24 Names Of Lord Vishnu

24 Names Of Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu is supreme, omni-present, omni potent, faultless, abode of worlds, all pervasive , second to none , only everlasting, having no beginning and end. There are 24 different forms of Lord Vishnu with 24 names. The following 24 names of Bhagavan are usually referred to as “Keshava Namas” in Sanskrit and collection is called ‘Chaturvimsati Kesava Namas’. Reciting these names knowing their meanings is highly auspicious.

24 Names Of Lord Vishnu

1KeshavaOne whose own forms are – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva for the creation, maintenance and destruction of universe (by synthesis of ‘K’ for Brahma, ‘A’ for Vishnu, ‘isha’for Shiva and ‘va’ for ‘svarupa’ form), One who is endowed with the rays of light spreading within the orbit of the sun, One who has good, soft, dense, black hair (Kesha), One whodestroyed the demon Keshi in the Krishna avatara
2NarayanaOne who is the final refuge (ayana) of all Nara (living beings), One who resides(ayana) in all the jivas (nara), One who rests (ayana) on water (nara) within the universe
3MadhavaOne who is the Husband (Dhava) of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth andprosperity. One who is the Lord of Knowledge
4GovindaOne who is attainable by vedic chanting, One who is finally known by vedas, Onewho is protector of cows, One who is protector of Bhumi (Mother Earth)
5VishnuOne who is omnipresent and pervades everywhere in the universe, One who ispresent even within the atoms (anu) of the universe (vishva)
6MadhusudanaOne who destroyed demons Madhu and Kaitabha in Hayagriva avatara torecover the stolen vedas
7TrivikramaOne who measured the entire universe in three footsteps in Vamana avatara (adwarf Brahmin incarnation)
8VamanaOne who took Vamana avatara (a dwarf Brahmin incarnation) to help Indra anddevas (gods) regain the lordship of heaven and upper worlds
9ShridharOne who sustains Goddess of Fortune Lakshmi (Shri) always, One on whose chestresides Lakshmi as a golden fine line
10HrishikeshaOne who is the Lord (Esha) of senses (Hrishik), One who rules the senses
11PadmanabhaOne who has the lotus (Padma) in his navel (Nabha) which is the birthplaceof Brahma the creator deity of 14 worlds within the universe, one whose navel is as beautifulas lotus flower
12DamodaraOne who was tied with a cord (daama) around his waist (udara)in Krishna avatara by his mother Yasoda, One who has entire universe as his abode
13SankarshanaOne who resides (Vasu) in all living beings and in turn all living beings reside(Vasu) in him, One who is the Lord of Chitta (Subconscious mind), Foremost & Supremeamongst the four fold manifestation (Chatur-Vyuha) of Lord Vishnu (i.e. Vasudeva,Sankarshana, Pradyumna, Aniruddha)
14VasudevaOne who has both the powers of attraction and repulsion, Another nameof Ananta Shesha (who is a part of Lord Vishnu) upon whom rests Lord Vishnu within theuniverse atKsheera Sagara, One who is the Lord of Ahamkara (Individual Ego), Secondamongst the four fold manifestation (Chatur-Vyuha) of Lord Vishnu (i.e. Vasudeva,Sankarshana, Pradyumna, Aniruddha)
15PradyumnaOne who is most wealthy, One who is most lovable, One who is the Lordof Buddhi (Intellect), Third amongst the four fold manifestation (Chatur-Vyuha) of Lord Vishnu(i.e. Vasudeva, Sankarshana, Pradyumna, Aniruddha)
16AniruddhaOne who is uncontrollable & unstoppable, One who is the Lord of Manas (Mind),Fourth amongst the four fold manifestation (Chatur-Vyuha) of Lord Vishnu (i.e. Vasudeva,Sankarshana, Pradyumna, Aniruddha)
17PurushottamaOne who is the Supreme Purusha (Purusha + Uttama = Purushottama) or Supreme God, One who is the Supreme Purusha beyond the Kshara (Destroyable i.e. Prakṛti) and Akshara (Undestroyable i.e. Atman)
18AdhokshajaOne who has eternal knowledge, One who is beyond knowledge acquired through the senses
19NarasimhaOne who took half lion-half man incarnation to protect his devotee Prahlada and to kill demon Hiranyakashipu
20AchchyutaOne who never loses his inherent nature and powers (i.e. One who is infallible)
21JanardanaOne who is protector of his devotees and destroyer of their enemies, One who is to be worshiped to get the wishes fulfilled (i.e. to be liberated from cycle of births and deaths)
22UpendraOne who appeared as a younger brother of Indra in Vamana avatara
23HariOne who takes away (all the illusions, attachments, desires, pains & material existence of his devotees and destroys their material bondage i.e. gives them Moksha)
24KrishnaOne with most beautiful dark blue (water filled cloud) complexion, One who is attractive, one who enchants, One who took Krishna Avatara, One who is always in a state of Bliss (with his sport of creation etc.)

These twenty-four names of God Vishnu are a part of the Vishnu Sahasranamam and are treated as most auspicious by all devotees, each name signifying some special quality and attribute of God. So, above are the 24 Names of Sri Krishna or Vishnu that are popular as Keshava Namas or 24 names of Lord Vishnu.

Chaturvimsati Kesava Namas | चतुर्विंशति केशव नाम

24 Names Of Lord Vishnu
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