise me with Sahastranam.” I tell you my very dear and holy twenty-one names, from their recitation, you will get the result of Sahasranama. Those people who recite this hymn at the time of both evenings, they will get rid of all sins, get desired fruits, health, children etc. and will be free from all diseases. Samb started reciting twenty-one names by order of Lord Surya. Pleased with his devotion and penance, Suryadev removed his disease and gave him divine form.

ॐ विकर्तनो विवस्वांश्च मार्तण्डो भास्करो रविः। लोकप्रकाशकः श्रीमान् लोकचक्षुर्महेश्वरः।।
लाेकसाक्षी त्रिलोकेशः कर्ता हर्ता तमिस्रहा। तपनस्तापनश्चैव शुचिः सप्ताश्ववाहनः।।
गभस्तिहस्तो ब्रह्मा च सर्वदेवनमस्कृतः।

21 Names of Lord Surya: भगवान सूर्य के 21 नाम

NoSanskrit NameEnglish nameName meaning
1विकर्तनVikartanaThe one who destroys all dangers
3मार्तण्डMartandaThe one who has emerged from the golden egg
4भास्करBhaskaraThe enlightening one
5रविRaviThe one who roars
6लोकप्रकाशकLokaprakashakaThe illuminator of the worlds
8लोक चक्षुLoka ChakshuEye of the world
9ग्रहेश्वरGraheshwaraThe lord of all the planets
10लोक साक्षीLoka SakshiWitness of the world
11त्रिलोकेशTrilokeshaThe lord of the three worlds
12कर्ताKartaThe executor
13हर्ताHartaThe destroyer
14तमिस्रहाTamisrahaThe remover of darkness
15तपनTapanaThe one who heats up
16तापनTapanaThe one who burns
17शुचिShuchiThe one who is pure
18सप्ताश्ववाहनSaptashvavahanaWhose chariot is drawn by seven horses
19गभस्तिहस्तGabhastihastaWhose hands are rays alike
20ब्रह्माBrahmaThe creator of the world
21सर्वदेवनमस्कृतSarvadevanamaskritaWorshipped by all the gods

॥ इति श्री सूर्य एकविंशतिनामावलिः सम्पूर्णा ॥

भगवान सूर्य के 21 नाम अति पवित्र माने गए हैं। इन नामों का सूर्योदय के समय विधिवत पाठ करने से मनुष्य को सहस्त्र नाम के पाठ का फल प्राप्त होता है।

Eka Vimshati Namavali: These are the 21 names of Lord Surya with meaning.

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