32 Names of Lord Ganesha | Shri Ganesha Dwatrinsha Namavali

Ganesh Names

Shri Ganesha is one of the most famous and greatly worshiped deities in Hinduism. Lord Ganesha is also considered as the God of auspicious beginnings and bestower of fortune in abundance. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Hindu Goddess Parvati. The Ganesha Purana describes the 32 forms of Lord Ganesha and among them, Mahaganapathi is widely worshiped. The first 16 forms of Ganesha are known by the name “Shodasa Ganapati” and the later ones are known as “Ekavimsathi”. Please find 32 names of Lord Ganesh below with Hindi meaning and English translation.

Ganesh Names

Dwatrinsha Namavali of Lord Ganesha | श्री गणेशद्वात्रिंशत् नामावली

1Bala GanapatiOm Bala Ganapataye Namah।Childlike Ganapati
2Taruna GanapatiOm Tarunaye Namah।Youthful Ganapati
3Bhakti GanapatiOm Bhakti Ganapataye Namah।Devotee (Devotion) Ganapati
4Vira GanapatiOm Vira Ganapataye Namah।Valiant Ganapati
5Shakti GanapatiOm Shakti Ganapataye Namah।The Powerful Ganapati
6Dvija GanapatiOm Dvija Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati the Twice-Born
7Siddhi GanapatiOm Siddhi Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati bestowing success (Siddhi)
8Ucchhishta GanapatiOm Uchhista Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati devouring the remnants of the meal
9Vighna GanapatiOm Vighna Ganapataye Namah।Lord of Obstacles
10Kshipra GanapatiOm Kshipra Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati who is easy to Appease
11Heramba GanapatiOm Heramba Ganapataye Namah।Mother’s Beloved Son Ganapati
12Lakshmi GanapatiOm Lakshmi Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati the Fortunate
13Maha GanapatiOm Maha Ganapataye Namah।The Great Ganapati
14Vijaya GanapatiOm Vijaya Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati the Victorious
15Nritya GanapatiOm Nritya Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati the Dancer
16Urdhva GanapatiOm Urdhva Ganapataye Namah।The Elevated Ganapati
17Ekakshara GanapatiOm Ekakshara Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati identified with Single Syllable
18Vara GanapatiOm Vara Ganapataye Namah।The Boon-giver Ganapati
19Tryakshara GanapatiOm Triakshara Ganapataye Namah।Lord of the Three-letters A+U+M Ganapati
20Kshipra Prasada GanapatiOm Kshipra-Prasada Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati the Quick-Rewarder
21Haridra GanapatiOm Haridra Ganapataye Namah।The curcuma-colored Ganapati
22Ekadanta GanapatiOm Ekadanta Ganapataye Namah।The Single Tusked Ganapati
23Srishti GanapatiOm Shrishti Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati the Creator
24Uddanda GanapatiOm Uddanda Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati the Unchained
25Runamochana GanapatiOm Runamochana Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati the liberator from depts
26Dhundhi GanapatiOm Dhundhi Ganapataye Namah।The Ganapati Sought After
27Dvimukha GanapatiOm Dvimukha Ganapataye Namah।Two-faced Ganapati
28Trimukha GanapatiOm Trimukha Ganapataye Namah।Three-faced Ganapati
29Simha GanapatiOm Simha Ganapataye Namah।The Lion Ganapati
30Yoga GanapatiOm Yoga Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati the Ascetic
31Durga GanapatiOm Durga Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati the Invincible
32SankataharaOm Sankatahara Ganapataye Namah।Ganapati – Dispeller of Troubles
Ganesh Names

Dwatrimsha Namavali English Name Mantra with Meaning

1) Om Bala Ganapataye Namah। – Childlike Ganapati
2) Om Tarunaye Namah। – Youthful Ganapati
3) Om Bhakti Ganapataye Namah। – Devotee (Devotion) Ganapati
4) Om Vira Ganapataye Namah। – Valiant Ganapati
5) Om Shakti Ganapataye Namah। – The Powerful Ganapati
6) Om Dvija Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati the Twice-Born
7) Om Siddhi Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati bestowing success (Siddhi)
8) Om Uchhista Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati devouring the remnants of the meal
9) Om Vighna Ganapataye Namah। – Lord of Obstacles
10) Om Kshipra Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati who is easy to Appease
11) Om Heramba Ganapataye Namah। – Mother’s Beloved Son Ganapati
12) Om Lakshmi Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati the Fortunate
13) Om Maha Ganapataye Namah। – The Great Ganapati
14) Om Vijaya Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati the Victorious
15) Om Nritya Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati the Dancer
16) Om Urdhva Ganapataye Namah। – The Elevated Ganapati
17) Om Ekakshara Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati identified with Single Syllable
18) Om Vara Ganapataye Namah। – The Boon-giver Ganapati
19) Om Triakshara Ganapataye Namah। – Lord of the Three-letters A+U+M Ganapati
20) Om Kshipra-Prasada Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati the Quick-Rewarder
21) Om Haridra Ganapataye Namah। – The curcuma-colored Ganapati
22) Om Ekadanta Ganapataye Namah। – The Single Tusked Ganapati
23) Om Shrishti Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati the Creator
24) Om Uddanda Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati the Unchained
25) Om Runamochana Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati the liberator from depts
26) Om Dhundhi Ganapataye Namah। – The Ganapati Sought After
27) Om Dvimukha Ganapataye Namah। – Two-faced Ganapati
28) Om Trimukha Ganapataye Namah। – Three-faced Ganapati
29) Om Simha Ganapataye Namah। – The Lion Ganapati
30) Om Yoga Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati the Ascetic
31) Om Durga Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati the Invincible
32) Om Sankatahara Ganapataye Namah। – Ganapati – Dispeller of Troubles

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